T(a)LK: Boku no Hero Academia S3 Episode 1


Finding more good reasons to watch episodic shows, and slowly avoid doing reviews, I enter the Spring 2018 lineup with another collaboration effort. This time there are three of us, and my fellow bloggers chose awful shows! Let’s read on.

Presenting T(a)LK, a round table discussion about a current airing anime. Me and Keiko basically did the same thing back at Winter 2018 when we collab on After the Rain. This time, I asked Leap to join us. Each of us picked a show from this season, and we watched them as they air. Each week, we’ll T(a)LK about the episodes, and share the mess on our blogs. I picked Boku no Hero Academia season 3, Keiko picked Devil’s Line and Leap picked Mahou Shoujo Site. We’ll blog about our chosen shows, and slowly let the insanity take over. BokuAca3 thought it was a great idea to do a recap episode though, so there’s really nothing to discuss here.

– – – we discussed T(a)LK: MAHOU SHOUJO SITE first – – –

TPAB: you guys hated this episode too, right?

Leap250: it was fine

Keiko: I didn’t hate it, it was alright. It was just a recap though

Leap250: I should point out that this doesn’t happen in the manga, obviously xD

TPAB: they didn’t have a gigantic sausage party with everyone shirtless in the manga?! Shocking!

Keiko: Hahahaha Mineta would have loved that especially if the girls turned up in their bikinis lol

Leap250: as a personal note, I promise not to try to spoil anything moving forward, lol

Keiko: Thank you Leap! :’)

Leap250: I thought how they handled the recaps was okay

Keiko: Yeah the whole pool thing was a good idea and the races were fun to watch. So they did add something to it.

TPAB: everyone was muscular though, haha

Leap250: well, yeah

Keiko: Lol yeah. Goes to show how much these kids work out

TPAB: hahaha it was a weird refresher episode but I guess it works since I forgot a large chunk of the story and the episode did help me catch up

Issues with Recaps

Leap250: I get recapping like, key scenes, but character intros again?

Keiko: Yeah I don’t think we needed a whole class intro again. That felt like a huge waste of time

TPAB: I think they did that because the next arc will involve all 20 or something. I like it. It reminded me who is who, lol

Leap250: should I confirm or deny this for y’all?

Keiko: Hahaha go on, they’re not all important are they?

Leap250: …on second thought, I probably shouldn’t, given how I’d answer this, hahaha! they’re all good students 😀

TPAB: omg, one of them is a bad guy?!

Keiko: This class is too good for one of them to turn out rotten….

Leap250: don’t try to read into things I say during this, for your guys’ benefit, haha

TPAB: this is a weird setup, lol, but i figured it’d just be like when the bad guy attacked them in the first season, everyone is sectioned off doing their own thing

Leap250: worked well before yep

Keiko: I don’t know what will happen. They’ve got a summer training camp right? So they could all get separated into groups.

TPAB: yeah, separated into groups, then attacked by the bad guys. I can’t wait to see the awesome new villains

Keiko: Same here! I’m excited to see them make their appearance!

Excited About the Next Arc

Leap250: I will say, this arc has some of my favorite villains

Keiko: Oooo 😮 Can’t wait to see these villains!!

TPAB: answer this: longer than hero killer fight?

Leap250: chapter wise, probably around that area

TPAB: oh, i don’t know how to feel about that

Keiko: I guess it’ll depend on how the fights are directed…. they could turn out to be longer in the show

Leap250: it makes sense that the arc is long though.. the scale is bigger, in vague terms, lol

TPAB: or fast, like the tournament arc, and maybe just setup more character points or something

keiko: Maybe who knows.

Leap250: yeah…

Rate The Students

Leap250: you guys got a fave student?

keiko: Bakugo’s my fave. Always has been lol

TPAB: my fave student is froppy

Leap250: I like Tsuyu a lot. Oh, haha, I see you’re a man of culture as well

The Mole

TPAB: here’s one i’ve been dying to know: the cop friend of Almight, is he VERY important to the plot?

Leap250: this is gonna be how our MHA talks are gonna go huh xD

Keiko: Looks like it lol

Leap250: he is, but not in the way you think, lol

TPAB: oh, i always though he was a bad guy, and yeah, your fault for reading the manga :p

keiko: We’ll just have to wait and see what role he ends up playing

Leap250: it’s so good though

Leap250: oh, lemme pose this then since this was already a thing last season: who do you guys think is the mole?

TPAB: the cop

Keiko: I have no clue honestly

Leap250: don’t worry, this hasn’t been resolved in the manga yet

TPAB: it IS the cop!

Stupid Banter

Leap250: any least liked students?

TPAB: froppy. hate her guts

Keiko: Hahaha really? I like all the students lol

TPAB: even belly button boy??

Keiko: That dude’s weird but he makes me laugh lol

Leap250: wait, didn’t you just say you liked her??

TPAB: i need to hate something this season, lol, or else you guys get all the hating. You also like the guy that whispers to bugs?

Leap250: eyy, jiro’s a gentle soul

TPAB: hate him

Keiko: Exactly! He’s a good guy! You’re choosing the wrong place to show some hate lol. There’s two shows that deserve it more that this lol

Leap250: true true

TPAB: still hate those students :p

Leap250: you like tail guy?

TPAB: love his tail hate him

Keiko: Hahaha I love how you hate the students :joy:

Tpab: what about you leap? who do you hate?

Leap250: like I said, they’re all good students 😀

TPAB: even tail guy, he might be the mole

Leap250: I just single out tail guy ’cause lol that’s literally his power

TPAB: don’t hate the tail!

Keiko: Hahaha I think his tail is pretty cool…. like an extra limb lol

Leap250: and then you look at all might and he’s just… strong xD

Keiko: All Might’s got his smile too lol

Rate the Episode

TPAB: but anyways, this was a pointless discussion, lol. how bout we end by rating this episode? a 4/10 for me.

Keiko: True lol. Err hmmm I guess I’d give it an optimistic 5 lol

Leap250: maybe, six out of ten broken midoriya fingers yep

TPAB: cool, now onto devils line!!!! you start it up cakes

– – -we discussed T(a)LK: DEVIL’S LINE next – – –

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