Denki-gai GIFs: On-point Comedic Timing

I’m currently watching this anime, and I am absolutely in love with it. I GIF a lot of really good shows, so I wanted to share this one as well. The anime is called Denki Gai no Honya-san, and I’m currently watching this show. I decided to grab so moments from the first episode and share them here. Enjoy~

The last one is my personal favorite, because any BL related joke is always funny but the show knows how to really make light of the subject. I mentioned comedic timing, and I think the show really excels in it. These scenes look even better when voiced, so I do hope you try this anime out as well.

9 thoughts on “Denki-gai GIFs: On-point Comedic Timing

  1. Hahaha love your GIFs 😀
    Especially the 4th from the bottom. It reminds me of the time my mother came across a BL manga in a bookshop. Her reaction was pretty similar hehe. She was in pure shock and bewilderment. It was hilarious hehe. 😀

    • i upload on giphy,because i don’t ant my storage on WP to be full xD
      it’s just like a picture, you copy the image and such. you have to wait for the image to fully load first though.

        • just play around with it. giphy so far is a good site for GIF storage, unlike tumblr or other places. I used to upload in goggle+ but GIFs are somehow unable to load in WP.
          but if all else fails, you can just search for tumblr for a GIF you want. xD

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