TPAB’s Top Ten: Songs I Discovered through Anime (non OST)

You know what I realized? I like to de-stress by wasting time on youtube. I’ve lately been re-visiting some of my favorite anime OP songs and stuff like that. Nothing fixes my day than rocking out to some of my favorite anime songs, and you know what, let’s do that. Except, no, let’s do something instead.

Japanese songs not featured in anime. So no OP or ED songs, but stuff I discovered by listening intensively to the artists after some time. When you dig their discography, you often find some songs that truly fits you, as if they’re your friend giving you a pat on the back after a long day. When I was in my heavy depression stage, a lot of the songs on this list helped me tremendously. I listened to a bunch of Japanese songs, but I’ll limit it to one per artist. I also discovered, while making this list, that my taste in music is really weird. What do you guys think? Anyways, on to the list!

10. Sweet Soul Revue- Pizzicato Five

In the Philippines, this was used as a song for Ranma ½. Technically, it’s an anime song but it really isn’t. I actually smiled like a child when I discovered the song a while back. I just know the tune, so it took a bit of digging. Listening back to it though makes me smile, and it just ends my day on a happy note.

Hora, revue ga hajimaru~

I freaking grew up with this song, and I only learned of its title just this year, lol.

9. Solanin – Asian Kung Fu Generation

This is an OST to the movie of the same name, adapted from the manga of the same name. I’ve never seen the movie, but I really liked the song. The movie’s version is actually pretty amazing as well, since I do believe the song was meant for a gentler voice. Masafumi Gotou’s slick voice oversells the song for me. This song is also something a garage band would enjoy playing, and I’ve heard my students play it all the time. It just has a very soulful vibe to it, and I love listening to amateur bands play it. Yeah, it’s popular in my country.

A tribute album for Asian Kung Fu Generation was also recently released, and a version of Solanin is performed by yonige. I do believe this was the kind of voice meant for the song, since it is a bittersweet song.

Perhaps if I’d taken that chance,

if I could go back to that day

But I’ll never be that person again

8. Sekai wa sore ai to yobundaze – Sambomaster

I know Sambomaster has played a lot of Naruto OP songs or something, but I discovered them through Princess Jellyfish. The ED song of that anime just feels so happy and reassuring, as it keeps repeating the words “beautiful” to you. This song is an OST to a live action show, called Densha Otoko. You should read up on this phenomenon. It’s a guy posting on 2chan asking for advice on how to date a girl, and the collective Japanese online community soon cheered him on. The guy remains anonymous, but his legacy is soon turned into a wonderful live action retelling. I’m also showing my age by talking about this live action show, lol. I watched Shida Mirai grow up, gawd damn it.

Sambomaster is just a fun band in general. The singer’s voice is amazing, and their pieces are always feel good rock out songs. If you’re having a bad day, then just have Sambomaster reassure you everything is OK with their insanely weird rock style. I also love the music video for this song. It just feels so lively, and you can tell the guys just love rocking out whether you listen to them or not. It’s infectious, and soon you’ll be yelling the chorus too.

7. One Step – Back On

I discovered Back-On thanks to Murder Princess’ OP. Later on, they did the OP for Air Gear, and it’s the only thing I like about the anime. It was such a botched anime, but I was a fan of Back-On thanks to that. I soon dug up their discography, and I just love their style of rap music. There is always time to breathe when the other singer belts out the chorus.

I remember eagerly awaiting for this song to drop. I caught up to the hype, and I listen to this on its launch day. I still listen to it, some depressing years later. This is my favorite song from their discography, but they have a lot of solid hyper songs.

6. Cheese Pizza – Judy and Mary

This band performed that catchy, and undying, OP from Rorouni Kenshin. A fellow anime club member is obsessed with Judy and Mary, and he gave me their entire discography. I just politely accepted. I’m not a fan of this band, since a lot of their songs sounds generic 90s pop to me. My taste in music sucks though, and I bet he loved the lyrics of the song. I just listen for the happy beats, and only one song stood out to me. It’s that stupid song about love being likened to a cheese pizza melting together. It sounds like the Rorouni Kenshin OP, so I just love it. I also just enjoy the singer belting out in the lyrics, and she went mad in this track.

5. Love Takes Time –Rina Kitahara

Mayoiga. That anime sucks, but the ED song is haunting. It sounded like a very young YUI. Rina Katahira tries a bit hard though, while YUI just sings effortlessly. Mayoiga’s soundtrack is awesome, so I wanted to hear more of the YUI sound alike. A lot of her songs are really only carried by her voice, and that’s fine.

This is my favorite song from her first album. It’s just a simple guitar acoustic and the voice that makes her amazing, about a love song overcoming distance. She just sings her heart out here, and my love for YUI responds with absolute adoration. This is also my “get over” song. Don’t tell anyone. xD

4. Goodbye Days – YUI


I never knew YUI from any anime song. I just heard her song “CHE.R.RY” one random time on MTV Asia, and I was instantly hooked. As a massive YUI fan, like you wouldn’t believe, her discography really helped put me back together. Being depressed sucks, but YUI often gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Something about her voice, I guess.

And this is my favorite song from her. Ok, I have tons of fave songs from YUI. No YUI fan can choose one. I like TO MOTHER as a wonderful transition of YUI embracing adulthood, HELP from her awesome B-side compilation album, and CHE.R.RY, of course. Fun fact, YUI doesn’t like to smile in her music videos and CHERRY is the rare exception. She was so young back then, gawd, I feel old.

Goodbye Days is how people should be introduced to YUI though. This was the song that got her famous, as the music producer was so haunted by her voice that he immediately wanted her signed to a contract. YUI’s voice is soulful and powerful, and she has a good command of it. Goodbye Days is the most YUI song full of her enthusiasm and just absolute passion for music. Even after she has moved on from her music career, the occasional times she’d play this song just shakes my entire being. I love you, non-K-on Yui.

3. Chulip – Ai Otsuka

Ai Otsuka is really just your generic bubblegum J-pop star, but she has a weird sense of humor. This is the video for Chulip, and it’s super weird. The song is about young blossoming love, but the music video is like a weird perv fest yet Ai Otsuka looks like she’s having a blast. Her voice is also just “fun”, and you feel her having a lot of fun. I don’t really know how I stumbled into her, but I know Chulip is a reason for that. She has a lot of catchy cute songs, but this one is my favorite.

She also has a song about ramen, if you’re interested. This is also pretty weird, which is a testament to Ai Otsuka’s sense of humor

2. Tei wo Tatake – Nico Touches the Walls

I don’t like all of this band’s song, and I don’t care to really listen to all of them. I just know them for their upbeat ED song in Haikyuu season 3. I also just love any of their acoustic songs where the amazing lead’s voice is the sole focus. This song is something I always listen to after a hard day’s work. They just sound like they’re having fun, but, ohmygosh, that voice is orgasmic. Wait—ok, yeah, it’s orgasmic.

1. Renai Spirits – Chatmonchy

Chatmonchy did the OP song for Princess Jellyfish, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I just love the passion they put in their song. This was a band that used to pass their album for free on the streets hoping they’d get famous. And they did, not through any manipulative marketing. They gained popularity through their music. Their sound is so down to earth, so relatable and so endearing to listen to. The best artists write their own songs, since the emotions always come out when they play it. Chatmonchy has that in spades. I love ALL their songs. From their uplifting emotional love reunion in BUS ROMANCE, their undying show of affection in DAIDAI, up to their graduation about your next brave step to adulthood in SARABA SEISHUN (literally “goodbye childhood”). But this song, RENAI SPIRITS just speak to me for some weird reason.

There is a Filipino term called “panakip butas” which literally means “hole cover”. It’s a person who is considered a second choice, someone the other person doesn’t really love but prefers to keep around to fill a void their true love left. I’m not sure if there’s a true English equivalence, but it’s basically just someone treated as a spare since the best is already gone. It’s a replacement, and this song is about that person.

That person isn’t with you

That person is not by your side

That’s why you don’t let go of me

Have you ever been the “panakip butas” in a relationship? It sucks, and I’ve seen people rip themselves to shred when they’re in that position. They love the other person, but they’re just a replacement. You can’t really say anything, since love makes everyone stupid. This song captures the sadness and the stupidity of the person, in a very personal way. You can tell Eriko Hashimoto has been in that position, and she sings the absolute feeling of being the replacement. It has a sad opening, coupled by heavy guitar chords and a heartfelt jump to the chorus. I love this song, and I admittedly wrote a lot of reviews listening to this. I still listen to it to this day, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.


And that’s that. Thanks for listening.

Thanks for reading.

26 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Songs I Discovered through Anime (non OST)

  1. I recently got into Chatmonchy thanks to your recommendation, and I’m really enjoying them! I think my favorite song so far is “Shangrila”, it sounds nice 🙂

    • i am old, shoka. really old. pretty much a bunch of these artists are parents now, well past their prime. haha
      and i could say the same for the songs you feature. i bugs me i’m not updated with anime, so i can’t get into them songs yet.
      lemme post my fave anisongs next. xD

  2. Nah, I wouldn’t call your tastes weird (’cause, I mean, that would mean my tastes are worse off right? xD). If anything it’s actually a pretty solid Pop/Pop-Rock catalog. And I do commend you for choosing not a whole lot of anison bands/singers despite the premise of the post being about artists you discovered through anime.

    10. gdi I used to always hear this at Comic Alley :))
    09. huh. is Solanin more popular than After Dark in the Philippines now? also genuinely very glad that you found yonige (listen to their other songs too! their first EP is amazing)
    07. lol I (unwillingly) saw Back-On at an anime convention one time
    05. interesting. my takeaway as far as songs are concerened with Mayoiga was its OP rather than the ED.
    04. I didn’t know of YUI until FMA:B myself, but yes, Goodby Days is wonderful
    01. …hugot?? joke, yeah no, as I’ve said in that one other post you did that had chatmonchy on it, before you I only knew of one other peson ever who was into chatmonchy and I’m still very much delighted by the fact that I now know two xD

    • yes, this song is missing a lot of FLOW and Claris, and a buttload of idols. prett sure it’s a crfime not to have an idol in your lists of songs, lol.
      and thank you. i’m glad my taste is not weird. hahaha

      oh gosh, After Dark. yeah, it’s played here to death even in conventions. there’s always a band playing it, like you can always expect a cosplayer doing Miku Hatsune in any given convention, lol. but i’m in the province, so the trend here is different.
      and Back On?! sa pinas? nag perform sila?

      todo hugot talaga. kasi, how many songs are there meant for panakip butas? saya kaya ng kanta, even before i read the lyrics so i can it myself. xD
      and it’s a crime chatmonchy is not as popular. tatlo n kilala mahilig sa chatmonchy, once i convert you.xD

      • I keep a separate playlist for idol stuff and stuff that I actually have on rotation, lol, actually thinking about making a list of my own for this as a post xD

        That’s the first song I think of by AKFG when I think of famous AKFG songs in the Philippines (as I assume way more people watched Bleach than they did Solanin, which is an absolute crime :()
        Yepyep. CosplayMania 2016, haha!

        ‘Girls Rock’ bands like SCANDAL and Silent Siren have a couple songs like that, but yeah, not a lot as.. mature as chatmonchy. Nakikinig naman ako ng chatmonchy kahit papaano :))

        • i need more idol anime in my life, tbh. i’d loe to see your list of it. the only idol group i like, os far, is Momoiro Clover Z. I randomly stumbled into Niji no Conquistador, and i felt like a perv watching them. xD i am old.

          there is a big movement of jdrama fans right now, since kpop leads to jpop leads to live action shows. gitla nga ako, alam ng students ko “1 liter of tears” hahaha
          and yeah, in Manila mostly, it’s either theBleach one or the FMA one.

          di ba? iba ang chatmonchy. mas malakas n hugot yung kanila.
          and that’s great. you now know 3 people that listens to chatmonchy. hehe.

          • don’t worry, if you lose our Winter 2018 episodics I’ll make you watch Love Live 😀

            totoo ba? hahaha, aw, di ko na naabutan J-drama wave 😦 pinilipit ko pa mga kasamahan ko noon manuod ng “Proposal Daisakusen” eh xD

            yeap, them and SHISHAMO (already mentioned here in the comments, lol) are in a league of their own at this point.

            • nasa HERO ung Love Live Sunshine, jusko. wag po. nasusuraako, kasi it looks like Love Live recycled. that’s my stance so far, but I know it’ll change when I see it. Let me have my hate though.

              malakas j drama wave dito. sa batangas atleast. when they replayed Meteor Garden, a unch of my students weirdly wanted more. haha. iba n mga bata ngayon. xD

              it’s so weird the 2 bands “feel” the same. mas sikat lng tlga shishamo. at nalulungkot ako. xD

  3. 9. Everything about Solanin is good! The manga, the live action movie, that song. *^*
    8. I enjoyed Densha Otoko (the movie, but I haven’t watched the drama yet)! And I like Shida Mirai, too! *^*
    4. GOODBYE DAYS! I LOVE YUI SO MUCH! She’s one of my favorite Japanese singers. I knew of Goodbye Days because of her movie Taiyou no Uta which, btw, is getting an American remake (and I HATE that that fact isn’t included in the trailer’s credits :/).
    2. NICO Touches the Walls will always be that band who sang Hologram to me. Haha! But I also love their acoustic songs. I love their vocalist’s voice. ❤

    Now I'm off to listen to the other songs you suggested. 😀

    • omygosh, hello hello. musta k po?
      lol, i bet you know more about the live action stuff i talk about. how is solanin? is it better than Beck?
      there’s a densha otoko movie? *searches google* ah, i saw that one. the live action is a lot more funnier, i guess since the anonymous people posting advice is given insane personalities. xD
      and a taiyou no uta american remake?! *googles again* ew, it looks awful. not that the jap version is anything great, but it had yui in it. the american remake looks unappealing, lol.

      thanks for commenting.

      • Okay naman po. Haha! Ikaw? (Btw, humuhugot dun sa #1, ah? Naalala kong Filipino ka rin dahil do’n sa “panakip-butas”. :)))
        Hmm… Solanin and Beck, though both about music, convey different messages, but for me they’re both enjoyable on their own. 😀
        Ooohhh… now I’m curious about the drama! I’ll check it out some time soon. *^*
        Well, I don’t know the leads so I’m not sure if they’re truly gifted musically, but I just wish they at least mention it being a remake of a Japanese movie on its actual credits.

        • hell yeah, pinoy ftw. i keep a list of filipion loggers i know. hehe. at ok din po ako po.
          if you say its good then i’ll definitely check solanin out. i dunno why i haven’t seen it yet even though i have seen that movie clip of the song for a long time now.
          fair point. they didn’t say “based on that japanese film” or something. it looks bad to me. i might watch it on cable, but, lol, that’s about my level of engagement with this american remake. haha

  4. I discovered Anna Tsuchiya through the Nana sountrack, and I love all her music. Sad fact is that I have to buy CD’s because iTunes royally f up’s artist names and it shows up in different languages.

    Also discovered all the im@s singers but have no idea who the real ladies are. I do love Makoto’s VA because she has such range in her voice acting (I was #shook by it lol).

    #shook? I apologize… I don’t do hashtags.

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