Hyping Up: A God Status Anime


Once again, this conversation was done in our Discord channel. It’s an ani-blogging space, so if you’re interested in joining then approach any member. I might add you into this hyping up series, so you’ll never know. And again, thanks to Shoka, Leap and Ply-ply for making this conversation fun. This was done before the Amagi Brilliant Park one, and that’s why there is a more organic back and forth here.

Feedback is really encouraged. How much does this suck? As I read the convo, I really just think up of the setting and the poses to how the back-and-forth flows. I tried to be ambitious, but I know deep down that I still suck at drawing. Hands are a mystery to me, thus Shoka folding her arms all throughout the exchange. Also, I copied a lot of the poses from Amagi Brilliant Park. Some dialogue scenes in that anime are really interesting, and sometimes it’s a little show off-y when you pick it apart. One line from a character has five or six poses in delivery. F*ck you, KyoAni, your animation is impressive.

I want to make this better though, so a response is appreciated. I’ll now watch Evangelion and see how it stacks up. Let’s keep the hype going! What do you guys think of this gawd status anime?

23 thoughts on “Hyping Up: A God Status Anime

  1. Oh I look forward to these kind of posts now. They are a lot of fun to read.

    As for Eva itself, I honestly think it’s great and deserves it’s status. I’ve watched this show once in my life years ago, yet I remember almost everything about it. It left that kind of major impression on me in a really good way.

    • this is just a post to distract me from anime exhaustion, lol. i’m glad you like it.

      oh wow, Eva is really great, huh? I’m at ep 5 and it’s a very slow burn show. I hope it picks up soon. Maybe the ending might blow my mind, don’t spoil it. xD

  2. I like how everythhing’s so chaotic that its so hyp-ish.
    Multiple seasons and movies of Eva though, will need a lot of perseverance apart from your hypes to last thru the whole thing XP

    • I’m only watching the original one, and myabe the follow up movie if I’m engaged in it.
      and yeah, the convo is a story of its own, i just added some drawings to make it more fun. haha

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