Hyping Up: KyoAni Brilliant Rant

I was weirdly motivated in doing this post. I wanted to finish it before Shoka changes time zones, and I also wanted Ply to see it on his birthday. Cheers to you, you bastards. This is a Discord conversation turned into a comic. Again, it’s a rough prototype but I do hope you guys enjoy. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

I wanted to finish this as fast as I can, because I wanted to learn the logistics of the process. How time consuming is it? Abandoning details, the entire thing took three days with my busy schedule. I wanted to learn this, because there is a hyping up post before this. Ply and Leap kinda had little lines here because we kinda talked long and hard about another anime first. Once Shoka got going though, I knew I can storyboard this.

I am not good at drawing, but I figured I’d see just how bad I really am. I originally wanted this to be a VN type thing, with just three stock images and long dialogue, but I felt like the conversation has a life of its own and I wanted to capture it. I did try to use “stock” drawings, and you can see them awkwardly sticking out of a panel. My scanner sucks, so I’ll just trace them next time. I also wanted to ink the panels, but the sharpie i bought ate the outlines, it was so strong of a black. I tried it in photoshop, and it just looks akward. if anyone knows what the appropriate tool for inking is, please tell me. Is it literal ink?

Lastly, this conversation is done at Discord. We have an “aniblogging alliance” there meant for collaborations. If you wanna join in, please tell me, and I’d send you an invite link. Ply is adamant that invitations are for ani-bloggers only. You can also tell Shoka, Ply, and Leap if I’m unavailable. xD

To Shoka and Leap, I’m sorry this is the best I can do. Leap’s character is based on a stereotypical idol character. I just didn’t have the opportunity to express that. He left after the long convo about the other anime, so I had to get creative on how to get him to leave the story. I cannot do action lines, I’m sorry. Shoka’s character is something I just imagined while reading the convo. He comes off as smug but cute. I’m sorry. I’m weird. And Ply, c’mon, you’re cute and you know it.

I want to improve this, so feedback is appreciated. Forego the niceties. I know the drawing sucks, so just start there. xD

This idea has been hounding me for three days now. I’m glad I can sleep now, and actually watch Amagi Brilliant Park tomorrow. So, anyways, peace!!!!

10 thoughts on “Hyping Up: KyoAni Brilliant Rant

    • awwww~ bummer cause you weren’t around in the longer one, lol. xD
      don’t worry, there’d me more of this as long as you guys are willing to indulge my randomness

  1. my exit is hilarious xD
    (did I just skin that cat and make it a hat??)
    yeah, me being an idol chara is fitting sure 😀 more so considering I was playing school idol festival at the time all this was going on

    re: scans, you can give the pics a high contrast so you can turn the grey-ish paper color to a flush white. This won’t mess up the, uhh, black-ness of the lines, and the stock sprites won’t stick out as much. 🙂

    Otherwise this was a fun read, lol, glad I was away for most of it so what everyone (mostly shoka) was saying was pretty much new to me.

    • i read you blog, lol. it’s idol-centric. I was going random with you chasing thatcat, and Ijust want people to pick up on whatever. xD

      I did heighten the constrast and played with the brightness, but I just can’t find a sweet spot. When Iwas editing, I just said f*ck it. If I only had a wacom then it’d be easy to draw. xD
      but i do like drawing on paper. it’s fun

      shoka had some interesting points. at some point, we jsut let him rant. haha

  2. That was too funny! I didn’t realize people could be so ardent about Kyoto Animation. The people in the webcomic hype it up so much and believe that audio can do no wrong reminds me of something hardcore Disney sycophants would say (trust me, I’ve seen/heard that verbiage in real life). Hahahaha! It’s okay to be a fan of something, but please chill out.

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