The Unique Unique Unique Blogger Award

The award season is going strong, and I’ve been given the same award three times!!! Yes, people, stroke my ego and let it grow. I’m aiming for a giant blaze of glory defeat by the Shounen hero that eventually answers his call to adventure. Anyways, let’s get down to it. 

Okay, I’ve never done three of these at the same time, so let’s just take it one step at a time. First of all, these are rules for the unique blogger award.

#1 – Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.

#2 – Answer the questions.

#3 – In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.

#4 – Ask them 3 questions

This award looks like its the most fun, since you do get to ask your own questions this time. I guess this is why the tagging got insanely wild. Again, thank you for adding me on the fun, guys!!!

First up, Curtis from Ospreyshire’s Realm nominated first. He does a lot of things from photography to videos to movie reviews in a lot of blogs. Check out his works, and also check out his answers when he was tagged for the award.

1. What was the bravest article you’ve posted on your blog(s)?

This is an interesting question, but I guess admitting I’ve had depression was a big one. It’s not that big of a deal to me though, since it’s only a problem when you acknowledge it as one. Simply blogging was a big step for me though, and I’m glad I’ve stuck around for a long time now. I also get to interact with a lot of good people thanks to blogging, so its a nice proof that bravery is rewarded properly.

2. Which creative hobby would you most like to try? (keep the answers civil, please)

What hobby do I want to try? Hmm. I’m a pretty reserved person, but I do like doing things atleast once in my life. I’m deathly afraid of heights, but I still forced myself to bungee jump. I did not trust that rope, man. I was freaking out, and it was embarrassing since a bunch of korean tourists, teens for the most part, were basically laughing at me since I was freaking out since I queued the line.

But I do have one thing I want to learn, but I never get around to it. I always wanted to learn how to swim. I can float, but I start panicking when I can no longer touch sand with my feet when I’m in the ocean. Life is too hectic to indulge in hobbies for now though, but I do want to swim someday. I hear it’s an effective way of losing weight too, so that’s another plus. Also, being surrounded by water all my life, I don’t want to go out drowning. Like, if I ever get into a situation like Tom Hanks in Cast Away,then I want to do everything he did. I need to survive a plane crash and learn how to swim though, but one small goal at a time.

3. If your blog was a meal or dish, what would it taste like?

A mutilated three month old baby carcass that was dragged out of a car, which flipped on a slippery highway and exploded on impact, prepared with a side of coleslaw.


CrackReview from Crackdown Reviews tagged me as well. They do movie and anime reviews on a really consistent basis. CrackReview updates frequently, so I do hope you guys give his reviews a shot. We reviewers with complicatedly stupid named gotta stick together, yo. Check out his answers for his unique blogger award as well.

1. If you are interested in thriller movie or series, what is your favorites and why?

I am not interested in thrillers, since I am easily scared. I’m what you’d call an easily suggestible viewer. When the music goes out and the scene gets too quiet, I know I will always scream at a jump scare. Wait, is this an anime thing? I don’t get scared at anime. But for movies, you can’t go wrong with Alfred Hitchcock. My favorite would be Rear Window. It’s not scary, and there are no jump scares. It’s a thick slice of social commentary though, and the “forced voyuerism” that Hitchcock drags the audience in is just engaging. When James Stewart starts to look through his camera focus lens, you always lean in to see what he’s peeping at. Hitchcock knows how to engage an audience, and that’s really the hallmark of a great director, in my opinion.

2. Have you ever made a fatal mistake in your life and made it improve your life?

Fatal? Like I almost died? Nothing too serious, but this blog is a testament to my approach at slowly changing my life. It has worked for the most part.

3. What’re the goals you living in this world and if you didn’t achieve it, do you have a plan B or anything else?

I have no big goal in life. I think the biggest goal for now is that I want to plant a tree, and then climb it when it gets big enough. I don’t have the magic green thumb that most people have, and my roses always die when I plant them. I learn that plants aren’t like cats. The only thing you need to worry about cats is that they don’t catch a cold when they’re kittens. They often die when that happens. I’ve buried so many that our soil is pretty healthy now. Plants need more attention, and Harvest Moon lied to me. I thought they only need water, but what is this sh*t about pests and protecting it from the sun? The weeds don’t have that problem!!!

Last nomination is a big beam of love from Shoka from Anime Wonders. Hey, did you ever watch this show called Small Wonders, about a robot girl? I grew up with it, and I am shocked the show is actually among the worst sitcoms ever. Haha. Check out his blog award post as well, since this guy is really enjoying blogging and it oozes out in his posts. Don’t let that passion die, Shoka.

1. Which anime show best describes your life?

Oh, getting to the meaty stuff already, Shoka? No light petting and gentle strokes first? I like it. No foreplay. Ok, here we go!!!!

I am a proud teacher, and I’ve been all around now. I’ve taught special needs kids, I’ve tutored elementary and high school students and I’ve handled some classes as a substitute. I think the anime that describes my current life is Demi-chan. That show with the vampire and the headless chick. The teacher/interviewer there is actually a really good teacher. He establishes rapport, levels with the kids and he helps the students grow as an individual. I may not interact with dullahans or snow queens, but I’ve covered the spectrum of insanity in my short career.

I’ve been bitten by kids with autism, threatened by kids with oppositional defiant disorders, tired out and stressed out of my mind by kids with ADHD, and constantly on edge dealing with kids with suicidal tendencies. Being in a not so well developed country, our intervention practices are….non existent. I often have to read up on the problems on my own, try out different techniques, figure out which one works for this specific kid, and hope to gawd they don’t end up worst. Because they do end up worst sometimes at the hands of a really stupid teacher, or someone clearly doing this job for money.

Oh, I’ve also handled a sixteen year old who is a massive nymphomaniac. My mentor actually threw me a bone and allowed me to experience how f*cked up the disorder is. I was constantly hit on, felt up, and kissed. I don’t like being touched, and I didn’t last a week tutoring her. It was like she had no “off” switch, and it’s scary how she mostly act on impulse. Her brain isn’t really thinking, but her body is convinced she needs it. Yeah…..

2. What are your favorite anime shows crossover? Or parody series? Or both? (screw it)

This is a lazy question Shoka. tsk, tsk, tsk It gets a 2 out of 5 stars from me. XD

This is a no brainer too. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. It’s an anime about a lot of popular CLAMP characters in one massive story. My sister is a massive CLAMP fan, and we both grew up with Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits. Yes, Animax used to air Chobits and Kino’s Journey in the same week. It was a glorious time to be alive. Anyways, my sister is a massive fan of their manga, so she would freak out when obscure CLAMP characters appear in an episode. Guys from Tokyo Babylon (especially the two lovers from both quarreling factions appearing as actual married couples in TRC), the CLAMP detective squad, and even characters that never got an adaptation like the Legal Drug duo appears in this massive cross over show.

3. Have you ever started watching an anime show only because you became interested in a certain character?

Not yet, but I’ve already seen Umaru-chan’s opening sequence (like two years ago) and I can’t wait to actually watch the series.


To get this tagging party going, I would like to give the award to these guys.

  • Czai (I’m throwing the award to a blogspot blog. Cheers BSP!!)
  • Moonlitasteria ( apologies for never doing the award tag chain when you were tagging me. I hope this shiny new award will make up for it.)
  • Eileen X (has no one tag you yet? well, let’s fix that!)
  • Nesha Eiga (a fellow reviewer, so take this beam of love)
  • Moon Chan Hyun (I’m a longtime lurker of your blog, and now we need to give you a shiny award!)
  • Izzy (because I know you’ll be back, and I want you to be busy when you return)
  • Shoka (you only got one nomination? that’s garbage! Irina tagged you back, and I’m counter tagging too! thank you for the “don’t die” comments too, but I wasn’t gone that long, lol. i was watching Sabagebu, and I was taking my time cause it was awful!!!)
  • Sindar (your manga review of Umineko is awesome. take this award and run!!!!!)

Exclamation points!!!!!

As for my questions, I’ll try to be as challenging and creative as I can be with this one *puts on pants*

1. I don’t like books, but I’m trying to change that. What’s a good book for a beginner to read, but something challenging as well that he’ll sit on the toilet and just look back on the experience?

2. What’s your top three favorite movies of all time?

3. What two anime do you wish would do a crossover?

Again, thank you for the nomination and I hope you all have a good one. Peace.

27 thoughts on “The Unique Unique Unique Blogger Award

  1. On that last question, my experience was mostly on the seiyuu side rather than characters. I swear Hayami Saori has tricked me into watching some average to god awful shows.

    • oh, you’re one of those people that follows VAs specifically. I never really can distinguish voice works. the only ones I can instantly pick up is KanaHana, Aya Hirano and Megumi Hayashibara.
      Hayami Saori is great as Shirayuki though. you saw Shirayuki because of Saori??

  2. Thanks for the name drop in the Unique Blogger Award. Congrats on being triple nominated! That answer about addressing depression as your bravest post is great. That is very courageous of you to do so.

    That post about being nominated and you cross-promoting everyone who nominated you is like a surprise present since today is actually my birthday. Thanks!

  3. Great post and good job on tagging (I’ve been informed nomming is not the right word here…) Shoka. Let’s see if we can make him write an awrd post every other day.

  4. Pfft calls my crossover question lazy, asks about crossovers anyway right?!

    Yes yes, Ayanocchi and Rin-chan are already killing me with the tags, you’re really helping out a bro here. 😢

  5. Yeah, that’s pretty good answer and a little funny though. But, I also love that what Alfred Hitchcock do especially Psycho and Rear Window. 🙂

  6. Oh Glob
    -“A mutilated three month old baby carcass that was dragged out of a car, which flipped on a slippery highway and exploded on impact, prepared with a side of coleslaw.”
    I can’t stop laughing 😀 The fact it prepared with coleslaw, is even funnier.
    I would have thought your blog tasted of a dessert. 🙂
    Hope you get around to planting a tree 😀

  7. Thanks TPAB 😀 Congrats on all the awards you got!

    A book “for a beginner to read”, eh? I can recommend Edgar Poe’s short stories that keep re-reading; but that is absolutely not what you are asking xD

    • Poe is not for beginners, lol
      I read some of his short stories. the one about the dead wife occupying his other dead wife confused me. the one about the siblings in a house that tore in half confused me more! I did like the one where a guy was trapped in a cellar. Cask of Amontillado or something, mainly cause it was mild Poe, lol

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