Hyping Up: Your Lie In April

So hey, I’m doing something new. I’m pretty excited to watch Your Lie in April, so I wanted to get myself hyped for it. Wiki will spoil me, the comment threads are often puddles of sadness, so I decided to just knock on a few ani-bloggers to get me hyped about the show. Is it good? Bad? Well, I asked Shoka and AstralGemini, and this was the end result.

Hey guys, I’m about to watch Your Lie In April. Have you seen it?




I sure have.

But really? Your Lie in April? 





ok well, i’m a guy that haven’t seen it yet. how do you describe the anime? no spoilers




Hmm in short I can say that it’s                                

emotion invoking but erm            

Don’t expect too much or no emotion                   

will come out of you




but i hear it’s a tear jerky thing




It’s October, not April                                  

I watched Episode 1 and got bored





Hell you shouldn’t even ask me anything

The thing about good shows is that..

It gets worse the more praise it receives




if you want tears go watch Angel Beats

or something xD                                      
or anohana



well if AnoHana is an 8 of 10 in terms of drama, how does lie in april stack up?







6 is good…..right?




AnoHana is among Gods                                       

in tearjerking lol






the first episode isn’t great

except for onepunch man




why do you sound so unexcited                 

about your lie in april?





Because erm. I’ve watched it twice haha

And like I said. The more praise it gets the worse it becomes



the bit that I watched I found pretty bland           






YLIA has enough visual substance to ‘move’ you. But crying? Really?


you can’t mess up w/ 22 episodes though,                          

so i still have good vibes w it






I’m basically setting your expectation low


low so it can punch                          

me in the gut





onepunch man, hype creates more hype, which makes the show better




Yeah exactly           




This post is honestly not up to my standard. The text won’t align with the images, and I read up on HTML for two hours and basically just gave up. Next time, I’ll just do a comic with mascot representation of the characters talking to GISS.

For anyone confused, THAT is a plate of pad thai. yeah, Shoka said its his favorite food, so I thought the food ani guy should get a food avatar. The other one is the gemini constellations.

This is basically just a proof of concept for now. How is it guys? The future “hyping up” posts will basically be about a bunch of bloggers doing a collab on a show I’m about to watch. Since I am painfully behind on my shows, getting a bunch of bloggers to hype up the show is a fun concept. I’ll play around with the concept some more, and maybe consult on the bloggers to help create an anthropomorphize version of their aniblogger persona. It’s my way of supporting the warming ani-community a few of the bloggers are doing.

Anyways, after three hours fooling around with wordpress and HTML, f*ck this. I’m done Good night. Happy weekends, guys.

27 thoughts on “Hyping Up: Your Lie In April

    • next time we’ll make a ascot. i am confident w/ my drawing, not my encoding skills. pad thai is hard to draw though, you bastard. you couldn’t like something simpler like bread?! hahaha

  1. Reblogged this on Shokamoka's Blog of Wonders and commented:
    Heya. I just want to also add in the extra bit of our conversation in Discord right after I’d committed a mistake said in my previous post.

    Like I’ve mentioned, small events will add up to make big ones.

    Let this one be a blast!
    Over to you now, Panties-kun~

  2. I have got to be honest. I was looking forward to watching Your Lie In April but, after the “cough” hype given in the back and forth there I’m not so sure I want to watch it now. For a real tear jerk though i would recommend Please twins. A good story that keeps you wondering until the end.

    • Do watch it still. Like I have said to Panties-kun, it has plenty to emotionally move you. You can only come out of this anime one of the three ways:
      You either hate it or cry over it. Then you remain straight faced while remembering what sets it apart from other shows of the same genre.

    • I’ve seen Please Teacher, the first season or something, but I msotly stayed away from Please Twins because Please Teacher was overly ecchi. thanks for the recom, I’ll give Please Twins a look see.

  3. Reblogged this on Zero Drama Anime and commented:
    This was a fun conversation. What I was trying to say by talking about onepunch man is that unless a show, like OPM, is designed to feed off of hype to make itself better, it usually just makes it worse, as was the case with Your Lie In April, at least for me. It was hyped so much to me, recommended as a super emotional show, that when I watched it for the first time, I could only get through a few episodes of it. It seemed so bland and uninteresting, so very different from what I went into the show expecting to see, that it left a very negative impression on me, unfortunately.

    I would love to do more of this in the future; it’s super fun to have a group of bloggers sitting down and just discussing random crap like this. Kudos to Pants for drawing us little mascots, too!

    • omg, how can you say the first few episodes were bland. i was immediately hooked! not a romance fan? it was just amazing character work in the first ep alone. I do respect your view of the show, since I did came in w/ low expectations.
      and lol, those one punch man comments felt off, but I felt the need to really keep the convo close to the original.
      I’ll draw better mascots!!!!! I actually have characters in mind already, i just need to tweak it to fit your online anime blogger persona. it’ll work. we can make it better!!!!!

      • So we succeeded in lowering your expectations! this is a good thing! I really do need to give YLIA another try now that they hype train has rolled past and I can approach it without monumentally high expectations again and give it a fair chance. I do like romance shows a lot, but I think part of the issue may have been i’d been watching a TON of hammy romance stuff around the same time, was kind of tired of the genre lol.

        • oh yeah, that can have a profound effect on how you view anime. that’s why i always go in blindly, to make sure it’s a mix bag. ionce reviewed 5 slice of life shows though, and it killed my enthusiasm for anime for a year. XD

  4. it’s not /that/ bad… kinda reminds me of Y!messenger (whether or not that’s good is up to you xD) lol, but yeah no, I think this is a really neat way of getting yourself hyped for a show outside of the usual production hype and fandom hype

  5. Godamnit, I was about to make some fapping joke but only just realized the one with the pants down and shit is because… pantsless.

    On KimiUso, I would give it a 7 actually. I mean AnoHana is a bad comparison to it since like you guys said, it’s god, lol. KimiUso has some really jarring problems and it will never touch the upper tiers of anime drama like said Anohana. But when it’s good, it’s pretty damn good.

    • yeah, don’t fap for my sake, Kai. xD

      and why is everyone so mean w/ this anime? i really like it so far. i’m at episode 5. i’m guessing it gets worse down the line, huh?

    • Odd, the opposite was true for me. I felt like Anohana was good, but not good enough to reach anywhere close to my top list. I’m sure personal experiences might tie into it, since I have Anohana more or less a 7. This show haunts me years after it’s conclusion. I use the word haunt because while I would never give it a perfect score objectively, perhaps drawing up to a 9 out of 10 for the story’s flaws, it work as a show. For it’s personal impact on me I’d give it an 11 out of 10.

  6. YLIA is the most depressing piece of fiction I’ve ever seen, but not really in a good sense. Honestly, imo the emotional aspect of anime was hardly delivered, which is a shame. The emotions YLIA triggered in me were mostly due to what it was trying to say, rather than what it was trying to make you feel, if that makes any sense.

    I’d give it a 7/10. It really knows how to convey its messages and themes (even though agreeing with them might be, er, damaging for your mental health if you already have any issues), but the overall presentation was lacking.

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