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Thank you to Shoka, the guy that overdid his Made in Abyss review, and the book enthusiast that refuses to be a book blogger, Keiko, for nominating me for this tag award chain game. Seriously though, Shoka’s review is great. Sincerity is an element of reviews you instantly spot in a well written one. Anyways, I’ve been nominated by both, and I thank them for the chance for me to talk about myself.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15) – I don’t know that many though, so I’ll cut that in half
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

Seven stuff about me

I’m not sure how serious I’m supposed to be in this post. I’ll just do three dumb things and four anime blogger/reviewer things about me. I’ll try to avoid mentioning incest as much as possible, but I can’t promise anything.

  1. Chatmonchy

Ever since the very first review I’ve made, I always have the “Best of” Album of Chatmonchy on loop when I write them. I used to have a mix playlist of Taylor Swift, YUI, and Chatmonchy. I soon grew out of loving YUI though. I also became old enough to realize that I hate Taylor Swift, so Chatmonchy remained. I love their songs, because you just know they wrote it themselves. I’m not a fan of artists not making their own songs. That’s the main reason why I like the 3 artists here, because they write their own songs. Taylor Swift sold out though, and YUI lost her passion for music, so it’s kinda hard to listen to their songs now. And this just got serious, didn’t it?

  1. Summer Song

Back when I was in serious depression, like ready to just end myself, it was YUI that got me through most days. This is one of my favorite songs from her vast list of impressive, and now iconic, discography. Summer Song is just upbeat and brimming with positivity and it rubs off on me. Thank you very much, YUI.

  1. Needles

I have never been admitted to a hospital. Not once in my life, and I think part of that is because I am deathly afraid of needles. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind cutting myself. I’ve been stabbed before. I get cuts and deep lacerations that the blood gushing out would turn black because of how much is coming out. I’ve seen the bone in my arm before, and it was awesome. I’m fine with all of that, but holy sh*t, I lose myself when it comes to needles. This small thing coming into your body and taking out your blood, I just don’t like it. The first time I visited a hospital is for a medical exam, and I was with my boss since she agreed to pay the ridiculously expensive medical tests. They needed to take blood from my arm, and I was not ready for that. I was crying like a baby while my boss comforts me, but I also know the ridicule I’ll be facing afterwards. The doctor punctured me twice too. First time, he missed the artery and I’m pretty sure he just went in a second time because he was f*cking with me. At the end of the day, my boss has a video of me crying like a baby in her cellphone while a doctor takes my blood. She shows it to me from time to time just because she hates me.

  1. Superkicked

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a Sweet Chin Music? I have.

Back when I was assisting in this rich school meant for rich kids, like super rich, I think mostly senators and mall owners with a rich family background goes there, I was breaking up a fight between two students. They were girls too, so I was light on the touching. I also made sure another teacher was there, since I’m not really employed and things could go bad if someone complained about my actions. I wasn’t aware though that both girls are serious capoeira students or something. Either way, I got between them and one girl slapped me hard. The other took her shoes off and super kicked me. I wasn’t even mad. I just found the whole thing awesome. I shot them my “I will f*cking end you” stare, and the whole situation diffuses afterwards.

  1. Plagiarism

Yeah, someone is stealing my reviews. I don’t mind though. It’s like a form of flattery, so I let it be. They take chunks or parts of my review, and they make a new review out of it. I’m pretty sure they also steal other reviews from other people, but I find the whole thing harmless. As long as they don’t make profit off my work, then I’m fine with. They’re also not the first, tbh. I’m just that good of a reviewer, I guess. *tries to pay self on back, realizes too fat*

  1. Mouryou no Hako

Personally, this is my favorite review I’ve done. I consider reviewing the anime itself daunting, but I wanted to make sure I nail this review of a novel anime. I’m not proud of my Shin Sekai yori review, and I am embarrassed with my Eccentric Family review. I wanted this one to really be awesome, as to make up for the bad reviews I’ve given to the previous novel anime. Personally, I think I did a good job. I consider it a triumph, and I hope other people find it good as well.

  1. Kino’s Journey

I’m nervous about this anime. I mean, why reboot it? Shaft tried to revive the interest in the show once upon a time, and the director’s charm was lacking in the movies after the original series. It just didn’t feel like the show I grew up with. But I get it, this is a new generation. Let’s give this new crowd of anime enthusiasts a chance to be introduced to Kino, and I’m fine with that.

Even if this new series is successful or not though, the new generation will be introduced to an inferior adaptation. They’ll grow up not realizing the original series’ charm is so timeless and powerful that their version of Kino tried to recapture that magic. I’m hoping for the best though, but Kino is special for me. He was there when I’m alone. He turned my cognitive cogs as I try to internalize each episode, and quite honestly, TPAB would be incomplete without Kino’s influence. So they better nail this new series.

Again, I consider this award chain tag thing a way to help introduce bloggers to other bloggers. I’ll tag some new people I’ve been following on WP. Cheers!

IzanaginoOokami (tagging you by default)

Leap (because you’re awesome *flying kisses*)

Thero (pretty cool guy, but a reluctant hero)

The Things I’ve Seen (enjoying their posts a lot lately)

Rossiroad (his brain is completely empty)

Glasses-kun (for always flattering me with his words)

Snow Rice (love their personal stories posts)

21 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Oi
    I can’t laugh at this, it ain’t shit!

    I guess that I am the complete opposite; I stare at the needle as it sucks my blood from the veins. That’s just how I am. I feel uneasy not being able to see the things that touch me or in this case hurt me!

    I was in love with Taylor Swift until the end of her Fearless album. Everything changed for the worse then. In fact I only listen to anime songs now, with leftover international songs up until 2012.

    You know what they say about fights… whether it is between guys or girls, you better be ready to get your face kicked in since it’s literally the only intention of both parties.

    Who dares stealing your wise words from your reviews?! Do I have to watch out, too? 😢

    Or I could joke about how those words came out of your pantless ass anway so they stink all the way to the thief’s blog.

    I have a feeling that we will have to do this kind of celebratory posts again soon… 😁

    • that’s right. tuck away that fizzle comment you have ready, asshole. XD

      and i’m glad you enjoyed this post. omg, no, just imagining seeing my vein drained of blood makes me go limp and all funny. i always dread having an IV attached to me. I’d rather die doctor!!
      have you heard her new single? hahaha. she is so thin skinned. and she just can’t admit it. ever since i was disillusioned by all her ex bf songs, i hated the way she dropped country for soulless pop.
      yup. i learned alesson that day, and thats why i dont break fights anymore. XD

      and lol, it’s no big deal. theft like that is harmless, and my reviews sucks so i just spread the suck around.

      oh, wth does that mean? seriously, that cryptic sh*t terrifies me. XD do it again?
      oh, you’ll tag me again. hopefully we can do that “thing” first though. are you referring to that? I am tired.

  2. Lol I love your comment on plagiarism xD Just make sure they’re not making money off of your stuff haha. Other than that, let them “spread the suck” like you said. Thanks again for nominating me! I really appreciate it ❤

    • we’re small time bloggers. I’m proud of my work which is why they stole it, but as long as they don’t benefit more from my blood sweat and tears, then I’m fine with it.
      and no problem! enjoyed your roommate post a lot, btw

  3. Nice, YUI’s awesome and I hope that plagiarism thing gets sorted out, it’s quite sad that people exist who just leach off others without providing any content or thoughts of their own. Thanks for the nomination, I’ll probably have a post up by the end of today if it all goes well!

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  5. d’aww, you’re too kind, TPAB >///<
    (but thanks for the nomination xD I'll do ya justice)

    Oh wow, I didn't know you were a chatmonchy fan! haha! 'chatmonchy has come – forever ed' has been a mainstay of my j-music playlist for a while now (I only started getting in to them a couple of months ago so I figured their re-release album would be a nice start). Very nice taste in music, might I say. 😀

    Sweet chin music'd, FU'd, German Suplex trifecta'd Chris Benoit style (…do we talk about Chris Benoit here?) — when you have an older brother and you're both into wresting, it's really Smackdown vs RAW sometimes (well, back when our youthful bodies would allow us at least)

    Mouryou no Hako is the slowest burn EVER (or one of the slowest). And overall very tricky to review in my opinion (because of the weird pacing it has and how exposition doesn't mean much until like 2/3s into the story lol) so even /completing/ a proper review for it is a feat in of itself, so kudos to you my good sir (did this one get plagiarised too? xD)

    I'm gonna wait an episode or two more before I make my final judgments on the new Kino's Journey. It doesn't help that there are three motorcycle-themed anime this season.

    • you deserve to be tagged, lol

      i love chatmonchy. i first heard them in the OP of Princess Jellyfish, and the song was such an earworm that I wanted to listen to their entire music. I love their underground work, but their mainstream music is pretty decent too.

      i grew up with sisters, so I can’t really attempt a wrestling moves. I also don’t join their games, so growing up was awkward. haha. me and my friends used to chop each other though, ala ric flair, shirtless and all, and it was fun. XD
      and yes, benoit is one of my fave wrestlers, i dunno what anyone thinks. he deserves to burn in hell though

      thank you! i love moryou no hako, but i also know how hard it is to watch. i hope others can ejoy it too.
      oh gawd, i’m happy whether kino is good or not. i wanted to sh*t on it, but i also want to see it succeed. it’s like seeing someone else’s kid run a race. yeah, you wanna see them finish the race, but you also want them to trip and fall flat on their face.

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