Eromanga-sensei GIFs (1/2)

I was in a GIF-fy mood, so I just decided to make some of this anime’s first episode. Sagiri is so adorable, like ohmygawd, her cuteness is working on me.

Click on the image to open in a new tab, since they’ll load extra slow given how many there are here, and go on! Spread the cuteness that is Sagiri. I’ll upload another batch once I finish the series.

6 thoughts on “Eromanga-sensei GIFs (1/2)

  1. Is it bad that Sagiri is probably my least favorite character in the show? She’s cute but i feel like all the other girls have way more character than she does.

    • You are not wrong. I love Elf sensei, and the writing is so good that every girl stands out in her own not stereotypical way. The author is master storyteller at this point, and I’m glad A-1 Pictures is able to adapt another one of his works. 🙂

  2. Ok, I’ve just returned from a day of moving boxes and find Gifs about Eromanga-sensei? Nice. A soul and heart healing potion wouldn’t have done better…. if I could actually see themmmmmmmm.

    BwahahahaHAHA! No, seriously. I laughed so hard at opening all them on different tabs, so to check them individually. Then found a blank page. I grinned. Checked next. Blank. I laughed. Next. Blank again. I started checking them all while laughing madly.

    By the way, haven’t checked even a single one of our other comment reply chains. Not sure if I’ll be able today, so don’t worry. I’m not dead yet. Just a deadly-tired body (can you believe my legs move like that video with dead frogs and salt? Because they do).

    • The link looks fine to me. But oh noes, I wonder what’s wrong. I actually just found out how to put GIFs in a post again without uploading it directly to wordpress, and so I got excited and created this post. XD

      and no worries. take you time on all of them.
      just- take you time. XD

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