TPAB’s Top Ten: Tips in Reviewing Anime (Part 10 of 10)

  1. Write and Keep Writing
  2. Don’t just review popular or mainstream sh*t
  3. Do not restrict yourself to a single genre
  4. Keep a balanced opinion
  5. Don’t Fixate on the Barrier
  6. Avoid Re:reviewing
  7. Try to Go Beyond a Statement
  8. Spoiler Control takes Practice
  9. Prepare to Grow Cynical and Distrustful of Anime

   10. Trust yourself, and be true to yourself

For a reviewer, honesty is an important trait. When you like yaoi, then talk about yaoi with no restrictions. Why fool yourself? The main reason you’re reviewing something is because you want to talk about it. If you hate it, then fire away. If you love it, then gush away. Don’t hold back as well. If you want to type like “oh my gosh, look guys. This, like, new thing is so awesome. It features the guys from Free shirtless like adjklsajdlkasjdklasfjdsklf *drools* *slumps over* *sigh*”, then just go for it. An honest reviewer is a trust worthy reviewer, and it can really draw people to you. I feel like I’ve said this before though, but it’s something worth repeating. Never be something you are not. Don’t join a band wagon, or a hate train or a fan club just to get their approval. Never force something you are not. Never copy someone else’s style, because you have your own style and I’m sure people will gravitate to that more than the forced one you’re doing.

Talking about things with passion can really draw people to you. The way you show your love or respect towards something can be genuinely felt by others. The way you loathe something can be interesting to other people as well. You can get a genuine reaction if you stay true to yourself. If you’re a fedora wearing douchebag in real life, then be honest about it. If you like watching something the majority hates then stand your ground. Share you passion. People will respect you more if you respect yourself, and that’s the realest advice I can give you.

The process of being true to yourself might take some time, but I’m sure you’ll realize it eventually. As long as you keep in mind the advice I shared in this top ten post, then the process won’t take that long. So, go on. Take that first step and start your journey. It’s one hell of a journey, I can tell you that much.

Oh, and also…. Hurray for five years!!!!

This has been a blast to write. If you aren’t aware, I actually wrote the entire thing in one day when I published the first one. I was not kidding about the bottle of red bull and the Chatmonchy soundtrack. It took an all-nighter to finish the list, and it was pretty fun. Breaking it up into individual posts is also a fun experience, because I think people actually read it more earnestly when I broke the list up. This should’ve been one long post, but I’m glad I decided to milk all your likes and comments. I want to thank everyone who gave me sincere likes and comments though, because it is fun seeing my tips being received positively by others. We have a matter of celebrating my fifth year of blogging though. So let’s get that Chatmonchy soundtrack fired up one more time.

After poking around wordpress, I found out that they actually hid the dashboard away. The feature is still there though, so I really missed that. Anyways, check out my stats.

Isn’t this just heartbreaking? I try to pretend I don’t care, but it still hurts. I’m on the process of rebuilding though, so there’s no problem here. I’ll just fool myself that I don’t need the high visitor numbers, then I’ll lie and tell you numbers don’t mean sh*t. Yeah, except they do. The number of visitors tells you how much progress you’re making, and it’s just fun. Ok. It’s just fun to gloat about your big numbers. I was even close to my gawd damn 2 million. F*ck it all. Although getting 7,000 views is still pretty modest. It does really mean that I do still have my readers backing me up, so thank you very much for the undying support. I might buy a new domain for this site, but I still have some real life short term goals to finish first. TPAB will have to wait for now.

Speaking of real life, I am happy to announce that I passed my professional licensure exam. They just announced it last week, and it looks like my efforts finally pay off. The journey is still rough though, because I am now going through the process of finding another job. I’m aiming for a work abroad, because I want to shoot for the stars, and that requires a b*tch ton of time and effort on my part. I might go silent for a couple of months just like last year. I am now a professional teacher though, so that’s a big milestone. The Pantless Anime Blogger, licensed professional teacher (LPT). Isn’t that freaking exciting?

Being overly excited that the dashboard still exists, let’s take a look under the hood. Here are the most viewed posts from the last year, and unsurprisingly Yosuga no Sora has an unsettling amount of views. Do you know why? It’s because people are pervs and the google search terms reflect that.

Dramatical Murder is also a big hit. I realized a lot of people are curious about the show, for some reason. I don’t really know why, but a tumblr user once asked me if it’s good. So maybe the popularity of the game is carrying the anime.

Bungou Stray Dogs blew up last year. It’s not really that great of a show, but I think the Ouran High School Host club style animation just appeals to people. It’s a very gory show though, so imagine the host club skewered to death. Well, ok, it’s not that bad. OniAi, Brynhildr and Blade and Soul are weird standouts though. This just goes to show that a lot of people really look for reviews of relatively minor shows. People love Bland and Soul (not a typo, bland!) though and, ohmygawd, what is wrong with you people. The game is amazing, but the anime is just awful.

I’m not surprised with Kenzen Robo Daimidaler. It’s a heavy Ecchi show full of boobs, and google algorithm has always shown that people…are just..well…perverts. It’s a beautiful underrated gem though, so I do urge people to try it.

If you’re wondering what the all-time most viewed post is though, then it’s no surprise.

Yup, High School DxD because people are just perverts and I’m fine with that.

These five years of blogging has been a blast. I know I’m vocal about hating it all from time to time, but that’s part of why I’m enjoying it. I get to be vocal about anything, and I’m glad you awesome people enjoy what I write. I enjoy writing them as well, because I clearly wouldn’t last long if I didn’t. I also wouldn’t have lasted this long if I didn’t get the needed support to stay strong in my endeavors. I made this blog back in 2012, and I was a depressed sack of something. Five years later, and things have turned pretty bright for me. It has its dark moments, like reviewing Seiren, but it’s mostly been a very positive experience. I hope you guys continue the support as I move forward to six, seven, eight and possibly a decade of reviewing anime.

It’ll be more than that, I can assure you because I can’t review fast enough to cover the numbers. This one thousand anime journey honestly started out as a cute gimmick, but it turned into something else. It grew. It developed and it’s now something more than a cute gimmick. I want to continue reviewing and sharing my love for anime. I want more people thanking me for filling up their “to-watch” list it with anime I reviewed. I want more people thanking me for recommending a show that they now love immensely. I want more people copying my style and being inspired by my work.  I want more people continuously coming back and reading more of my reviews. I want more, and this past five years certainly made me want to crave more.

Thank you very much. I sincerely want you, dear readers, to know that I wouldn’t have lasted this long without you.

Now, onwards to the next review!!

34 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Tips in Reviewing Anime (Part 10 of 10)

  1. I’m genuinely sad that this is the last post for the top ten tips! Its been one hell of a read and this final tip tops it off nicely. Being true to yourself is something I’ve always valued the most highly over everything else, and showing your true passion for something.

    Those wordpress stats are pretty interesting! Somehow I’m not surprised that the world is so perverted, too many people hide it though haha! Embrace the inner perv people!

    Welp, thanks again for a great list of tips! You’ve given me a lot to think about, see you in the next post whatever that may be! 🙂

    • Thank you for the support throughout these posts. It really means a lot. 🙂
      When I was starting out, boobs and sex are always in my searches. Haha

      Making this list was fun, and I might make more of these from time to time. I’ll focus more on reviews though, since this is a review site. XD

  2. What a great read this was. Although it may be late, congratulations for your five years of blogging! Your Top Ten Tips really helped me in understanding what a review truly is and how it should be done.

    Nice to see how those data affirm that we are all perverts. Now I know I’m not the only one. Oh, and because why not, I hate cow-sized breasts by the way, which is one of the main reason I dropped sin: Nanatsu no Taizai (it wasn’t even bad in my opinion, just not enought time).

    Good luck with your real life, if you have to fall (referring to the image), don’t worry, you will find me there too (most probably), in the Shinji Ikari position. I’m not auguring anything like that though.

    • Hey, I’m thankful people read this list. Thanks for commenting lots as well.
      Cow-sized breasts is an acquired breasts- I mean taste. Haha.
      I..don’t know that Shinji reference. Never seen Evangelion. XD It had a red haired german or something, right?

      • I’m just someone who prefers palm-sized ones. No, perhaps a little bigger. Enough to fit into the whole hand, but not-… wait. Who the hell cares.

        I’m surprised you never watched Evangelion, but then again, it is quite old (I watched mainly because I heard it was the father of all mecha and saviour of anime industry(?), not to mention it gave birth to stereotypes such as Tsundere and Kuudere). It was good in my opinion, but that aside, it was a blond (perhaps more on the orange side) haired german, mother of all tsunderes.

        The Shinji reference is basically when you curl up in fetal position while sitting, Tomoya’s one on his chair in the latest episode of Saekano Flat is an example.

        By the way, I had to check you MAL (we got 30% affinity, with 250 anime shared!) to fully believe it. I would love to read your review on it, especially… on its last two episodes… huehuehue (nothing ominous, don’t worry).

        • Flat ones are weird because you can feel the heart beat a lot more in your hands. XD

          I know Evangelion is good, and that’s why I’m avoiding it. When I review the show, eventually, I want zero expectations coming into it. And Mazinger is the father of mecha, lol. Go Nagai gave birth to both mecha and ecchi, and it’s pretty awesome. I do know Evangelion is one hell of an anime. It’s a 90s show, but the visuals are better than anything you can watch today. I saw the first ep, and fell in love with the mecha designs. So detailed. And the first tusndere is actually a VN character with blue chair, don’t remember much but she was an 80s game or something. XD Asuka is a very good example of the cliche tsundere though. She also looks hot in her skin tight outfit. Do you prefer her boob size? XD

          Ah…..because Shinji is a piece of sh*t, right? Hahaha.

          I heard a lot of things about the ending. That’s why I want zero expectations coming in. I want to have a genuine reaction to it. I did hear even the creators weren’t satisfied with the ending, thus spawning more films to help make a better series.

          • I’ve never experienced that, so I’ll trust you on that one.

            That has its own logic I suppose. It’s why I try to avoid spoilers like reality: I want something genuine, not something already molded and that took form in my mind because of others’ opinion. Well, at least that’s what I try to aim at, while in reality I mostly get spoilers (be it by a little or huge amount, I still get them) from Internet and just have to accept it or get hyped by it.

            Hou, that’s why it’s nice to talk with others Otaku. I’ll write that down. Thanks for the correction, I don’t even know why I had that notion to begin with. It’s like the Mahou Shoujo Revolution, I’m sure as hell it wasn’t Madoka the first one, and yet, when someone asks me that (who? My air-friend), I immediatly think of Madoka. Perhaps it’s better to say they are the most iconic ones, rather than the archetypes. Umu, let’s settle for that (or at least the most iconic ones that I know of).

            …touché. Or at least that’s the size eyes find most pleasant to see. Not big enough to be a distraction, nor too small to make you wonder about her gender.

            …sorry. It may be that mine is not the brightest mind here or it may because of Adam Smith’s after (devastating) effects, but I can’t quite connect the sentence “Shinji is a piece of sh*t” with anything I wrote. Wait, are you referring to the fetal position? Still can’t quite catch the meaning behind it, I’m probably tired (correction, I’m ALWAYS tired).

            You’re right about the ending. In fact, two movies were made to substitute the last two episodes (which I believe weren’t what they wished for because of budget? I may be wrong though, again). Then we have Rebuild of Evangelion, which is pretty much a remake. It has actually 3 movies, with a fourth that should be in production (it has already been few years from the third). I would suggest trying this remake, as it is (almost) a different story with only the same characters and world setting.

            I hope you will be able to watch it one day though, as long as the spoilers aren’t too… spoilerish I think you can enjoy it. I actually saw a spoiler about Re:Creators few day ago, and that destroyed me, but when I watched it, even though I was expecting it, I greatly enjoyed it (though that may be because I love that series unconditionally, no matter what they will give me, it will remain a 10 for me. Because fuck objectivity).

            • For me, I also can’t escape spoilers but since I have to review everything I watch now, I have to make sure nothing huge about the show is ruined for me. I’d listen to people complaining about the show or a long argument on youtube as long as nothing of the anime’s best parts are revealed. Sadly for me, Evangelion’s best bits have been spoiled to me so I’m sitting on it for now just so I can forget some of the things I’ve read online.

              That is true. Evangelion popularized the modern day tsundere. The origin of the true tsun-tsun dere-dere is actually an evolution of character traits stuffed into one girl. In VN, some players responded positively to the “I’m not doing it for you, baka! *blushes*” character that later games soon gave birth to the cliched tsundere.

              So Asuka is hot. I’ll keep that little side note when I do watch the show. Talking about it for so long actually makes me want to see it now.
              And I’m sorry. I mostly meant that a lot of people hate Shinji because he does fetal all the time so I just jumped to a conclusion that he is….shit. XD

              Oh, Re:creators is that good, eh? I’ll keep that 10 score in mind as well when I pick up that series.

              • That’s such a pity. Hope you will forget the spoiled parts soon, as much as I would like to forget about even seeing them, the brain is a sadist and just keep remembering them. While it can easily forget things such as your sister’s school or what you ate for breakfast. Truly, what a brilliant thing is the human’s mind.

                Well, now that I think about it, there really aren’t any spoilers that I remember which would make the show unwatchable (things like “that character is the true Maou” or “she freaking get screwed by swords” or “X is Archer”). So, yeah. I think you would still enjoy it greatly. But I may remember wrong, as my brain is often bird-like.

                Yes. Asuka is hot in my humble opinion. Yes, it had to be underlined. (though, I regard almost every 2D character as hot/beautiful/cute, since I have to deal with real humans everyday).

                Oh, I see. I don’t really think of Shinji as hateful or shit. The contrary: I believe what he feels, does and thinks is totally human-like and realistic. The only thing is that now I often stay in fetal position, even when sitting (you know, like L from Death Note), which is quite bad for my back.

                Regarding Re:Creators… I love it regardless of its shortcomings for many reasons (Fate/-like, otaku characters, long and detailed explanation about world-setting which are found boring by others, etc.), so do take this into calculation. No matter what that series will throw me, unless it’s utterly no-sense and horrifying, I will keep it at 10.

                So, yeah. I’m totally not objective when talking about it.

                • I watch a lot of anime, so I will forget it eventually. I might finally actually watch and review Evangelion this December, since talking about it is getting my interest meter up. You bastard, this better be good. Haha.

                  You are literally the first person I’ve talked to that liked Shinji. Previous people that mention Eva hated Shinji, but maybe it’s because of the ending as well since he is involved with it in some form of another, right?

                  I have zero clues about Re:Creators, since it is currently airing, so don’t worry. If I ever do watch it, I’m sure I’ll be completely fair with it.

                  • Well, I hope to read your review for Christmas then. Huehueh (what kind of laughter is this), glad that I was able to speed up your Evangelion’s watching. Or at least moving it up in your Plan to Watch list. I’m not sure about it being good, but you definitely won’t get bored, especially during the ending. I strongly suggest watching also the movie that substitute the last two episodes (not talking about Rebuild, the remake, but the previous one). In reality two movies came out, but as the first one is simply a recap of the series, you can just watch the second (which I think it’s named “End of Evangelion”… ok, I checked, it’s “The End of Evangelion”, by the way the recap is called “Death & Rebirth”).

                    Hou, really? That’s interesting. I thought more would relate with him, oh well. I suppose Internet prefer… wait, it may be a spoiler even saying this (don’t really think so, but just to be sure). Hmm, related to the ending, huh. It may be or not be, I’m unsure, I don’t think the ending was the key point for Shinji’s public opinion, it’s more simbolic for the whole series than to Shinji as an individual. That’s just my opinion though (and my memory are quite vague, I clearly remember some part of it though… as it is quite difficult to forget about… that kind of ending).

                    Welp, now I look forward to read both Re:Creators and Evangelion’s reviews. To me the former is already a Fate/. Fate/Creators, hm I like it.

                    • I don’t really watch movies since I like my anime in 12-24 episode short burst especially if its from a popular series. I’ve had people bugging me to see and review the Madoka movies, but I kinda just want to experience the series. Movies feel like add ons to me.
                      And if Eva sucks, then I’m blaming you. I’ll write a long paragraph about how much you duped me into seeing the anime. Haha. I kid. I might see the movies just to see how they fix the ending. We shall see.
                      I might hate Shinji too, but I think its his character specifically since we don’t see a lot of characters like him back in 90s. Aren’t protagonists supposed to be cool and always beckoning the call of adventure? They don’t really regress into the fetal position. But talking more about this gets my analyzing brain going.
                      Lol, Fate/Creators? What’s that about? Wait. Don’t tell me. I’ll see the anime anyways. XD

                    • Yeah, I can agree with that. I think Madoka is an exception because the third one is actually a true sequel, and not a side story or an extra. This is even more true for Evangelion, as all the movies but “Death and Rebirth” are remakes. You could just see them as what the studio could have done if they had the right budget at the time. I think that the latest Rebuild of Evangelion is more shounen-ish though, so I think you can just watch “The End of Evangelion” (remake of last two episodes) after the last two episodes, and if you liked the series try out Rebuild (remake of the whole series, though the 1.11/fist movie has pretty much the same story, it’s from the second one that things start to change quite greatly, I think. My memory is foggy… like always).

                      Haha, I would be really amoused (and somehow honoured) to see a paragraph only for me. I get that a lot though, the 2 frien-, I meant acquantainces who share this way of life a little with me (not otaku sthough) often say I’m false advertising shows, hyping them too much. I remember only Keijo’s example right no- hm? Haven’t I already said that? Getting senile at under 20 is bad….
                      Oh, another example is Toaru, I constantly tell them how it starts to get truly epic only after the part the second season stopped at. Truly evil. I feel sorry for all Toaru’s Anime watchers only, as they miss great things such as Russia, Third World War, Battle Between accelerator and other lvl 5, more Angels and a freaking further secret behind that Right hand of our unlucky MC. The manga of Railgun is pretty great too, heck the anime is truly boring in comparison (as it went for original content route for most of it).

                      Wait, we were talking about Eva. I really like talking about these things huh, since I have no other choice but to talk to the mirror otherwise…

                      Welp, if you will hate Shinji, he will have gained another hater. I haven’t watched many ’90s anime, but protagonists do tend to be ideal, as people tend to wish to watch either someone they can relate with or their ideal selves. Heh, I actually laughed hard at your “they don’t really regress into the fetal position”. Well, I suppose that also explain the hatred towards Subaru from Re:Crea- holy, I meant Re:Zero. At least on Reddit, for the first few episodes there were quite the amusing reaction at his “normalcy”. I quite like seeing “human-like” characters every now and then though. Shinji is a particular case though, as he is pretty much… negative I suppose. Oh, maybe that’s why I don’t dislike him. I can relate.

                      Yeah, when I get too hyped my brain goes full chuuni-mode (when I reach some level of hype, you may even see me striking Jojo poses every now and then. I mostly tend to do Lelouch’s ones though. And head-tilts). Fate/Creators is just what I came up with because I foun- ok, no more words about it then.

                    • Well, if the series gets me hooked, I might try the movies. I cant make any promises though, since I’m not really into anime movies. Also, remaking the anime sounds dumb. The original has so much charm and history behind it, why remake it other than make a boatload of cash? Shame on them. Only western studios remake something for money. XD

                      Well, Toaru anime is really only meant to sell viewers to read the manga and the LN, so I think it did its job. But, lol, a third world war sounds fun. I don’t think the anime can do it justice. They even had trouble properly telling the ones in the actual show, like Accelerator getting a loli. It is an old anime though, and LN adaptations have gone so far after Toaru.
                      And lol, overhyping. I’m guilty of that too, since my older reviews aren’t that fair.

                      Talking to the mirror? You should jin a club or something. That helped me somewhat. XD
                      And see, the reaction to unconventional heroes can be volatile sometimes. But a great writer can generate hate and love from the same character, so I like how Shinji is getting both. I do remember Shinji fitting the style of Evangelion though, since it is, from the very start, not your ordinary mecha anime. Atleast, back in the 90s.

                      Shaft head tilts? lol.

                    • I prefer the standard episode-lenght too. As I need to plan in advance if I wish to watch a movie. Welp, we will just have to wait until Christmas or later then.

                      Yeah, I agree on that point. Remakes sound too much of cash-cows. But I think that if the original one is really bad

                      Hou, Toaru was just advertisement to its original source? For real? I know that, at least partially, every Anime adaptation is a way to advertize the original source, but didn’t think Toaru was particulary set on that. And, well, I have to admit that it was really successful in that aspect, at least for Toaru Majutsu no Index. As it made me literally devour the whole Volumes of the LN. I couldn’t stop it, it was truly a great ride…. now that I think about it, I forgot that the 18th volume of New Testament has already been fully translated… now I know how I will spend my newly acquired free time.

                      Oh, I say only Toaru Majutsu no Index, because I think Railgun failed quite a bit. The only good part was the already known one in which Accelerator and Touma fight for the first time. But that’s just because it was more… visually pleasant to see (the passage of time…). The Manga of Railgun on the other hand, is another masterpiece (it’s actually in my top 5 Manga that I’m actually reading). Just to spoil a bit, we get to see Misaka Lv 5-shift, friggin’ dragons coming out of a special right arm, more bonding with the 5th lvl 5, Mental Out (which is always great), and the 7th lvl 5, which isn’t really shown much in the main Toaru (talking about the LN).

                      …yeah. That battle was some glorious sh*t. By the way, it’s not from the manga, just pasted 7th and Touma over Jojo panel… and as you can see the effect is truly something incredible.

                      Well, to tell the truth, the first 13-14 volumes (which the 2 seasons adapted), weren’t that great. It started becoming incredible towards the end of season 2: when Accelerator become the 2nd MC. Hm? Oh, yeah. Accelerator becomes another MC later on. Huehuehue, truly glorious to read. By the way, I don’t really have a problem on how they depicted the battles in the Anime, it was reasonable for that times I think. The “remade” battle beteween Accelerator and Touma from Railgun is really great, so I have hope for third reason (though… we would actually need more than other 3 seasons to cover all the released LNs…). Oh, yeah. The editor of Kamachi, the LN author (which is pretty much a God, as he’s been delivering a series every month for err… how many years again? Well, it’s extraordinary anyways), announced that 3rd season is in projecting phase (I think? Can’t remember the exact word he used, but it’s pretty much assured that sooner or later we will get a third one). Overhyping is evil, but I think it’s fine.

                      Nah, I love talking to myself or to the mirror. I’m a misanthrope (self-proclamed though), so dealing with real people is quite annoying to me. Though I’ve discovered that it’s only with my classmates: towards strangers I’m far more willing to talk (but you will never see me start a conversation).

                      “But a great writer can generate hate and love from the same character”. THIS. Literally the best sentence that describe Mahou Shoujo Raising Project (really similar to Madoka Magica) LN’s author, although it’s fairly off-topic, I almost think I’m going crazy, as I costantly have conflicted feelings about loving or hating pretty much all the characters. The author is a genius at playing with my emotions. It has an anime adaptation of the first volume by the way (and adapting only one volume means it has a good pace, heck in my opinion it’s one of the few I would rank higher than the original source, as it add some side stories from the later volumes… though I can’t make an objective comparison, as I’ve read the LN while already knowing the… turning points).

                      I suppose generic mecha Anime at that time were pretty much only action-oriented, while Evangelion was more focused on the psychology of the characters. And that’s nice, as I prefer these kind of series.

                      Yes, and that’s not even the worse thing you can see me doing in public. Oh, God. Just remembering my 14 years old/first highschool year self… it makes me wanting to bury myself in a deep hole from shame…

                    • Yup, we shall see in Christmas if the entire thing holds up. Haha.
                      That’s interesting? What original is so bad it deserves a remake? In anime, even the reboot Dragon Ball isn’t really on par with the old cartoons. I never watched the new ones though. I just stumble onto them when I channel surf.

                      I think Railgun is a unique series though, since I don’t think you ever see that many spin off light novels. Is it common in LN? But Railgun is the only anime I’ve seen that was truly a spinoff. And I actually liked the anime. It was hard to get behind Misaka as a lead, but she grows on you.
                      Ah, I forgot that Lv5 stuff. All I remeber is that Misaka clones were made to get Accelerator to level up or something.

                      Oh my, a third season of Toaru? That sounds fun. Do you think JC Staff will still handle that? It’s interesting how much has happened after the anime ended though. If I have any motivation to read LNs, lol, I would done so years ago. XD Too focused watching sh*tty anime.

                      You don’t talk to people. I’m imagining a puppy that bites people and running off, for some reason. Well, as long as you’re fine with that. Humans are social beings though, so don’t forget that.

                      That Mahou Shoujo show sounds interesting. If I ever come across it, then I’ll check out this magical anime that matches the LN. And higher than the original source, lol, that sounds fun. I’m incredibly cautious though, since LN anime often disappoints. :p

                      Lol, worst that head-tilts? Were you calling out special techniques in public, yelling loud while going super saiyan and lecturing little girls on how their cosplay isn’t accurate (I’ve seen this happen before)?

                    • What is intresting? Wait. *goes and re-read the reply*, hehh? What’s with that incomplete sentence? I think I meant that if the original is bad then it’s fine? Or something like that.

                      Well, the only examples that come to mind right now are the adaptations: if they don’t adapt the original source faithfully enough, then in my opinion it’s fine, no it would even be almost rightful for fans to have a better remake that truthfully reflects the original source. This isn’t really because the original is bad though, rather it’s because it deviate from the true story, like Fate/Stay Night 2006, which just mixes the three routes in a bad way, spoiling you the whole VN…, or the first Fullmetal Alchemist, which isn’t bad at all, but it’s simply too different from the Manga. So, yeah, I expressed myself wrongly: if it doesn’t make justice to the original source or it’s too different from it, then I think it’s ok to have a remake.

                      By the way… talking about Dragonball, I stumbled in this… particular and awkward gif and couldn’t help but report it here:

                      That aside, did you know that recently Railgun had its own spin-off (Manga only though)? Incredible how the spin-off got its own spin-off. Not sure if there are other series with multi-level spin off. Welp, I typed something wrong: it wasn’t lvl 5 shift, but lvl 6 shift, I think. Anyways, the point is another plan like the Accelerator’s one, but with Misaka at its center, which is easier accomplished because of all the Sisters(clones). By the way, although Accelerator isn’t a lvl 5 anymore, as he lost more than half of his calculation power (all the Sisters still alive that substitute his lost brain part/power, can’t even compare to its original calculation power, truly a monster, and I love it), he actually is probably even stronger than his former self, as he- wait, that is already known as the black wings were already shown in the last part of season 2. Well, just know he develop them even more… and it’s amazing.

                      Not sure when it will start, but the editor sounded quite confident (heh, after trolling us poor fans for years, though his bags under his eyes show how much he was… busy) I don’t clearly know how the industry works, but I believe JC will take that role again. I think the only case in which the studio changed for the same series was Oregairu. I hope they will make in time for… the 10th anniversay from its first adaptation. The definetly higher animation quality will be great, as it will depict the best part of Toaru season 1 (I mean the normal Toaru, not the sequel New Testament, which is even better in certain parts). Being an Anime watcher only is great too, my initial reason for starting reading Manga and LNs was becaues I didn’t have Internet… and naturally wished to further explore this wonderful world. Let’s just hope Anime will have more adaptations then (good adaptations, that represent well enough its original source).

                      A puppy? Nah, I’m nowhere that cute. You know her?

                      I’m in a slight better situation than hers. I recently discovered that I’m particularly against dealing with my classmates, I would prefer avoiding talking with others too though. If I have to talk, be it because the shop keeper isn’t giving me the receipt or because the teacher asked me a question, I’ll do it, but me willingly beginning a conversation with another person in RL? It never happens, as I want to return home asap and immerse myself into 2D.

                      Mahou Shoujo Raising Project is very similar to Madoka, in my opinion even better (the impact wasn’t as great just because… I knew about Madoka). Well, higher than the original source because the pace is great and it “complete” the rather short first volume with side stories that deepen the characters, I suppose. But my judgement is clouded by the fact that I read the LN immediately after finishing the anime, thus leaving less strong impression (it was pretty much re-reading the same tale).

                      Didn’t really scream them loudly, but yes. That and even trying to mimic the pose… hahahaHAHAH

                      Chuunibyou is a beast. Never lectured little girls, as here no one cosplay (and I think it’s wrong, as you will never be ablet to compare with 2D, just a waste of money), but I often imagined to go super-sayan for even the most normal actions, such as touching my glasses to avoid them falling down.

                    • I replied on all your comments in one day, so forgive me for the typo. They were long replies, so I don’t proofread. It’s supposed to be “that’s interesting. what anime is so bad it deserves a remake?” Since you mentioned only bad shows should get remake.

                      Getting reboots are rare though, since most studios would first consider if the existing audience will make them money. FMA and Fate is a rare occurence. I dop hope we see more reboots in the future though.
                      A current trend is giving new seasons to old shows. D Gray Man and Ao no Exorcist got new seasons, and I heard they suck. Haven’t seen them, and I actually don’t want to. XD

                      WTF is that gif, lol. The animation looks weird though. I really prefer the hand drawn animation. I’m old school like that.

                      A spin off of Railgun? What’s it about? Wow, the Toaru franchise is really going strong, huh? That’s great, and good for Accelerator. He has so much potential, so I’m glad he is an MC now.

                      DVD sales determine how long a series lives. But, it could be like Durarara that got a lot of new seasons after a long gap. I think JC Staff is up for the task of a new Toaru, since they did a good job with Prison School. I laso trust JC Staff a lot, so I know they won’t let us down with a new Toaru.

                      That’s the girl from Watamote. Ugh, it was painful watching her fumble, but I’m glad you’re better off, lol.

                      No cosplay? Oh my. In my country, we got one a month since it makes a lot of money for the organizers. Also, Japan is like an hour away by plane, so we often get special guests. Nothing big, just bands like FLOW or some random idol. I don’t follow the cosplay scene anymore.
                      I’ve seen a guy go super saiyan on a convention once. Mall guards had to stop him from freakin out. It was insane.

                    • Hm? Oh, don’t get me wrong, by “that incomplete sentence” I meant my own reply, as it seems I also forgot to write something to complete it (pffff, proof reading? What’s that, is it tasty?).

                      Well, Ao No Exorcist is more understandable as the first season went full original ending (so the latest one is pretty much a remake/sequel). Regarding D-Gray Man… uh, I had to adapt to the new artstyle for most of the episodes… as I was used to the old style. Too bad you won’t watch them, as it start to get real good form the latest season… but it’s not really such a great loss in my personal opinion.

                      That gif is from the latest Dragon Ball, the “Super” one, I dropped it though, as I can’t really find it as appealing as when I did during my childhood (now there is super sayan God, huh. It feels like Yu-gi-oh. I’m still at the old “fusion”, while now we have synchro or xyz or whatever it is).

                      Yeah, it’s only Manga though. And it focuses on a side character I don’t even remember seeing (one of the 5th “Mental Out” fangirl I think? I just remember her for her drills-hairstyle). Accelerator has been missing for the latest volumes though, I hope to see him as a MC soon (he also has its own Manga spin off by the way… and another one in which he’s an Idol… not sure whether it was an official thing though).

                      I trust them too, I really hope to see the third season soon.

                      Yeah… Watamote isn’t for anyone. Oh, but the recent chapters of the Manga really show her growth: she has few friends and is able to talk a little. It’s also far funnier than before.

                      Mine is an uncivilized country in regards to 2D. 99% think Anime=Cartoons=Spongebob and thus think of me as a problem youth. I’ve never met an Otaku in my city either, even though I don’t really try to go out that much, I did meet many people in my school years, and no one was like me (only watchers of main stream Anime sadly).

                      …wat. A guy went super sayan? Did his clothes get ripped off by too much screaming or something?

                    • I had a friend complain how rushed the new D Gray Man is, complaining how Kanda’s flower stuff lacked nuance since it didn’t feel like a big deal in the anime.
                      I’m not a fan of rushed adaptations, especially when they already did good before. Haruhi Suzumiya burned me before. XD

                      ohmygawd, yes, the yugioh games got stupid with new additions. The synchro is annoying and new fields are too complicated to use. I still use my old deck in every new installment. They should just end that one, lol.

                      Oh wow, Watamote actually had friends? Is it the senpai that noticed her in the anime? It’s nice to know she’s actually growing as a character. It’s kinda depressing seeing her only friend is miles out of her league.

                      It starts with the mainstream stuff. I’m sure if you talk with them, exchange some anime, then you can spread the otaku disease around. Haha. I remember introducing a yaoi to some of my classmates, and I think one of them is a crossplayer now. So, yeah, it got weird.

                      And no, he just freaked out. Some congoers are really awkward people who can’t handle social situations, and unfortunately, that was his way of coping with it.

                    • D. Gray Man being rushed was less impactful to me, mostly because… I remember that at the time the last chapter was dated september 2009 (I think)… so I didn’t really remember that much. Hm? What do you mean by Haruhi’s 2nd season? I haven’t read the LN yet, but I would really be surprised if it was rushed, as it had 8 episodes of… the same thing (kudos to KyoAni for changing visual every episode, but darn you if I was in pain there).

                      Totally agreed. I’ve always used up to GX series cards, and when I still played at videogames, I remember having lots of fun even playing by myself. I even heard there was a system on motorbikes with turns and accelerations or something (I think it was the series that introduced synchros)? I wonder how the heck did it work.

                      Yep, she’s slowly getting some “friends” I suppose. Really hilarous though, one thinks she’s lesbian, another is a tsundere yankee, there was another one but I forgot. The senpai actually graduated in recent chapters and their reunion was quite moving… for a social inept that is.

                      Well, after 4 years of staying in the same class, I did get acquaintanced with them, and tried to involve them more… unsuccessfully though, as one transferred and the other is a full-fledged normie. They do watch 2 or 3 seasonal anime, so whether I end up alone with him (transferred one is lost forever) it’s not totally awkward. Lol. Did he watch Boku no Pico? I tried suggesting it too, but they watched the reaction on Youtube instead and never watched it.

                      I suppose there are a wide variety of people in over 7 billions of individuals. Still, if you have social anxiety, don’t go out if not to earn your everyday bread (pretty much my plan for life).

                    • I’m talking about endless eight. I was very much into anime when Haruhi blew up. There were active worshippers of Haruhi-ism back then, and we were all excited for the next season. Then KyoANi basically just tea-bagged us. It was awful.

                      The later series got incredibly stupid. I’ve seen the episodes with the motorbikes, and I found it just dumb. Let the series die, and just start over with a new concept. The first anime had reincarnation and forbidden items. Wth is happening to this series?

                      Oh wow, so did Watamote turned into the typical four girls slice of life formula??
                      Or is the cringe still there because she’s rarely with friends?
                      I’m now curious on how the manga continued.

                      I haven’t seen Boku no Pico yet. I plan to have it as my 666th review, because that’s just the perfect spot for it.
                      I’m sure you’ll meet more people who’re into anime. Atleast people you meet aren’t forcing you to convert to their religion, and all you ever want is someone to talk anime with. XD

                      I’ve dealt with people with social anxiety, and I can tell you talking to people is really the first step. I have a student that is a selective mute, and she doesn’t talk. Our lessons involve communicating with sticky notes. I got her to talk though, and aided her to get some friends. She’s now in an active fanclub or something. She’s talking, and that’s the goal, lol. I don’t care if she gets into unhealthy fights with teenagers over some korean boy band. XD

  3. I’m not sure what’s my monthly views but I’m barely even getting 100 per day myself. At this point, I should just be glad if there’s at least one soul out there who’s willing to even read my shitty posts. Really disheartening how far we’ve fallen though :p

    About your Yosuga no Sora views, weirdly enough I have similar experience myself with some of my visual novel posts too. My Kamidori review (which if you didn’t know, is a trashy af VN though it does have a pretty good gameplay) is still one of my top-viewed post.

    • Hey, I’d read your shitty posts. Don’t worry about it.
      And yeah, we’ve fallen considerable low, but atleast I get to wave “hi” to you from where were at. Hehe

      Does it have incest? Because a lot of people are curious about Yosuga’s incest.
      But yeah, anything trashy gets high views. Prolly from the same people claiming Ecchi is ruining the industry. XD

  4. Congrats on the fifth anniversary and exam success. Hehe, yeah sex sells when it comes to blogs. My most popular post was a hentai game review.

    It’s very impressive that you wrote all these tips in one day. My typing is so slow that three paragraphs will take me an hour haha. Sucks that the view count has dipped. I know the feeling. Last year was the first time my blog didn’t increase in terms of views. Time to write more porn stuff!

    • It’s funny how just typing boobs can get people to your site. I have a lot of incest searches though, so that’s worrying. And lol, a hentai game? Some people type weird in google. Hahaha.

      And yes, more porn stuff for the views!!!I XD

  5. Even though I never plan on reviewing anything, I really liked these posts.

    Number 9 Made me laugh. Reviewing things professionally always sounds like fun, but I think most people underestimate how much work it is. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have the patience for it. Sifting through the 90% of the bad to mediocre content just to find the 10% of the exceptional shows would be too much for me, but I guess that is what reviewers are for. 🙂

    If I may presume to give you some constructive criticism (I’ve read lots of your reviews), you sometimes go a bit overboard with Number 4: Keep it Balanced. Sometimes it seems like you really turn over a lot of rocks to find SOMETHING good to say about an anime that just doesn’t deserve it. Every now and again a harsh, unfiltered criticism is totally warranted.

    Anyways, congrats with everything and good luck with the teaching career!

    • Yes, I know you’ve visited my site a bunch of times. You actually comment on some of my reviews from when I was super active. Thank you! Gosh, years of support means a lot. If you ever want a specific anime reviewed, I’d be glad to do one for you. A small thanks of sorts, since I really only do reviews. XD

      And yes, reviewing awful stuff can take its toll on you. That’s why 9 is super different from the rest of the list.

      I am always open for criticism, since it helps me improve, and ohmygosh, I never really notice. I did force some of the things I liked about certain anime, but do I still do it now? Right now, I am kinda used to just spotting something good in a bad anime. I mean, I still let my hatred unleash, but there’s one paragraph for the positives. I am constantly working on improving my review style though, so thanks for the criticism!


  6. I’ll take a raincheck on a review request. It’s kind of hard for me to pick something new for you to review since I tend to read your reviews first then watch only the highly rated shows (aren’t I adventurous?). I’m sure I’ll think of something someday, but right now I’m drawing a blank.

    Do you still force praise of bad anime? Well, you didn’t seem to pull any punches in your Tokyo ESP review 🙂

    I think the majority of the time, what I consider forced praise is probably just a difference in opinion. I might just be super spoiled since I don’t watch the REALLY awful anime. If you watch enough bad anime, even Sword Art Online starts to look like a masterpiece by comparison.

    • Sure, if you ever find a show you’d want me to review, then I’d watch it straight away. Thank you for the support and for finding my reviews helpful!

      I hate SAO, but, yeah, it’s not the worst. And having different opinions is part of being an anime fan, and I actually like hearing other people’s point of view on the matter, as long as it’s not the trollish defensive kind.

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