The Girl In Summer Shorts (by TPAB)

The Girl in Summer Shorts will be The Pantless Anime Blogger’s mascot. I figured that I no longer have cool pictures of Mix (from Aquarion Evol, my fave character in terms of design) and I needed to give this blog a new face. I wanted someone that could represent this anime review site but also my love for Mix. I color pick Mix’s color scheme and then created a little girl character out of her design. Instead of ribbons placed all over her body, I created a girl with freaking shorts on her head. The creative process took five months. giss

Anyways, The Girl in Summer Shorts or GISS is really created for another purpose. Someone once said in the comment section that he wished he would meet more people who love the anime he loves. This site has a lot of silent stalkers. It’s evident because the page views are still pretty damn high. This place gets traffic simply because of the anime reviews. I took his comment to heart though. I think other people should chime in on the reviews. After all, everything I write is my own opinion and I know that my readers have their own as well. Some don’t share theirs because of the overwhelming amount of words I vomit per review. It scares them away. Sadly, I am also not the conversationalist type. I honestly don’t care for comments and I am not quick to defend anything I love or write about. I also don’t blindly hate since impartiality just gets you silently nod or face palm.

This is where GISS comes in. This site’s mascot has one job in mind and that is to represent the silent stalkers. Wouldn’t it be cool if GISS mouths off everything you are thinking of? Wouldn’t it be cool if she represents all that is subjective in this anime world? Wouldn’t it be great if she shares a sentiment that isn’t TPAB’s? Well, if you find poorly flash animated GIFs cool then you’re in luck, GISS is here for you. My reviews have four sections section. I talk about the story, the initial review and the visual/music aspect and then it’ll be wrapped up with an overall score section summarizing everything I rambled about. I’ll soon add a new section called “A Handful of GISS” (creative process for the name took three months). It’s where GISS chime’s in her two cents about the particular review. It’ll be like a witty remark about the show or just a different perspective than my own.

This new section will be provided by my silent stalkers. Yes, you, my dear readers will give GISS her voice. How? There is this thing called the comment section where you write a witty remark or another opinion about the anime. If I find it good enough then I’ll GIF that comment with GISS mouthing the words. I’ll credit whoever wrote it, of course. I just think this is a great opportunity to get my readers to join in on the fun.

what did you say about Bebop?!

A lot of people love a certain anime but they don’t join in because they’re in the minority. Some people can’t say they hate Cowboy Bebop because a lot of people will stab them in the chest for saying it. I know a sh*t ton of people wanted to call me out on my Mahouka review for hating on the main character. I know a lot of people want to talk about how a certain anime changed them, how their favorite moment from the show affected them or how a character changed their lives. I also know some of you are too polite to call my review garbage even though it often clearly is one. I know some of you hugely disagree with what I write in my reviews. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. LET A HANDFUL OF GISS SHARE YOUR SENTIMENT.

Interested? Then check out the rules on the new page called GISS.

I think it’s about time we let some of these stalkers out into the light. This is a fun approach to help this site grow. I hope you all join on the endeavor. Let’s all join in for a handful of GISS. No, I won’t change the name.

Let’s all enjoy them pantless.


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