Kenzen Robo Daimidaler Review

This is review number three hundred and eight. This anime is part of the Spring 2014 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Kenzen Robo Daimidaler or Daimidaler the Sound Robot. It’s a twelve episode anime about a giant robot and the horny teenager piloting it. Long story short, this was created by the studio that gave us High School DxD. Be prepared. Let’s read on.


This anime follows a guy named Kouichi Madanbashi as he battle penguin evil with the help of a giant robot. The penguin army is actually trying to collect human libido and plans to do something shady with it. Kouichi must find a way to defeat these cold hearted bastards. There’s one thing to note though. Kouichi is a pervert. He was chosen to pilot this giant robot because of his high perversion. Why? It’s because the giant robot runs on Hi-Ero or strong libido. How does he achieve strong libido? He gropes a girl’s breast while he battle penguin menace with his giant robot. Yeah, you read that right.

Taking the Pants Off



Yeah, boobs. In this case, boobs fondling and a whole lot of them. As in, every episode, there is a girl getting fondled by some guy. This is really the only thing you need to learn about this anime. It has a lot of boobs and it’s something to be expected from the studio that gave us High School f*cking DxD. Kenzen Robo Daimidaler is a very perverted anime. I think it even exceeds DxD in the perversion department because it just takes the idea of explicit fan service into another level of unexplored perversion. I think this is also where you’ll either like the show or hate it. Are you a fan of Highschool DxD and the huge amount of perversion it has? Or are you the type who hates that kind of thing? To be honest though, I’m still quite shocked people are reacting overly negative towards perverted anime. We had close to a decade of mind numbing cute girls doing cute things to the point that it’s sickening so I personally welcome the idea of a show that’ll make KissXSis blush. Let’s bring Ecchi back roaring wild while riding an untamed horse full of unreleased energy. I think this particular anime will do the genre’s comeback justice. You have to admire TNK Studio for sticking to the thing that made it famous and making more great things out of it. I’m about to spam this post with a sh*t ton of screenshots of girls with expose breasts so let’s start it off with five.

Like what you see? Then you just let one of the most awesome anime of Spring 2014 go under the radar.

Anyways, this anime is about a guy named Kouichi Madanbashi. In the first episode alone, he was introduced as a very lecherous person doing nothing but flip skirts. He then crossed a dangerous street just to peek up a girl’s skirt that is walking on an overpass. It’s beyond insane just how perverted this dude is and I think a lot of people would be caught off guard by this show. He is soon approached by a girl though from an organization and asks Madanbashi to help them with their cause. Of course, he didn’t listen and he fondled the girl’s breast instead. This is full on fondling as well. The girl moaned and everything with the scene being explicitly dirty (and tremendously awesome). The girl then explained that they are fighting against a bunch of baddies that is a clear threat to the world. The enemies? They are penguins. Not just any penguins though. These are penguin aliens who have human bodies and the kicker is that they have their tails in the front:

At this point, it’s safe to say that the show is really stupid. It’s very perverted and also very stupid. The premise of a perverted boy battling penguins with huge erections isn’t really something you’d consider compelling. The episode ends with a mecha fight and Madanbashi is actually chosen to pilot the robot because of his perversion. The robot is fueled by “Hi-ERO” which is like his raging libido in its most awesome form. When he rides the robot, he is able to unleash its full potential by doing one of the most awesome things you can do inside a mecha. He must fondle some boobs. During mecha fights, the girl introduced early on is riding with him on the cockpit. Her only role is to be fondled by Madanbashi so he can produce some Hi-Ero and release the hidden power of his robot. I’ll have to admit. Despite the massively stupid premise, I really admire how mecha and Ecchi is forced to hold hands together in this anime. Seeing perverted scenes come out of nowhere while the mecha plot is being presented is something I personally like. In the first episode alone, I think you can clearly see the brilliance of the anime. This isn’t just a random Ecchi mecha anime. This show is actually a homage to old school mecha anime.

I’m talking Mazinger Z and older sh*t like that. I was not born in that era but I did watch a few growing up. The familiar pacing of Kenzen Robo Daimidaler is exactly the same as these old shows. After all, the premise of an organization fighting an evil force using giant robots while they destroy the city of Japan is a really old cliché. The anime wasn’t even being coy about it. It was very self-aware in its presentation of these old school clichés. There’s a boy chosen to pilot a robot and a mecha fight in the city. The giant robot also finishes off his enemy with a special powerful move and I think this is something a lot of people grew up watching. The twist here is that our boy is a f*cking pervert. The robot looks lame as hell and the finishing maneuver is just as lame. It’s called Finger Beam!! and it’s really stupid. The anime understands just how lame it is as well and it does its best to be as meta as possible. The insertion of Ecchi is also not on accident. I’m not really sure but I think the anime is referencing the father of mecha, Go Nagai aka the dude who created Mazinger Z. He is also known for popularizing the super robot concept. So, basically, it’s thanks to him Gundam is alive and the anime studio Satelight is bastardizing his concepts by letting AKB48 ride them. Go Nagai might be a pioneer for mecha but this dude also helped make the Ecchi genre popular. There is a story of how most mangaka gave the middle finger to censorship and restrictions by giving us the Ecchi genre. With his work called Harenchi Gakuen, he gave us a lot of juvenile pen*s jokes and gave us the idea that we can objectify women. His works are tame compared to today’s standard but Go Nagai is the father of these two genres. I personally think that Kenzen Robo Daimidaler is a love letter to the legacy of this man. His style of Ecchi is heavily presented in the anime, albeit ten times more filthy, and clichés found in Mazinger Z are fully celebrated in this anime as well. It should also be noted that his Ecchi work often goes by short attention span rule. I remember watching Enma-kun and the plot basically just shriveled as the show progresses often being numbed by constant perversion. His mecha are especially serious though. The fate of humankind is really on the hands of our heroes and his stories are a mix of soap opera-ish drama with some heavy action to balance it out. Also, Madanbashi looks like Koji Kabuto, the pilot of Mazinger Z, so there you go. These two concepts are present in this anime.

This is really what I personally like about this anime. It has a serious plot and it goes well with its filthy content. As a general rule, I always believe that the Ecchi genre and a serious story cannot go together. It’s hard to take something serious that involves boob groping. I even gave up with High School DxD halfway through because it was just so gawd damn dirty. The second season was able to give us a serious story though but it didn’t really mix with the Ecchi. It’s more like they had turns to present their cases. For this show, the story and Ecchi really goes hand in hand. Sure, there are extremely dull moments but I think the marriage of the two is pretty great. The anime is smart about it as well. It starts with constant Ecchi scenes with nothing but girls being objectified. It really just wanted to rip off the old school mecha genre in explicit ways while also trying its best to make each scene as dirty as possible. As the show progresses, various elements about the story is slowly introduced. Things like the origin of the giant robot, the bad guy’s main goal, the rivalry between the pilots intensifying and a lot of other serious stuff are slowly worked into the show. Some of them might be introduced fairly late but it’s still pretty incredible how the show didn’t shy away from giving us a well-rounded plot. To be fair, it didn’t amount to much in the overall look of things but I really appreciate the effort. It wasn’t just a big fart on Go Nagai’s legacy, it also did it’s best to capture the appeal of his work and the subtle details of his storytelling which is pretty impressive considering this show might only be remembered for its boobs.

This anime have two chapters. The first one is about Kouichi Madanbashi. He is asked to pilot Daimidaler and he only accepted to do the job because he gets to fondle this girl named Kyoko in the cockpit. He battle minions of the penguin empire that tries to collect Hi-ERO energy from people. Their attempts are pretty stupid but it goes along well with the rest of the stupid thing in this show. One of their dastardly plans involves covering the sky with a giant umbrella because they believe people love having sex at night. You’ll often shake your head at how dumb the show is but it does pull you in with its well-executed mecha clichés. The first chapter follows a typical cliché of a young man trying to tap into his hidden potential during certain moments and he even did training to fully harness his Hi-Ero power. With his growing power, the penguin empire focuses all their energy into finishing off this guy and his robot. Their leader, Penguin Emperor, would even have some monologues of how Daimidaler is a pain for his plan and he’ll vow to defeat the bastard. As the show progresses, Penguin Emperor would unleash robots into the city and Daimidaler would defeat it. It’s not a one sided fight though. Some of the victories are won by constant boob fondling so I really admire the direction the show is heading into. The Penguin Empire would find someone to match Madanbashi though when they find a person with as much Hi-Ero energy as our hero and the Penguin Empire soon started adapting the Hi-Ero engine to match up with Daimidaler. The stupidity slowly subsides as the chapter heads into one big climax where the Penguin Empire devises one final brilliant plan to finally end Madanbashi and his Daimidaler. It happened fast but I think the build up to the end of the chapter is pretty amazing.

The first chapter really started with boobs. It was seriously just Madanbashi fondling a great pair of twins while he fights horny penguins but I really love how the story started to develop as the show progresses. In the first chapter, we discover that the lame ass looking Daimidaler is actually a stolen robot from the Penguin Empire. The organization called “Beauty Salon Prince” constructed a robot that runs on high libido. They soon started creating more robots using the blue print. For the penguin empire, it’s not really clear why they want to collect so much libido but it is pretty clear that these horny bastards aren’t really all that bad. They seem more like harmless idiots who was accidentally given a gun. Their attempts aren’t really all that bad but they sure do act like one evil empire. The show really established everything using cliché and I guess that’s why I didn’t really expect much from it. It was drowning in boobs for majority of its run and I love how self-aware it is. People didn’t run when the penguins invade the cities with their robots, they freak out because of Madanbashi and Daimidaler. They’d scream how it’s actually our hero who does most of the damage. The Ecchi and the meta is really the thing that’ll draw you in to watch the show but I love how the story slowly intensify. The rivalry between the penguins and the Beauty Salon Prince (BSP) becomes more pronounce. The Ecchi and the meta is then completed with a strong serious story which is pretty damn impressive. I swear that the ending of the first chapter came out of left field. It was so beautifully executed that you’d never expect it from this perverted show.

Unfortunately, it was the idea of a highly perverted boy piloting a giant mecha that really won me over with this anime. The second chapter didn’t feature Madanbashi. Something freaky happened after the first chapter ended so the show plucked another hero to fill Madanbashi’s perverted shoes. They chose a female pilot with Hi-Ero as strong as our former lead. This girl doesn’t get aroused by fondling boobs though, which is a giant shame, but she releases it thanks to her boyfriend that she constantly kisses. Kiriko Kiyuna and Shoma Akeru soon became the pilots of a brand new Daimidaler. They continued where Madanbashi left off. They continued the fight with the Penguin Empire but, of course, everything is thrown into a loop because of the sudden cast change. The second chapter is really a big transition for the show. I was warming up to the idea of this meta, Ecchi and mecha combination that had Madanbashi at the helm. When I was expecting more for the second half, the show suddenly introduced another hero. They’re still as energetic as our former hero but the boob fondling is gone (sad face). This was replaced by a very submissive girl putting on nonstop public display of affection with her boyfriend. There was this gag where even the commander of BSP got annoyed at them and I pretty much share his sentiment. The pair is just too damn annoying and I had my heart set for the former hero. The newer ones suck. The sudden change just didn’t sit right with me. I also have no idea what cliché the second chapter is playing at. Is there ever a female/lover duo piloting a mecha? If so, I clearly did not see it so the homage is completely lost on me. The dynamic between them and the penguin empire didn’t change though. The baddies are still horny bastards and they actually fancy Kiriko and her three sizes. Hell, Kiriko even had a more intense rivalry with the penguin empire pilots so that easily put her in the loop of the story. If only Madanbashi didn’t get shoved to the sidelines, I would totally be open with another hero sharing his spotlight.

The second chapter did feature one thing I truly enjoyed and that’s the Penguin Empire getting their side of the story unveiled. This little story of how the Penguin Empire came to be is smartly told in the second half. The Penguin Empire’s main goal of why he needs to collect libido from humans and how this alien life form travelled into Earth is explained. The anime didn’t properly explain how he got a lot of penguin commandos though but I think this was left to the audience to figure out. This little element of a penguin machine starting this whole mess is a nice way to really give more depth to our enemies. In fact, this little side story is actually a lot more interesting than our new heroes and their never ending PDA. Humanizing the enemy is a nice touch that ultimately made the confrontation with the good guys all the more compelling. With the mysterious machine of the penguin empire becoming part of their plan, the BSP is actually in for the fight of their life as the Penguin Empire has finally decided to sharpen its fangs. The progression is still dull though without Madanbashi but I do think the robot battles are pretty sweet on their own. With a much cooler special move, the fights are something I look forward to in the second chapter. Of course, the build up to the climax of the second chapter is also pretty freaking incredible. I didn’t mind the dull episodes with the annoying PDA all that much because the payoff I got for waiting was patiently answered by the show. It was a high moment that the show really smartly and gradually built up.

I can’t say much for the actual ending of the show though. The manga is still on going so I think the show decided to create its own ending. It was certainly not as great as you’d expect from the show. After intensifying the story, the seriousness slowly overwhelmed the stupidity and it really deserved a much better resolution that the one the show gave us. After giving us great moments between BSP and the Penguin Empire, it felt like a cop out that this great rivalry wasn’t featured properly in the ending. Towards the end, the self-aware homage slowly fades and the series really did transform into an entertaining mecha anime. I think it had limitless possibilities that feel more awesome than how the anime portrayed it to be. I think the manga really kicked things up a notched and transcended this meta/Ecchi/mecha show into a serious mecha series with its own unique appeal. It’s a shame the anime didn’t go as far as it could have. I do applaud them for mixing serious story with filthy Ecchi but I think twelve episodes really have its crippling limitations. With TNK studio though, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another season and I hope you, dear readers, would rally to give this show its deserved hurrah. I’ll give you three reasons why. Here’s one:

Another one:

And one more:

The characters are all one dimensional since the show is structured around a certain cliché. It doesn’t matter though because the constant barrage of stupidity will really ruin any serious transformation these characters would have. Kouichi Madanbashi is your typical rebellious teenager who loves peeking up into girl’s skirts. He is extremely juvenile and he has a brash attitude. He doesn’t really do much in the show except grope so boobies. He mostly grabs hold onto one particular girl’s breast. Those boobs belong to Kyoko Sonan. This poor girl is humiliated and completely objectified in this anime. I understand that it’s a horrible thing that the show let it happen but I also understand that it’s an Ecchi anime. This kind of thing is common place. After all, knockers as huge as hers should be shared with the entire world. Kouichi and Kyoko’s dynamics is actually the best thing about the show though. Kyoko is a yes/no kind of girl. She doesn’t like what Kouichi does to her but she doesn’t stop him as well. She believes it’s for the good of mankind but, along the way, you can tell she is letting him do it because she has feelings for the dude. It becomes all the more apparent when her moans become louder and more aroused as he keeps on doing it. I’ve seen a lot of Ecchi and I personally haven’t seen one as explicit as this show so I really did love the boob fondling angle. Seriously, I even wondered why it took this long for such a thing to happen.

As for Kiriko and Shouma, their PDA is pretty decent. They lack personality but they make up for it with some intense kissing scenes and annoying lovely banters between them. Kiriko is also one massive pervert while Shouma is an innocent flower being ravaged by this massive pervert so their dynamic does work splendidly. Of course, it’s not as good as the first hero but their exchanges do have value to them. Ecchi value. Regarding their annoying PDA, there is a decent payoff for it. I think the anime intentionally made them annoying so the payoff I’m talking about is ten times more satisfying. I’m trying hard not to spoil it so just go see for yourself. In the Beauty Salon Prince, there is their leader, Kazuo Matayoshi. He is extremely perverted as well and he comes off more as the bad guy than the simple perverted penguin commandos. His utter hatred for the enemy often makes him look more like the one trying to destroy the world. I think this angle is a riff on how most heroes in mecha destroy more than protect when it comes to battling their enemies and no one really gets bothered by it. Kazuo doesn’t have that big of a role though since the focus is mostly on our heroes. In BSP, there are also these three scientists that develop Daimidaler. They function as support for the robots but they also have their own kind of fan service to present. One is an old tease, another is a young dirty minded girl while another is the innocent blushing unknowingly sexy trope and the three of them often just add more unnecessary Ecchi to the show. I don’t mind since they neither distract nor improve the story so it’s nice to see more pairs of fat on the chest bouncing freely in this show.

The Penguin Empire is an awesome collection of perverts. The penguin commandos are pretty cool by themselves. I love how most of them have names which is also a great riff on how most mecha enemies like them remain nameless in other shows. It’s really their huge perverted nature and ability to turn any situation dirty that makes them memorable. Their big front tail is also a big standout and I mean it both ways. Gawd damn, I mean seriously, look at those tails. I facepalmed hard when I first saw it but I also love the brilliance of it. It’s their tail so it’s not really dirty but it is still pretty f*cking dirty. The penguin Emperor didn’t have much of a role as well. He served as the leader of this horny regime but he mostly acted as this guy who would swore he’ll defeat Daimidaler. His awesome stature with the huge over cape also represents old school mecha villains which I also admire. The one big standout in the Penguin Empire would have to be Rikantz Seaberry though. She is a girl who loves penguins and she once polished their tails so she can join this penguin group. She is one of the major pilots for the Penguin Empire since she provided them with Hi-Ero that made their robots a lot more dangerous. She is also massively perverted as well with her love for penguins crossing so many boundaries. She enjoys playing dirty games with them and she enjoys being gang groped by them. There are so many things in this anime. I swear to gawd, it doesn’t know how to stop. Her interaction with the penguins is actually just as entertaining as the hero pairs in this show but you have to admire the group concept and how open she is to them. Yeah, I’ll stop here.

It looks like TNK Studio is really going the dirty route when it comes to their releases. I, for one, like this decision because they know how to make dirty things great and they aren’t afraid of going all out. Just look at all those damn screenshots. It’s uncanny. It’s thanks to High School DxD that this studio is able to have a wonderful revival so I am a little curious just how far this success will bring them. The magic they had with DxD is certainly carried over in this anime. I am both dreading and excited to see the third season of High School DxD just to see how much growth this studio got since the first season of said show. Yanagisawa Tetsuya directed this anime. He is also the same person who directed Highschool DxD so I think the two shows aren’t really that far apart. He mostly did storyboarding before he became a director and I believe this is the reason why he can make Ecchi and a serious story mingle with each other. This is a hard thing to do but Yanagisawa seems to have knack for surprising his audience. Along with giving the source material justice, making sure the story is sound and the Ecchi being prominent is something I admire from this director. I am pretty excited for his future works if they are as great as these two shows under his belt. Kenzen Robo Daimidaler will seriously turn a lot of people off. This is high grade Ecchi and it really pushes the idea of how dirty you can be in an Ecchi anime. This is both the great thing and the glaring flaw of this anime. It depends on how you perceive it but I must say, this is one of the best Ecchi I have personally seen next to Manyuu Hikenchou. It pokes fun of its cliche, goes wild with its Ecchi but also deliver a solid story worthy of the awesomeness of the mecha genre. It’s pretty damn awesome.

Sight and Sound

Asaki Nakama’s design is pretty simple. He uses a simple body build for the characters and doesn’t really do much with it. I think this is because he wanted the old school mecha cliché to come through so most of the characters look a bit plain. He also lacks a bit of refinement in the design because most faces appear distorted on certain panels but close ups look pretty clean. I do admire how he can make girls look amazingly innocent in his design. He employ sharp edges on the hair and on other parts of the body but then gives a soft subtle touch on the faces often making sure they look as light as possible. The actual design might not look like much but he does make up for it by making each panel look as decent as possible. He also inks on the right places to really give emphasis to the innocent looks of the characters. This approach also carries over well to male characters. The inking really makes his design stand out in impressive manner. Madanbashi’s intensity is captured by his fierce inking and the evil menacing aura of the penguins is also given emphasis by the smart inking. The innocent girls and the fierce guys are important because the groping scenes look a lot more impressive when the two contrasting designs come together. Ecchi scenes have a nice smart balance to them and this carries his simple designs as well. You don’t really need to be drawn in by the character design when all the characters do is grope each other. Thankfully though, the designs are more consistent in the anime and the appeal of Asaki’s design is captured nicely while also making sure the designs stand out in other manners. I’ll give plus points for TNK Studios for going the extra mile to make the designs a lot more appealing.

If there’s one thing I love about Asaki’s design, it’d have to be the mecha designs. They might look lame but the design is still pretty amazing. They have the standard mecha appeal but with a cleaner look. I’m not a fan of the skeleton design at first but I do see a lot of small details coming through nicely in the show. From the joints to the details on the hair of the robot, the design nicely captures old school mecha standard but with a simpler foundation. It looks ten times more amazing in the manga with all the effects given to the mecha designs like the Hi-Ero transformations and the special maneuvers completely overwhelming the human character designs Asaki utilized in his manga. Even the penguin robots are decently designed. They looked bulky at first but this is intentional as Asaki wants to wow you with what he can truly do with giant robots. This aspect of the manga is also nicely translated in the show. It’s pretty epic seeing Asaki’s concept come alive in the show. This is all the more apparent when you see the action sequences.

I understand TNK Studio is still a pretty small studio but they really took the time to make this anime great. Animation is pretty outstanding with everything coming through nicely. The action scenes are amazing with the pacing really sound and the movements really fluid. The show doesn’t have long fight scenes but they are still as exciting as any mecha action scene you can watch. The way the robots punch each other and how they unleash their special powers is really outstanding that it is often the biggest payoff you can get in this anime. The way they interact with the environment and how they deploy missiles and such is also pretty incredible. You’ll see robots crash into buildings, thrown into the ocean, blown up next to a mountain and even torn apart limb by limb. You’ll also see robots release projectiles, Hi-Ero beams and such that opponents would take full force of. The animation is really a big part of why this anime is really fun to watch. I say in both the mecha action and the perverted scenes. I’m not going to lie. The groping scenes are incredibly hot. The movements of the breasts are pretty fluid and the hand strokes are detailed. There are nipple play actions in some of them and Madanbashi does this face to face or in spooning position which looks great either way. The kissing scenes are also pretty great with how most of them involve some heavy tongue action and some of them involve a lot of locking and unlocking of the lips. TNK Studio is really proud of its Ecchi and you can tell that in how they made sure the ones in this anime is up to their filthy standards.

The anime’s OP is “Kenzen Robo Daimidaler” by Endohkai. I love this opening. Once again, it captures the appeal of old school mecha. We have Masaaki Endoh singing with his loud voice about this catchy theme song for Daimidaler. It’s incredibly addictive to listen to as it is raging with energy and vibrant lyrics. Lines like “moaning gives me power” makes TPAB smile. It is as perverted as the anime itself but the cool presentation of the lyrics makes it sound a lot more heroic than it is. Listening to it alone can easily mislead you into thinking it’s a fitting song for a cool mecha anime, not as perverted one. The Op sequence features all the great thing about the anime. The awesome mecha, the perverted characters, naked women and the amazing animation of the show is all in the OP. Try watching at the OP if you’re unsure about picking this anime up.

The anime’s ED is “Suki Suki//LINKS” by Moriko Tomoyose (CV: Ayaka Ohashi), Soriko Majikina (CV: Kido Ibuki), and Sewashiko Goya (CV: Azusa Tadokoro). This was sung by the three scientists of BSP. It’s another catchy song but the lyrics are pretty dumb. It’s about pursuing your goal so you can be happy but I think it’s presented in a highly perverted way. It’s a pretty positive song though albeit misleading. The ED sequence features the underground facility of BSP and the three scientists giving us some fan service. It does have a cute scene of the BSP members acting all cute together. It ends with the three scientists acting cute together. It’s pretty sickly sweet but pretty enjoyable as well.

Overall Score

8/10 “It pokes fun of old school mecha while presenting an overwhelming amount of boobs with a serious story to go on top. It surprises in a lot of ways and it often makes you come back for more.”

It needs to be said that this is hardcore Ecchi so stay away if you’re not into it. Still, I’ve seen a lot of garbage Ecchi in my time as TPAB and all of them often have poor stories to present. Kenzen Robo Daimidaler took the seriousness of mecha and the filthiness of Ecchi and created something amazing out of it. It also has time to be self-aware and poke fun of cliché. It’s a well-rounded Ecchi anime you rarely get to enjoy. If you like High School DxD then you should try TNK’s next release. If you simply like Ecchi then you should try this as well. If you like mecha then you’ll laugh at how this anime poke fun of various mecha tropes. If you love both genres then this is really for you. The perversion is high but I do guarantee the payoff is worth it. I recommend it.



5 thoughts on “Kenzen Robo Daimidaler Review

  1. I’ll assume it is only a matter of time before this post closes in on your top 5. I completely wrote this show off but I might actually give it try when I’m in the mood for some stupid fun.

    • lol. It’s going to be so depressing if this sh*t hits top 5 but I do think its possible. The overwhelming amounts of boobs somehow guarantees it.

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