Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky Review

This is review number two hundred and eighty four. This anime is part of the Spring 2014 lineup. This show is also the very first otome anime in the lineup. Yes, it’s here. It’s f*cking here. The anime I’ll be reviewing is called Kiniro no Corda: Blue Sky or La Corda D’Oro: Blue Sky. I just called it Blue Sky because I don’t really f*cking care. It’s a twelve episode anime. So what’s it about? Oh you know, hot guys, hot guys, hot guys and a dumb chick. That’s one nasty sausage party. Let’s read on.


The anime is about a girl named Kanade Kohinata who recently joined Seiso Academy at the insistence of her childhood friend. He wants her to join his ensemble and participate in the musical competition to be held that summer. She reluctantly agrees and thus begins her journey into finding herself and meeting new people who love music clearly more than a girl who has supposedly lost touch of her passion for it.

Taking the Pants Off

Oh gawd, here it is. Oh my gawd, it’s finally here. We’ve reached the first otome anime of the lineup. I hate all of you. No matter how many people say an otome anime sucks and should be thrown into a dark abyss, a lot are still drawn into it. I personally got tired of watching Ecchi anime a long time so it’s fascinating that the effect of an otome anime oddly last longer. I think the idea that viewers just use their imagination while they stare at a handsome character makes the otome genre the most scary genre in anime. Seriously, I do not like watching and reviewing otome anime because we all know that they are bad. I’m close to three hundred reviews and I have yet to see one that I can really like. What is it really about? Is it just the visual aspects of the show that people like? Because if it is then I’ll just post some random pictures of hot guys in this review and call it a day.

You know what, f*ck it. Let’s do it.

For all people attracted to the hot male characters found in otome anime, this spam of pictures is for you. In La Corda D’Oro: Blue Sky, these are the handsome creatures you’ll encounter. Go on, stare at them! You shameless f*ckers, are you happy with yourselves?! Have some of this:

And this:

And this:

And….seriously, let’s stop. Like any otome anime, Blue Sky is really no different. It’s a boring show with a weak story but with a lot of hot guys that gather around a girl that always puts a dumb face on. It’s a happy sausage party for people that wants some tall dark and handsome drink in their anime. I personally do appreciate the efforts of Blue Sky. For once, I actually experienced an otome anime that has a story that it focuses more rather than the dull scenes where a boy teases our female protagonist. Blue Sky has structure and it doesn’t seem like a bad otome adaptation from the get go. The idea of the characters competing at a musical talent show made it easier to watch the show. It was really smart because they were able to introduce the various routes while making sure the main story of the anime isn’t compromised. It’s a shame though that the story is still bland and predictable. It’s otome anime standard. Actually, it’s visual novel standard to have a poor story because there is no realistic way to adapt the original source. They best you can do in twelve episodes is to present the “gist” of what the game is about in hopes that some impressionable Japanese audience would buy a PSP game copy after seeing it. It’s a tried and effective method so why fix something that’s not broken. Of course, for people who want a meaningful anime experience, watching an otome anime is a bad choice. It will let you down unless you watch them for the hot guys. Twilight has proven that there are enough crazy chicks out there to enjoy something bad as long as there are hot guys in it. It’s a reality we must all accept.

The La Corda D’Oro franchise is an old one. I actually remember watching the very first La Corda D’Oro anime when it aired in Animax back when I was in high school. I didn’t know it was an otome anime then and I actually enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong, it was mediocre at best but I still liked it. The main character playing Ave Maria on her violin while that dumb fairy flies around is still a fond memory for me. It was a time where Animax had Chobits and I was too young to realize it was one dirty show so everything back then is still a fond memory for me. I have no expectation for Blue Sky though. After seeing UtaPri, BroCon and Hiiro no Kakera, you kind of develop a knee jerk reaction for otome anime. The concept of having the characters play music is actually something I like though. The bland male characters exude a unique personality when they play and it just draws you to them. It’s also very sexy seeing a character in the zone as he strokes his instrument. See what otome anime is doing to me? Anyways, the first episode was nothing special. It was your standard otome anime. Our main character is a music prodigy that was forced to transfer in a school in the insistence of her childhood friend. He actually wants him to join the orchestra club and participate in the nationwide musical talent show. It is a contest to crown the best music school in Japan and there is much hype surrounding it. Like any submissive otome female lead, our hero agreed and thus begins a summer of practices with hot boys in a dorm room while being introduced to the competition.

Right off the bat, this isn’t like your ordinary otome anime. The main reason is that we have a story to actually focus on. The musical competition is the needed plot point to give the show direction. It’s a simple and rather unremarkable one but it at least make us sure there is payoff for sitting through twelve episodes of nothing but hot guys to look at. Most otome anime is badly directionless like BroCon that consists of nothing but incest brothers hitting on their step sister. How the hell is that fun? Anyways, this show only had one plot point. Kanade is now enrolled at Seiso Academy where she trains with her two childhood friends and two more members to prepare for the musical competition. The club leader wants them to win and victory in this contest apparently means being the best in the world so he is focused on that. The competition won’t be a cake walk though. Some of the fiercest and highly talented schools will also be participating. Seiso has a good chance of winning but there are two schools considered more favorable to win. Kanade and the team must now work hard so they can be better than the rest of the schools while they also handle their own personal problems and conflicts among each other.

This anime is still giving us the gist of what you’d expect from the routes though so the story is pretty unremarkable. It’s very predictable and bland. It also gets boring really really fast. You’d expect characters to just practice hard and develop an underdog story but the show was also focusing on how to introduce the daunting twelve characters that Kanade is supposed to pursue in the game. Her relationship with them, the main conflict of their routes and their connection to the other characters is being introduced as well so the main story never really develops. It just keeps moving forward without any proper buildup or character development. The thing I hate the most is the lack of technicality on the musical aspect. The characters do play a song and it’s beautiful beyond belief but a douchebag would comment that it’s lacking and it’s “a flower that barely bloomed”. What the f*cking the hell is that about? During practice, they’d claim that someone doesn’t blend well with the rest and it’s not really explained how. They just don’t and the reason is mostly because they are concerned over something else. Kanade does this a lot but this makes it hard for me to follow. This becomes a major problem in the competitions as well. Two teams just play a really wonderful and captivating music with their instruments. A team would win without any real reason behind it. They just won…because it’s part of the story. The beautiful thing about La Corda D’Oro is that it entices you to also play the instruments. When you see a character dazzle with his instrument, you are seriously drawn to it. I personally find myself saying “damn, I wish I could play violin (so I could be drowning in some classical pussy, keeping it classy.) It’s like a convincing sports anime but the show doesn’t bother to get people interested in picking up music. It’s a shame. There is no way to appreciate the main story and the competition then the anime dumps a lot of dialogue heavy scenes that is supposed to set up the individual routes in the game.

This show has four arcs in it. Each school has their own story going on and there are three male characters for each school. It’s a lot. The show decided to just focus on some of the important characters. Out of the twelve potential routes, I think that only half of them were introduced. This is a good thing because the main story is never compromised. Guys can flirt with Kanade without interrupting the flow of the show and even present their individual routes without disturbing the main one. For an otome anime, it is pretty f*cking brilliant. There is effort with the way the adaptation was handled. It’s as if the show really did value the story but sadly couldn’t get out of the restraints an otome anime hold. If this was any other anime besides otome then I think the story would’ve shined more. Sadly, it is an otome anime so there is a lot of introduction to do. Again, only half is introduced and that’s OK. I remember Starry Sky introduced all twelve characters and it was a glorious disaster. I appreciate Blue Sky siding with caution and not introducing all the routes thus making the anime less intimidating to watch. It’s just very dialogue heavy and boring but it’s nothing bad if you are a regular otome anime watcher (like me, don’t tell anyone).

The first arc is about the hot male characters of the Seiso Academy. The main focus is on the brothers, Kyouya and Ritsu Kisaragi. They are also childhood friends with Kanade. Kyouya is like the over protective big brother of Kanade that sticks around her all the time. They have good chemistry together but Kyouya is the bulldog type ready to bite any guy that dare goes near Kanade. He is especially on guard with his big brother Ritsu. The guy is a musical genius that once left Kanade and Kyouya behind so he can grow into an even better artist by studying at Seiso. In episode one, he forced Kanade and Kyouya to join Seiso Academy simply because he said so. He is a massive dick. He is cold towards others and he always gets what he wants. I laughed at the “sky is limitless” speech he gave to Kanade that made her stay because it was just stupid. Still, Ristu is forceful and others are convinced when he talks. That makes Kyouya hate him even more. Ritsu always pushes responsibility towards others and Kyouya has grown tired of it. When Kanade and Kyouya were chosen to be second violin in the competition, the tension between the brothers intensified. Ritsu always plays first but there is actually a big reason for choosing two people to take a role fit for one. Ritsu has had complications with his hands and it appears his days playing the violin are numbered. In the short time they had, he must prep his two understudies to become first violin soon without them realizing it.

Notice the lack of any romantic flare in the arc. That’s the one big glaring difference between Blue Sky and any other anime. Wait, I think La Corda also hinted at romance and never really focused on it but Blue Sky barely suggests it. If it wasn’t for the opening scene that displays the twelve characters Kanade must date, you’ll have no idea who is who in the anime. It’s both a good and a bad thing for this particular show. It is good because there is more focus on the story. It develops smoothly and you can enjoy the anime as an actual show instead of a long advertisement for the game unlike any other heartless otome adaptation. It is bad though because the point of the anime is to entice viewers to play the game. You need guy on girl flirting here. While the show does have some, it is still a big black hole I think the show should’ve filled. I look back at Diabolik Lovers and remember how f*cking horrible that show is. It’s still garners curious glances though because of the flirtatious promise it holds. Otome characters need to flirt, damn it. I feel like an otome anime without any flirting is incomplete. So I am a bit torn. I love the approach of focusing more on the story but the lack of romance is also problematic. Deep down, I also want to see a hot guy say something sexy to our main character as he has him alone in a room for no reason. It defines an otome anime so it feels a bit iffy seeing a show without one. It really depends on what you enjoy in an otome anime.

Do you like this:

Or just this:

Ok, I’m running out of screenshots. The second arc is about the wind orchestra of the Shiseikan High School. These are a group of really impressive trumpet and wind instrument players that decided to stay in Seiso’s dorm for the competition. We meet the happy go lucky and childish Arata Mizushima, their club president Yukihiro Yasigawa and the badass rebel Shirou Hodzumi. The second arc focuses mostly on the situation regarding the wind orchestra club of Shiseikan. The group wasn’t able to attend a competition last year because of something their rebel did. Shirou has since felt regret and now decides to revive the club by winning the musical competition. Kanade eavesdrop on a lot of the group’s conversation and is now torn on what she’ll do if they ever go against each other in the competition. Can she do her best to beat them or will her kind hearted nature be strong enough to do that?

By far, Shiseikan is my favorite school because of the interesting characters in the wind orchestra club. Arata is super annoying though because he played the childish hot guy with the cute fluffy voice. I hate those characters. This is balanced out though by Shirou. The big rebel badass with a huge X scar on his face is a rare choice for an otome anime because he is so huge and muscular. Typical otome male characters are just slender and even feminine. Shirou is f*cking GAR so I am curious how his route goes. How does it even work? He and Kanade flirting blows my mind a little. The guy is a huge softie though so there is some room to work with but he is still massively intimidating. I bet making a wrong choice in his route would make him really angry he’ll break Kanade in two. The fun thing about this show is that there is resolution for each conflict presented. The one about the music club disbanding was given a nice closure in the show. Unlike the main story, this one doesn’t feel forced at all. It lacks a decent build up but it was still a satisfying closure and plus points for not having Kanade in it. It’s an all bro touching moment and I like that aspect of the anime. Kanade isn’t an integral part that she needs to appear on all the arcs. The show doesn’t happily revolve around her.

The third arc is about the flamboyant boys of Jinnan High School. They are a threesome team that is composed of two electric violins and one piano. The group is defined by their incredibly arrogant bravado and their strong stylistic music that captivates people. They also seem to have the best combination of hot guys from the annoying bad boy, Chiaki Togane, to the butler guy that literary did nothing but serve tea to his teammate, Mutsumi Serizawa. They all look flashy and cool that it matches well with the modernistic electric guitar that defines their team. The story about this group is mostly centered on their leader, Chiaki. His electric guitar music does not impress his father and he has since been chasing for the guy’s approval. Chiaki wants his father to acknowledge that electric violin music is as good as any classical music. His father greatly objects though even going as far as giving his son a zero score at a competition. This made Chaiki only more stubborn and soon vows that the performance he’ll give at the musical will finally get his father to approve of his music. This story was introduced fairly late though. Throughout the anime, he mostly did nothing but pick on Kanade. The girl wants to get better and he was the one that gave that stupid ass comment about her music being like a flower not blooming. He has since called her miss mediocre and it often rubs Kanade the wrong way.

The last arc is about the Amane Academy. There is a considerable amount of focus for this group because they were considered the very best. They’re the ones to beat in the competition and they have the arrogant smug to prove it. It consists of a trio as well. There is one on the piano, one on the cello and one on the violin. The story introduces us to two of the members. The piano artist, Sei Amamiya, who is the only guy that actually flirted with Kanade and the violin guy, Reiji Myouga, the guy that promises to crush Kanade in the competition. Sei is a weird guy. He is manipulative and he flirts with Kanade because his music lacks love. He figures that getting his face closer to a girl would lead him to discovering what love actually is. He’s as bat sh*t crazy as one would get but it’s adorable when the bat sh*t crazy person is as handsome as he is. If he is this daring in the anime, can you imagine how steamy his actual route in the game is? Amane Academy is a really strict school though. People are judged by how talented they are and you’ll be discarded simply because you lack talent. For Reiji’s story, it’s actually about him having a massive grudge over Kanade. He is the arrogant type that you want to shoot in the face but his talent makes him untouchable. He speaks lowly of others and he has no respect for them. Reiji has vowed to crush Kanade in this competition because one particular event back when they were a child that changed both of their lives forever. I love the buildup of his story because it is pretty interesting. There was a good buildup for their confrontation and it was pretty good. Soon, Kanade finds out why this dude has it out for her and we realize why a grown ass man like him would pick on a poor little girl like Kanade. Seriously though, seeing her verbally mocked is pretty awesome. Reiji has a totally evil glare for Kanade all throughout the series and I find it pretty entertaining. More otome male characters should bear a deep grudge for the main heroine. I bet it makes for a nice individual route.

While the story might be simple and bland, there are some aspects of it that I do appreciate. Storywise, the use of flashbacks during certain scenes is a really nice way to enhance the story. The show lacks build up but the flashbacks were able to establish some of the important elements contributing to an arc. It showed us how Shiseikan got into hot water because of Shirou, it showed us how Kanade and Reiji first met and it even establishes the relationship between Kanade and the Kisaragi brothers. In terms of presenting us the gist of what the otome game is about, employing flashbacks is a really effective way of doing that. Despite the overall story not being properly executed, there was still enough accomplished to make each arc interesting in its own way. Of course, nothing beats a good progressive narrative but otome anime doesn’t have that. Besides from the flashbacks, I also love the use of antagonists in the show. There are a couple of really dickish people that has a limited role. They pretty much do nothing but antagonize certain characters. Ritsu has some decent antagonistic personality for Kyouya to clash with, and Chiaki’s dad is super antagonistic that, in a single scene, you already understand the effect it had on Chiaki. There was even this purely antagonistic dude running Amane that Reiji clashes with and his whole being is just bad. It’s rare for otome anime to present a really good antagonist and I was surprised at how bountiful this particular show is with its bad guys. I say this again, if this wasn’t otome then this would’ve been a really entertaining music anime. You can just feel the potential pulsating and it does give me a good idea at how wonderful the otome game might be.

Lastly, I want to talk about the “supernatural” element of the show. The original La Corda D’Oro had a fairy in it. I think there was something about magic in the academy or something like that. It’s an old anime so I don’t remember it that much. The whole supernatural element is applied here again in Blue Sky. Kanade has a ring given to her by Ritsu. She wears it like a necklace and it often reacts to really good music. It would suddenly change the setting of the room to match the beautiful music it’s reacting to. The audience listening to the music would be captivated by the music but also notices the field of flowers they are suddenly surrounded in. It’s the only misplaced element of the anime for me. It was pretty stupid because it just happens randomly without anybody acknowledging it. They would be weirded out but not so much that they would ask what the deal with the ring is about. It was revealed at the very end that the ring was given to Ritsu by a special someone but that means that the audience is subjected to some of the most stupidest scenes in an otome anime. It’s as dumb as the ones in UtaPri were the audience would be engulfed in blue flame while a popular boy band plays on stage. There was also that orgasm moment in UtaPri and Blue Sky has some similarly dumb moments in it. It serves nothing but to confuse the audience. I guess it’s a “criteria” to know when someone is playing awesome music that leads to their win but it’s just so f*cking dumb. It’s hard to take seriously. The fairy in the first La Corda anime had no place in the story as well and this f*cking ring clearly has no place in Blue Sky. It’s just a useless gimmick. I don’t need sparkly glitters to enjoy my handsome otome characters.

Characters are all bland and one dimensional. Kanade is an interesting character though. I actually like her. She’s like any ordinary female lead. She’s submissive and she has a stupid blank stare all the time. The thing I like about her though is her inferiority complex. It’s not much but her lack of confidence on herself really defines her. Most of the time, she’ll feel conflicted about something and it just roots all the way back to her inferiority complex. She thinks the other violinists are better, she lacks the ability to be second violin in the competition, she lacks the ability to beat a couple of electric violinist, she doesn’t have the resolve to go head to head with Shiseikan, she’d be bothered by other people criticizing her and she also feel like she lacks the passion to be any better. Too many otome female lead are just bland idiots who let men dominate them so seeing someone like her atleast have one personality like an inferiority complex is a huge difference. You easily remember her and her role in the story isn’t just entering a room so a guy can shove her against the wall or pin her down to kiss her. Her inferiority complex is so precise that it fits nicely with all the different arcs. Since she is bound to face the other teams, you’ll never know what kind of stupid problem she’ll develop next. It would’ve been nice to actually see those problems resolved smartly but that’s OK. Blue Sky has given me a story and a decent main character unlike any other otome anime of its kind.

Male characters remain the same though. That’s a given. They can’t have character development because it requires pursuing their route. We’re just given a gist of what is in store in the game. The arcs does have some decent conflict but please be reminded that just because the story calls for an arrogant character to be friendly later on doesn’t mean he is no longer one dimensional. Nah, that just means that the story needed him to change. Nothing substantial is actually acquired. A good character development happens gradually not only when the story needed them to. That’s just cheap storytelling and visual novel anime are always guilty of this. The male characters individual and unique persona does standout nicely so you don’t really need them to change. There is just enough personality to tell them apart and that’s alright. I can already tell the characters in this anime are unlike any otome anime I’ve come across with. There are really muscular bound threatening types, one with an evil grudge on our lead, one with sociopathic tendencies and one that acts like a guard dog for her. They are interesting characters in their own rights. There are also the typical ones like the childish type, the cool guy with glasses, the friendly type with the gentle smile, the oddly feminine type and the tsundere type character that yells a lot. The twelve characters aren’t all represented equally though. Some aren’t given a proper introduction like that dude that literally did nothing but serve tea. There is the co-electric violin player as well. The remaining two members of Seiso aren’t given a decent introduction as well. There are twelve of them so it’s really hard to cover all the bases. I appreciate the effort the show gave though. It’s good enough to enjoy the show.

There are a lot of good things I really like about this anime. Technically, it sounds pretty good. The structure of the story is good. The female lead is interesting to a degree and there is a direction the show is focusing on. On paper, it sounds like one decent show. Unfortunately, the whole experience is pretty dull. I drifted in and out as I watch this anime because I was really not invested in it at all. For me though, that’s a characteristic of an otome anime I have grown to live with. For what’s it’s worth, I do believe this is a better otome experience than most otome anime you’ll across with. TYO Studios is a pretty quiet company. The first few La Corda anime where made by a studio called Yumeta Company but it’s since been merged with TYO Animations. This studio presents some steady offerings. From the Tamayura series to Utakoi, I think TYO delivers some pretty solid shows but it’s being drowned in the strong releases of each lineup. Koujin Ochi is a pretty small time director. He mostly directed the entire La Corda series so I guess he had a good handle of what makes the series good. This guy is the director of the Detective Conan series as well but I think I dropped that series after the 100th episode. Seeing CG in the show felt awkward to me. It’s now in its 500 episodes onwards and that’s just insane. That’s a lot of dead bodies for a little kid to come across with. Blue Sky has a lot of decent things in it but there is also some notably bad one. I think that overall, the experience is pretty decent. I learned not to expect anything from an otome anime so I think my lowered expectations made Blue Sky a lot more fun than it actually is. Then again, maybe the improvement here is a sign that the otome genre is about to change. Gawd, I can only hope. It’s best to let my hatred, and secret guilty pleasure, for this genre remains as is though until I can actually enjoy an otome anime. Soon. Or maybe not. Hot dudes.

Sight and Sound

Yuki Kure makes standard bishie characters. The tall and slender type of characters is her specialty. She has been the one designing all the hot guys in the La Corda games and her talent does improve as each game is released. As I said, she loves tall and slim boys. The typical ones with the long limbs and the sexy curves with an emphasis on the sexy hips accompanied by a handsome face with fierce tempting eyes and a smirk that will effectively melt any self-respecting fujoshi is what she is really good at. Her style doesn’t stand out all that much but I consider it a special talent to make really attractive boys look really attractive. In this anime, you’ll notice her amazing talent in each close up the show does on a male character. You’ll notice the bright colored hair as it draws you to the fierce sexy eyes until your gaze goes towards the mouth and the lovely neck and collar bone. I’d like to point out that TPAB is a guy but being impartial requires me to embrace my adoration for handsome characters. I’m not proud of it. Anyways, you don’t need much to make a character stand out. A well chiseled face can go a long way. Some of characters look alike though. She doesn’t venture out much so the hair design often looks the same. The height might differ but the same hairstyle and expression kinda make certain characters look cheap. I do love the unique ones though. Shirou is a favorite of mine with his X scar in the middle of his face and his hair combed back. He has a large build unlike the typical slender male characters in otome anime. He also has a more shounen face than otome sexy which is pretty interesting. Reiji is also a nice standout. The angled red hair with his cool smug makes him a great standout. This is even better with the large coat he has on. Again, it’s more shounen than your typical otome male character. Most of the characters are defined by their stylish school uniforms and the instruments they play. I think that’s enough though because I can easily pick a character out despite the lack of introduction on the part of the anime. I also love Kanade’s design. Her short hair is extremely attractive with its short style and the bright orange color. It suits with her expressive face and the simple outfit. She doesn’t standout in anyway but there are some good enough details on her face to make her look really beautiful.


The animation is absolutely outstanding. This is what makes the series really enjoyable. The way the characters hold the instrument is pretty amazing. The way they play it is even more outstanding. Their pose and the way their fingers play the strings are pretty detailed. It’s amazing. Every character playing the violin does it pretty accurately but the face that they look a lot more handsome doing it is what makes the animation outstanding. They look elegant and badass at the same time. It’s really draws you in. Given the fact that it is accompanied by some dazzling classical music then I can tell you right now that the visual experience the anime provides is outstanding. It’s not just hot guys being hot guys. There is special care given to make sure they know how to play their instruments and I love the extra work given towards that. I also love Kanade’s expressions. Again, she isn’t special in terms of design but the way the anime make her so expressive often carries the story. Her shocked face, dumb look face and her caring tender face are all pretty amazing to look at. I was personally drawn in at how beautiful she looks with just looking surprised. Most otome lead doesn’t show expression so I love how wide her range of expressions is.

The anime’s OP is “WINGS TO FLY” by Maestro Fields [Kyouya Kisaragi (Jun Fukuyama), Ritsu Kisaragi (Konishi Katsuyuki), Yukihiro Yagisawa (Kentaro Ito), Chiaki Tougane (Kishou Taniyama), Reiji Myouga (Satoshi Hino)]. It sung by a bunch of the hot guys in the show. The song itself isn’t anything impressive. It is mostly impressive because of the wonderful voices singing it. It’s your typical OP as well for an otome anime. It’s honestly nothing special. The OP sequence introduces all the characters and the awesome instruments they play. This gives you a good layout of the structure of the anime so you won’t get lost. It’s just a flashy opening sequence to make the hot characters look even hotter. Oh, Kanade looks pretty too.

The anime’s ED is “Andante” by the entire cast. Each episode features a version of one of the schools. Sometimes, two or three of them sings the song. It’s a nice novelty for this particular anime with a bloated cast. Again, it’s nothing special. The slow pace actually makes me feel sleepy. I guess if you’re a fan of the Vas then you might appreciate the song a lot more. For me, it wasn’t anything that impressive. The opening violin piece is pretty outstanding though. The ED sequence features all the twelve guys sleeping. Seriously, they are just sleeping. I laugh at the guy serving tea cause he was holding a f*cking teapot with his eyes closed. It’s a piece of fan service treat for people watching on a weekly basis. Hearing Kanade’s voice being drowned out by the male cast is also something I like. No big reason. I just think it sounds cute.

Overall Score

6/10 “The story is decent despite the boring and predictable progression but the visuals are amazing accompanied by some really impressive musical pieces.”

While the overall experience is pretty disappointing, I think there were some great highs in this anime. The animation was great, the attempt at a decent story is something I admire and the way the large cast was utilized is pretty good. If you like otome anime (and I know A LOT of people do) then you should try La Corda D’Oro: Blue Sky. If you’re a fan of the La Corda D’Oro series then you should also check it out. Be warned though. It’s still an otome anime. Make sure to never get your hopes up. With that being said, I do recommend this anime.

6 thoughts on “Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky Review

  1. This is one of the most decent otomes I have seen I mean not Blue Sky but the old franchise with Kahoko Hino. I actually got happy, ecstatic actually, that it was released and you reviewed. But now I hope it is decent enough to watch. “Brothers Conflict” was such a nightmare I wanted to kick Ema, the so called whatever (calling her “protag” would vbe disservice to protags). I have noticed that female otome games triy their damndest to be romantic and male ones try their damndest to be ecchi/erotic but I think both fail. I think it’s very reductionist to think of men and women as simple sexual or sensitive saps because that;s really rude. Well thanks for reviewing 🙂

  2. “Like any submissive otome female lead, our hero agreed and thus begins a summer of practices with hot boys in a dorm room while being introduced to the competition”
    I am really happy that a guy for once actually understood the gender politics in otome games even the yaoi ones. It is like almost saying that being submissive or sub will get you beautiful guys. In the male version they also tell the lead guy to be stupid, dorky, have no sexual drive except a weird sensitivity to all things ecchi. It;s actually a travesty and I am happy a guy notices it.

    Not to mention this:
    “Her style doesn’t stand out all that much but I consider it a special talent to make really attractive boys look really attractive. In this anime, you’ll notice her amazing talent in each close up the show does on a male character. You’ll notice the bright colored hair as it draws you to the fierce sexy eyes until your gaze goes towards the mouth and the lovely neck and collar bone. I’d like to point out that TPAB is a guy but being impartial requires me to embrace my adoration for handsome characters. I’m not proud of it…I also love Kanade’s design. Her short hair is extremely attractive with its short style and the bright orange color. It suits with her expressive face and the simple outfit. She doesn’t standout in anyway but there are some good enough details on her face to make her look really beautiful.”

    You know TPAB you are a great anime reviewer and you have my respect. To actually be a young man and talk about sexy elements in a male/masculine or effeminate structured figure and also compliment with the same tempo a petite woman’s structure is a God given beautiful quality especially for an otome game. You are being subjective but you are also being impartial. You understand why a bishie may attract and also a petite girl and you do it without oversexualizing the characters and trying to tap into their individuality. Their personality the way that some things even in a bland anime may stand out. That is very intelligent and beautiful.

    This is one of the reasons I do follow your blog 😀

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