9 thoughts on “Unbreakable Machine Doll Review

  1. I read some of the manga, so I was curious about this show. As soon as you mentioned that it only had 12 episodes, I said to myself “How’s that going to work?” It’s nice to read that the plot did not become completely overwhelming.

    Yaya is certainly cute. Watching her antics is icing on the cake for this story.

  2. Hey. Just finished watching it. Somehow I think this doesn’t do the source material justice. Very accurate review. Ty.

  3. Yaya carries the show. In the manga she’s not as “front and center” sometimes, and the combat scenes there just left me confused. I really like the anime’s combat! Vast improvement.
    The entire “battle for #1” is so stupid, how many months does it carry on? 6? 8? Worst plot point in the show. Luckily it’s almost a side-story, with all the other stuff going on.
    I’ll be reading some more of your reviews (I hope!)
    I’d give this an 8, just for Yaya.

  4. Machine-Doll was a pretty entertaining watch, though I feel like it was severely limited by its small episode count. There was a lot that was unexplained and development was a bit lacking, but the cast was pretty likable overall and I enjoyed watching the series a good amount. I really hope it gets a second season since it was fun keeping up with it every week and I feel like it could benefit a lot from more development and explanation about story elements that were only vaguely alluded to in the first season.

    • underdeveloped as best, since the show crammed so many chapters for the characters to act in not leaving any chance for them to develop. They’r good enough to function in the story, but not enough to really be memorable.

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