100,000 views (^_^)v

I’ve reached 100,000 views.


This is something to brag about, right? I’ve seen other bloggers do it so I might as well milk the moment for what it’s worth. I’m mostly happy though that I personally reached 200 reviews. Seeing so many people visit my blog does make the whole endeavor pretty amazing. This little site is picking up momentum in the right direction.

I didn’t really prepare a long winded speech like my anniversary post so I’ll make this short. Thank you for the support. While I’m never really one to care about what other people think of my efforts, it’s nice to know that they do find my reviews helpful. Even though most of my high page views are from the same person visiting the blog for the first time and possibly being mindblown as they look through my alphabetical list, I want to say thank you. I also want to thank all the perverts for keeping my Gokujo review as the most viewed post in this blog. One of these days, I’ll review the manga. My friend is reading it and she stopped at the second chapter when the girls well um….fingered….each other….mm. Of course, I also want to thank the regular visitors because they keep this site going. Thank you. You’re requested anime will all be reviewed once I track those bastards down.


That’s all of it, really.

Here’s a GIF of Cuticle Detective Inaba to finish off this post.


Let’s all enjoy them pantless. Peace.

7 thoughts on “100,000 views (^_^)v

  1. Congratulations! Not many bloggers make it as far, so you should really give yourself a pat on the back for this achievement. 🙂

    Next milestone, 500,000 views! 😀

    • thanks.

      it’s best if you don’t read that damn gokujo. there’s really nothing in it. just a whole lot of words perverts type in a search engine. XD

  2. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see my recommended anime reviewed here.
    Lol, I would’ve thought Highschool dxd would’ve stayed on top, or the gatari toothbrush sister thing.
    Anyway, considering the progress so far, 1000 reviews by one person is beginning to look realistic. And Congratz.

    • don’t worry about your request. i already have the anime and all i need is time. one man can only do so much. XD
      and god, that highschool dxd review would resurface once i review the second season.
      the tooth brush gif is opular but nothing beats a post full of vaginas and lesbians in it…for some reason. XD

      and thank you! this goal really does look doable now.

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