Puella Magi Madoka Magica Review

This is review number two hundred and two. This anime is part of the Winter 2011 lineup. The anime I’ll be reviewing is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This is a super popular show so I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s a really amazing show and has a nice theme of despair that I really admire. The UroButcher doesn’t appoint. Let’s read on.


The anime is about the various magical girls that made a contract with a cute creature named Kyuubey. He grants any of your wishes but you’ll have to be a magical girl afterwards and fight “witches” that attacks the city. The idea of your wishes coming true is certainly an enchanting concept that the girls embraced. They aren’t aware though of the consequences that follows. The magical girls slowly discover just how much they gave up for their wishes to come true. Madoka Kaname is a girl with friends that had their wishes granted and became magical girls. Kyuubey wants Madoka but making a life changing decision is something that Madoka can’t seem to decide on.

Taking the Pants Off

I‘m sure everyone knows about this anime, right? It’s highly praised and I’m sure you’ve heard of how Madoka Magica changed the magical genre like how Evangelion forever affected the mecha genre. Back when this anime was first released, the magical girl genre is never really dark. It’s opposite, actually. It indulges in light heartedness and so much “girly” element because their target audiences are, basically, kids. I think pre-teen but, even when middle aged men started obsessing with the genre, magical girl shows always remain light hearted. It has a strong message about friendship and good forever prevailing over evil. It also has girls in colorful outfits that make impressionable audiences wants to be like them. Times were pretty simple back then and you seriously do not need to change anything with the formula. The magical girl genre is forever sugary sweet and people are fine with that. In the Winter of 2011 though, the director of Bakemonogatari and this dude named Gen Urobochi decided to give the genre an unpleasant spin. Take all the sugary sweetness and replace it with a strong dose of bitterness. Take the power of friendship and the notion of good forever prevailing over evil then replace with despair and a chunk of nihilism. The result, well, let’s just say that the genre is never the same after Puella Magi Madoka Magica graced us with its presence.

I think people were also not prepared for the anime. They didn’t think the magical girl genre needed a change and they didn’t think it was actually possible. When this anime aired, it was like a bomb that just exploded and it immediately had a lot of intrigue. After all, something so sugary sweet with the ideal notion of innocence given a dark spin was something that just made people curious. The initial shock is actually the sole reason why this anime is so amazing and has made a reputation for itself and the people behind it. I am actually a bit hesitant to make a review of this show. It’s so popular and everything that needs to be said has already been said. I am also re-watching something that thrived on the shock factor. I remember hating the ending of this anime but I just wanted to see how this dark anime would end. I recently watched it again and I finally see it now. After the initial shock subsided, I finally see the beauty of this anime. I must’ve been so emotionally invested back then because I had tears coming out my eyes when I saw Mami again after all this time.


The anime started like any magical girl show. We are introduced to Madoka, a normal girl living a normal life. She lives with a happy family and she has good friends with her. She’s a bit clumsy but she has a bright disposition that makes her the perfect lead. The anime took the extra mile to make sure you enjoy the warmth of Madoka’s life. It even had a colorful and cute opening and a bubbly ending song to completely capture the aura of a magical girl show. Back when this was first released, I remember the reception for the first two episodes were pretty weak. “Ugh, another transforming girl show?” is the basic reaction. It even had a cute mascot and you can tell the power of friendship will once again be the main theme of the show just like any other magical girl show. This anime tried to be as ordinary as it can be. While there were certain things that don’t quite fit, like the acid induced enemies or the heavy notion of your wish being granted, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary in this show. Our pink haired heroine and her friend will soon become magical girls and we can finally focus on the story. Everything was flowing pretty normally here until we got to the third episode.

You’re familiar with the particular scene that ignited this anime, right?


Things got progressively dark afterwards.

The premise of the anime is pretty simple. You get a wish granted. These wishes are along the lines of miracles and complete impossibility so there needs to be a catch. You must fight witches as a magical girl afterwards. It’s a fair exchange. You got your wish and you’re helping people as a magical girl. These witches bring disaster to ordinary people. The witches can’t be seen so they come in the form of accidents or suicides. Magical Girls are obligated to fight these creatures to ensure the safety of regular people. After the third episode though, things got very real. Just like how you kill witches with your powers, these baddies also has the power to end your life. It’s something preteen girls are emotionally unprepared for so the shock stays with them. It doesn’t end there though. As the anime progresses, they slowly discover just how much of a burden was placed upon them. This is an unbelievably amazing premise because it just counters the notion of how a magical girl anime should be. One moment, the girls were in bliss with the idea of how being a magical girl can be cool and then got a harsh dose of reality when they saw one of their friends die. I personally thought that it wasn’t supposed to happen and I was honestly not ready for it. I don’t think anybody was, to be honest. The moments after that were also some things that no one was really ready for. Both the characters and the audience.

The anime was really dark. The one thing that I really admired was how harsh the anime was towards the characters. Magical girls are supposed to be awesome heroes with a great sense of friendship. This isn’t the case for this anime. The idea of heroism is negated and you are encouraged to be as selfish as you can be. In fact, there are no heroes in this anime. No one has great sense of justice, no one believes in eternal good, no one has a strong will to overcome any challenges and they are as selfish and as stupid as any ordinary person. They’re human but they shouldn’t be. Being human in their situation is off putting to the very idea of their cause. Magical girls fight bad guys and sh*t like that yet you see these girls fall in despair and have reality lash out at them in the most bitter manner. It’s pretty ingenious, to be honest, and something pretty provocative.

The story was pretty straightforward after the third episode. The first half was mostly concerned about slowly revealing all the details involving a magical girl. They’re pretty simple to grasp and quite entertaining upon their reveal but it is pretty normal from there. The characters pretty much carry the show afterwards. They really made the show special because they all had an incredible role in the show. No one is wasted and every potential was drawn. The characters also had their own subplots related to the main story that made the show a lot more personal. The main character is Madoka. Upon seeing one magical girl die, she was now unable to make a wish herself. Things got a bit complicated though and she wanted to do something for the other girls. Like a helpless little puppy, she would follow the girls on their fights to make sure they are OK. Her role was pretty great because she was outside looking in. She saw how the other magical girls are handling their despair yet she cannot do anything about it. She’d bark out her concerns that sadly fall on deaf ears. Here’s the kicker though, Madoka has the potential to be the most powerful magical girl ever. So does she give in and help her friends or is she truly prepared for the same life as them? Can she even think of a wish appropriate enough to become a magical girl? It’s all heavy from here on out but Madoka is a girl that doesn’t easily give up though.

Then there are the other two magical girls, Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura. Sayaka is Madoka’s best friend. Throughout the first half, the focus was mostly on her because she asked for a wish to be granted despite seeing one magical girl die. She was ready for anything just to see her wish granted. It was pretty good at first and she had a wonderful notion of being a hero of justice. She would save people and there was no burden or anything for her. She was happy living the rest of her life as a magical girl. It doesn’t last though as certain things took a tragic twist and Sayaka slowly find herself in a pretty miserable position. Cause and Effect and the reality of her wish soon took a dark turn. After all, magical girls are also human and humans are very fragile beings. As for Kyouko, she was supporting character at best. Her role didn’t mean much but she had an interesting stance regarding magical girls. It’s a stance that accepted the cruelty of life and the harshness of reality. It came at a time where the characters aren’t fully aware of the implications of being a magical girl but after the revelation, her role eventually became a lot more important.

There is also Homura Akemi. When I re-watched this anime, I had nostalgic tears for Homura. She is a bit cold and unfriendly towards the other girls. She also seems to be the most seasoned but she has an uncooperative personality. In the anime, she mostly moves in the shadows looking out for the girls. The other girls don’t appreciate her but she doesn’t care. She has one goal that needs to be achieved and she doesn’t care for anything else. She was a massive b*tch in the first half. She mostly tells the others of how pointless their efforts are despite seeing them do their best. In the second half, her role became clear. I can’t spoil much but the anime had a nice theme of tragedy. Homura seems to have the most tragic story to tell.

Lastly, there is Kyuubey. Oh, how I hate this creature. When I first watched the show, I was really against this character and then I realize he had a really amazing role to play. Kyuubey grants the wishes of the girls but for a price. As the anime progresses, he starts out as a cute mascot then turns into an evil conniving creature that takes advantage of the girls. It’s hard to define him, to be honest. He isn’t really bad but his intentions aren’t good either. He lacks the ability to care for others. He sees things pretty objectively which is ghastly considering how many lives this little cute fluffy creature has affected. In the anime, his role is pretty important though and his relationships with the magical girls are pivotal to the story of the anime.

The story itself is really good because of how it shook the magical girl genre but the characters made the show special. Their experiences and its relation to the events of the anime was really the reason I enjoyed this show even after the shock factor was gone. While we were never prepared for cute girls dying, the anime still had great value beyond that. It has a great theme of nihilism and a wonderful way of presenting tragedy. This show is particularly dark and tragic like no other anime has ever been and I think that’s one of the strongest aspects of the anime. Gen Urobuchi really knows how to make a story so intriguing until the end. As far as downsides, I do think the pacing was a bit slow at times but it only helps strengthen certain events later on. When I first saw this anime, I also didn’t like the ending. Like I said before, the shock factor was the driving force to finish the anime. Will they kill other girls? That’s the reason why I kept watching and I was honestly hoping everything would be cancelled out towards the end. It kept getting darker and darker that you only wish for the ending to be a happy one. When I first saw it, I didn’t like it. It felt forced and something Dues Ex Machina without actually accomplishing anything. I was wrong though. The ending was perfect and I really want to explain it but I already spoiled too much. It really came down to a cycle Kyuubey mentioned. In the end, that cycle was broken but the idea of “cause and effect” still applied.

This is an amazing anime. I don’t really need to say that. I’m sure people already know how awesome this show is. It came unexpectedly and the creator’s made sure the nihilism and the darkness wasn’t revealed until the show aired. The notion of sugary sweetness replaced by utter bitterness was the reaction they were counting on. It was effective. It was too effective. No other show can be as shockingly surprising yet amazingly structured as this anime. The way it just took a dark path so unconventional is something worth praising. This is truly one of the best anime out there.

Sight and Sound

Character design is pretty decent. The faces were a bit different though. The girls have large faces that are a bit more box-ish rather than a round face with a sharp bottom for the chin. Everything else looks pretty great though. They still have the great aspects of a magical girl anime. They have colorful hair, small frail bodies and their cuteness emanates above all else. Their outfits are pretty cute as well. Their uniform looks amazing with a nice plain look but it nicely highlights the features of the girls. I love the design of the skirts and the rounded shoulder pads. The magical girl outfits are pretty great as well. They mostly match their personality but they stand out in their own way. Some look regal while others look really bad ass. The magical girl outfits fits the criteria for being a magical girl with cute designs and a girlish appeal and cute weapons. There is an added twist of maturity though for the ones in this show because they are out to kill, for the most part.

I already know what to expect from the animation style of Akiyuki Shinbo. While the style in Madoka isn’t like his other works like the monogatari series, it’s still pretty prominent. The flashy camera angles and the stylish background designs are here. The use of single base colors and having empty spaces in the backgrounds are also among his M.O. You barely feel it though. I think Gen Urobuchi’s script was the perfect catalyst for this crazy director. Akiyuki Shinbo is known for assaulting his viewers visually though. While most real world scenes don’t have that, his artistic stamp was freely let loose once you enter the barriers. In the story, the witches create their own barriers so magical girls can’t easily hunt them. The animation takes a weird turn once they enter this place. There is no structure and there is no sense in them. It’s like a cross between collage and a very heavy acid trip. The imagination really runs wild inside the barrier but in a very dark and whimsical way. It’s very hard to explain until you experience it yourself, to be honest.

The animation is pretty great. The movements are smooth and clear. Despite the visual attacks, it doesn’t affect the flow of the story and the animation did a nice job of presenting it. The fight scenes are really amazing. The girls are drawn normally yet they are mostly fighting a bunch of collages and it doesn’t feel awkward. The animation was smooth through and through. This is a great example of the director’s great touch. There aren’t a lot of interactions though like enemies touching but the fight scenes are flashy enough to not care about the small details.

The anime’s OP is “Connect” by ClariS. This was one of the great mislead of the anime. The song itself is pretty good. It has a serious tone to it and the duo gave the song a nice personality. The verse was pretty decent but the chorus was really the stand out. The song also tells of hope among despair which was a nice theme in the anime. The OP sequence is about Madoka in a cute and adorable montage of being a magical girl. Nothing out of the ordinary here except for the first scene where Madoka was crying alone. There was also this nice scene of two Madokas embracing each other while another transforms that greatly summarizes the events of the anime. It’s all there really. The OP summarized the anime with a thick veil of mislead covering it.

The anime had three ED. The first one is “Mata Ashita” by Aoi Yuuki. This is sung by Madoka and the song is really cute. This was featured in the first two episodes where the darkness was still hidden and the notion of sugary sweetness was still the focus. The song is a cute one ad Aoi’s voice sounds very childish. It was a nice touch since the song is pretty laidback. The ED sequence features Madoka and her friends smiling happily in a nice portrait.

The second ED and the actual ED is “Magia” by Kalafina. This is a rock song and completely different from the image of the show when you first watch it. The song is about despair and longing with the singer’s nice voice giving the song a nice personality. The rather deep voice was a nice touch. The ED sequence features a figure of Madoka walking in a blue-purple background. It is the color of despair in the anime and as you watch it, she slowly runs and the background turns complete dark. It’s creepy and unsettling and I love it.

The third one, shown only once, is “and I’m home” by Ai Nonaka and Eri Kitamura. This was sung by Sayaka and Kyouko because they were focused in this episode. It’s a nice song and a little bit sad since it tied in with the whole episode. The song was really good and the theme behind it was a bit dark yet comforting. The ED sequence features an image of Kyouko holding onto Sayaka’s hand as they appear to be underwater. Sayaka is unconscious and Kyouko looks at her with a reassuring face. Again, it ties with the episode.

Overall Score

10/10 “A nice spin on a saccharine genre with a compelling story to go along with it”

Yeah, another perfect score. If I rated this back when I first watched then I would argue at the score as well but there were things that were only clear after the shock was gone. Does it deserve a ten? Yes. I stand by my score. If you enjoy dark and psychologically upsetting anime then you should watch this. If you enjoy Gen Urobochi works then this is for you. If you haven’t seen this then just go ahead and see it. I highly recommend it.

21 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Review

  1. I think you summed up rather well what made Puella Magi Madoka Magica so amazing in its creativity, and so popular with the viewers. It took almost everything you thought you knew about the magical girl genre and turned it on it’s head. So many unexpected events in this series…it really earns the accolades it receives.

  2. Great review! Personally, I found it hard to hate Kyubey, just because he wasn’t human so I could accept his way of thinking and values. Bt if he was human I’m sure I would have hated his guts 🙂

  3. It’s horrible. Let me explain.
    I watched up to ep 2 before I got bored, then I heard about how awesome the anime actually is.
    I started reading reviews. ONE BASTARD SPOILED THE ENDING FOR ME.
    So do I watch the anime if I know the amazing ending already or not? I’m confused, plus I have others I want to see. D:

    • The ending caused a lot of negative attention so I think that particular bastard just wanted to vent out his frustrations. For me, the ending was just a piece of it. YOUR reaction to the ending is what really made the show special. After all the things you witnessed in the episodes before, I’m pretty sure you’d want to spoil the ending for others as well 🙂

  4. This is probably the best 12-13 episode anime I’ve seen so far. It told a interesting story and then concluded that story without needing any pointless filler. I know that the ending irks a lot of people but I never really had a problem with it. I’m hoping there is eventually a legal means of getting reasonably priced access to the Blu-ray for Rebellion in North America.

  5. Amazing review of Madoka Magica. It’s my favorite anime ever, and I don’t need to explain why I love it so much because you already did that for me with this writeup. You’re right on point with everything, honestly. I also like how you said that it was unexpected for the magical girl genre, but didn’t outright call it a deconstruction. That makes me feel really good, since I have arguments with people a lot and whether it actually is ‘the Evangelion of Mahou Shoujo’. 🙂

    It was interesting that you DIDN’T like the ending at first…and called it a Deus Ex Machina (which it is NOT) like most people who simply don’t get it do. I wonder if you’ve seen Rebellion at this point and if you were going to write a review on it, because I found that a lot of people who didn’t like Madoka’s ending actually really dug Rebellion’s. Like myself. I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on that, in all honesty. 🙂

    Anyway, great review for a great show. No complaints from me!

  6. Hi.. Watched this anime thanks to your score.. Was good but still not worth 10/10.. Different story.. But its interesting only after the ninth episode.. Trust me till then I forced myself to continue. I would give a seven.. Lot of loop holes.. Seen better anime.. Felt though they were talking about emotions not much was seen except that they wanted to save and protect humans.. Madoka sacrificed herself for all the humans but din’t even feel the need to show normal emotion to her own family before she left knowing that she may not return.. Instead of preventing magic girls from becoming witches she should have wished that she can help them before their soul gems becomes tainted with despair, with this she could have prevented them from dying also.. With the current wish she made she is actually murdering them when they are the most helpless.. The idea was good but was not thought through fully I feel.. Homura’s return to the past and thus bringing all timelines together reminded me of Amnesia a little,different parallel universes.. No one asked if it was possible to reverse the wish.? And I really hated Kyosuke Kamijo & Hitomi Shizuki.. Kamijo does not even acknowledge Sayaka Miki after discharge from hospital and Hitomi proposes him as soon as he starts reviving and he evn accepts.. I donno wat emotions lie in that? Plus where did the miasma come from now? The anime was also pretty dull except when in the witch’s territory..All in all would give a 6 or 7.. No offence.. hehe..

    • no, it’s OK. I agree, the ending is really the turning point of the show. It marks whether the anime really is good or bad. The first time I watched it, I actually agree that a 7 is more appropriate, but I changed my mind after a re-watch.

      I’m fuzzy on the details now, but I think Madoka’s wish is kinda driven by the way she watched a lot for people die in the story. The girl going bakc in time countless time also did something to Madoka, right? She made her special or something, and I think Kyuubey actually convinced Madoka that the magical girl thing is a cycle, and she can’t really wish for it to stop because of something. I’m sorry. It’s been two years, lol.
      Anyways, she wished for hope and it was a pretty solid wish. It is unsatisfactory given the invested audiences had for the series, but I think it just proves how great of anime this is.

      I consider three things for a perfect score. 1. Timeless. You can watch this twenty years after it aired, and the story is still so good that people will care about the ending being good or bad for them.
      2. Rarity. You will never see another magical girl anime as engaging and thought provoking as Madoka.
      3. Genre Defining. If I can recommend a magical girl show. I’d say Sailormoon and Madoka because they define the magical girl genre.

      A score of ten isn’t really a sign that the anime perfect. It just means that it has met my three criteria that no other anime has done. So far, I have rated three anime a ten and I do believe Madoka deserves this score. 🙂

      • I dont’ think a re-watch would change my score.. I myt find out more loopholes.. Yeah Madoka wanted to give hope to people but I think instead of preventing them from becoming witches she should have protected them from despair.. That would have made sense.. Wat she ended up doing was only killing them before they turn. Homura returning back to the same day made Madoka responsible for all the time lines hence she would become the most powerful magi.. But I really felt that the emotions which they shared among friends was lacking within their families.. I agree with your criteria for scoring the anime but I feel you should add fourth point “loopholes.” It is the duty of the animation crew to make sure that there are least number of loopholes in the anime, else it would not do justice to anime such as ‘Stein’s gate’ and ‘death note”, ‘Shingeki no Kyojin” if you throw 10 points to anime such as this. I don’t believe an anime should be perfect but atleast casual watcher such as me should not find so many mistakes in it.. That is what I believe.. I watched Stein’s gate thanks to you again.. That I believe can be awarded a 10.. Though I wanted him to end up with Mayuri.. Initially it looked like they had something going but abruptly in the end they made Okabe and Kurisu a pair.. But still I liked it..

        • I do apologize that you didn’t like the anime as much, but the loopholes is really a personal thing. I saw it two times, and I really didn’t think the story is that flawed. The ending is messy, and that’s really the only big reason to rewatch it. At least for me, it cleared up some of the loopholes that might’ve bothered me.

          Again, I don’t remember much about the details. All I know is that Madoka is such an influential anime that some people can’t get over the story, or the loop holes, and I believe that’s the mark of a great story. It got you invested, it got you to care and not a lot of anime can do that as much as Madoka.

          You can blame me for not liking the anime, and that’s fine. I’m sorry you didn’t like it, and I won’t defend the anime. I do agree it has faults, but considering things on grander scale, Madoka has made a significant impact on the anime industry for better or worse. 🙂

          Seriously though, I tend to oversell some of my earlier reviews and its mostly because I never really get criticism like this, so I tend to go overboard at praising shows. My only real goal back then was to get people to watch the anime I review, and I often know the anime is bad but I wanted viewers to experience it as well. Again, I sincerely apologize. I might’ve hyped it up too much for you, and after Steins Gate, I do understand.

    • @PPR
      Did we watch the same anime? I have the exact opposite opinion as you. I thought episodes 1-9 were amazing, and episodes 10-12 were mediocre. For me the show, peaked in episode 9 (the reveal of Homura’s wish was amazing). After that the show went downhill. The next episodes were merely recycling an old idea from Steins;Gate, and I didn’t like the final episode.

  7. U don’t have to apologize.. I liked the anime but just felt it was not worth 10.. In the anime sites it does not come under popular anime.. So if u had not highlighted it I would not have watched it.. That would have been sad.. Its actually one of the good anime I have watched.. So no probs der.. hehe.. I just felt looking at your other reviews this seemed over-rated.. so just mentioned..

    • I’m just glad I got you to try to watch the anime. That’s really the benchmark of an effective reviewer. You have to make sure your review can urge other people to see the anime. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  8. I wish you had a list of anime based on scores.. 1-10.. Atleast the ones above 5.. I am not sure which anime do I watch next.. Just brooding now.. Your reviews are till now of wat I have read.. Mainly wat scores U give them turns out to be the same as mine.. So I find it much easier to decide on wat to watch next.. 🙂

    • the seasonal lineups are grouped by their scores. Check them out instead. I review by season, so every anime is eventually sorted in there.
      Right now, I really have no free time to make a massive score based list, but I am thinking about it.

  9. This was a thoroughly enjoyable show for me, I finished the whole thing in 2 days.

    My favorite thing about this show was the overall mood. It’s rare to see an anime this dark that doesn’t fall into sappy emo clichés. Maddoka and her friends are constantly brooding and expressing their sadness, but they never seem like they are whining and we always care about what’s bothering them. Kyuubey is rather awesome, it was a stroke of genius to make such an underhanded creature so cute.

    I disagree with you about the ending though, I didn’t like it at all. Why do you think it was prefect?

    For me the show peaked with the big reveal about Homura’s wish. When that happened I had a chill down my spine and actually came close to tears. At that point I kept thinking: WOW this is the best anime ever.

    After that, the show slowly ran out of steam. The last few episodes recycle an idea from Steins;Gate. Maddoka’s wish in the final episode is a total cop-out. The show ended it somewhat of happy of a grey area. You know what would have been more interesting? Why not have the ending take a more cynical, nihilistic course and ended really dark. At least it would been more consistent with the overall theme of the show.

    Anyways, I guess my feelings about the show are that Episodes 1 through 9 were amazing, but I only wish the final 3 episodes had more of an impact on me.

    • I didn’t like the ending at first, and I’m sure even the creators weren’t satisfied since they released the movies to redo the weak ending. Upon a second watching though, I really liked it. I understand that too many things happen, but every loose end is tied and every arc is nicely closed. I know it isn’t really a worthy ending to how the show built up the episodes, but I think it was still pretty good.

      It was such a long time ago, lol. But I believe Madoka became a magical girl, she fought the final boss, then Madoka’s wish was granted, the world reset to the timeline her wish created, and then she became the “hope” she initially wished for. I think even Kyuubey said that her wish is pretty complicated. I guess I just like the nuance of it all, and I also admire the overall message. In a state of dread and disaster, there is still hope to cling to.

      I guess I also liked how the creators didn’t really go for the easy ending. I mean, a straightforward ending with the nihilism completely engulfing the show is kinda easy to do. The creators reached for a more complicated ending completely fooling us once again that this is indeed a magical girl show first and foremost, but yeah, I guess it just didn’t work for other people. I truly understand.

      • I didn’t realize they had movies, I’ll have to track those down and watch them. I’m hoping for a REALLY diabolical, nihilistic ending this time around, lol. A dark ending may have been an easier way out, but I think it would be more true to the spirit of the show. Perhaps I was just super jaded by episode 4, and was bracing myself for the worst, and let down when it didn’t happen.

        You would probably know better than me, but it seems that lots of anime tend to struggle with endings. Often times I watch an anime I’m perfectly happy with, but they just can’t seem to get the final few episodes right. It happens in regular movies and TV shows too, but it seems to happen disproportionately more frequently in anime. I realize the writers/directors can’t please all of the viewers all of the time, but I wish they would put more effort into endings in general.

        • I never bothered with the movies as well. For me, I was kinda satisfied by the anime as is so the movie wouldn’t really do anything besides give me more kyuubey. And I understand. People wanted the same kind of ending so maybe you can check out the movies.

          People experience things differently, so it’s ok to disagree with my perfect score. People also argue Steins Gate isn’t really that great. XD but that’s what makes the experience worth it, since many people care enough to comment on it.

          well yeah, a lot of endings just doesn’t satisfy. For TVs, it’s mostly because they run out of ideas. For anime, it’s really more commercial than anything else. As long as the industry is thriving, then the system won’t really change.

          Actually, ground breaking works are actually being achieved in movies. KyoAni is putting more effort, in terms of quality, in their standalone movie adaptations. If you want a change of perspective then try the movie lineups..

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