Force TPAB To Review An Anime, I’m Taking in Recommendations


I think this is a long time coming. I personally believe though that I still have a lot to improve and that’s why I didn’t put this up a long time ago. I want to test this out though so for the month of June 2013, I want you, dear readers, to send in some personal requests of anime you want to be reviewed.

I want this to be a challenge so please hit me with your best shot. I’m sure there are anime you wish someone would talk about, or maybe some anime you want to try but no one is giving you enough details to make you watch it, or maybe you just want your favorite anime giving the decent praise it deserves. Let’s try this.

For the entire month of June, I will be taking in requests. Give me an anime you want to be reviewed by TPAB. As you know, I basically watch any anime I can get my hands on so I’m sure I can give a decent review of anything thrown at me.

Please keep the following in mind though:

  1. No Boku no Pico. I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes so troll some other time. Give something else that is cringe worthy or whatever.
  2. No hentai. I want my first hentai to be something worthy of actually being reviewed.
  3. Try to avoid popular ones like Code Geass or Death Note or Naruto. I have the option to not watch and review those.
  4. Keep it at a 12 or 24 episode limit. I’m only human. I can’t review Bleach in a month…..or can I?
  5. If the anime you requested suck and you’re a fanboy of it then tough doughnuts. Don’t worry though. I’m pretty impartial so I’ll share its good and bad points as I see it.
  6. Limit it to three anime per person. Again, I’m only human.

Closed Try Again Next Time. 


You can also post your requests in the comments below. I just wanted to try that “add contact form” stuff in the toolbar of wordpress. Two birds with one stone, am I right?

I’ll start my reviews of these recommendations at July or something. I’ll have to see how many anime is requested or if there ever will be some anime requested. I will still prioritize the Spring 2013 lineup though. Plus, I need time to track certain anime down.

I can’t wait to see what you, dear readers, have in store. I’m pretty sure I’ll regret this though but we shall see.

8 thoughts on “Force TPAB To Review An Anime, I’m Taking in Recommendations

  1. I’d like to see review for:

    1. Natsume Yuujinchou
    2. Hachimitsu to Clover
    3. NHK ni Youkoso!

    Thank you very much! (^_^)

  2. hm, one I think you my find enjoyable is the 12 episode anime B Gata H Kei, or Yamada’s First time. It’s a rather humorous little ecchi romantic comedy.

    Both the English and Japanese voice acting is pretty good: I personally preferred the dub, but hearing from others opinion seems to be very narrowly split on which is better.

    Still, based on what you’ve reviewed previously, I think you might be very amused by this one, and I would be interested to hear your opinion on it.

  3. 1. The ARIA Series (The Animation/The Natural/The Origination)
    2. Hell Girl
    3.Princess Jellyfish

    Enjoy! These are all some of my favourite anime!! 🙂

    • that’s not how this works. As it stands, I’ll only be reviewing anime from 2010 and the recent ones. You have no anime in mind?

      • Hmm… I see. though i’m not sure whether you have already reviewed this anime:
        1.Haibane renmei
        2.RIN Daughters of Mnemosyne
        3.Romeo X Juliet
        Btw, thank you in advance.

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