TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part III

This is the third part and we are halfway through the countdown. I made the list four parts simply because I am intimidated by it all. I can combine them in one giant post but the amount of GIFs and those stupid pictures I had to make takes a lot of time. Dividing the load was the best thing to do. Anyways, I’ve covered a good amount of anime thus far from popular ones like Little Busters to very obscure ones like Ebiten. This was really my anime journey combined in a list. I’ve seen all of these anime and I have a high tolerance for things other people dismiss so I’ve been able to experience a lot of great anime moments as I blog as TPAB. The bottom half is already done and I hope the moments that got into the top fifty are some that I hope you all enjoyed as well.


Please keep in mind though. This is MY list so some moments meant a lot more to me than others and I know for a fact that you will disagree at some of the entries. Some anime had a lot of moments in it but I decided to just take three moments max for every anime. The ranking is done by how much a moment made an impact. These moments would come up in a conversation when you mention the anime and the higher it is, the more memorable it is. There will also be spoilers in the moments so be warned. Spoilers ahead.

Ok, let us commence the countdown.

50. Body Exchange – Natsuyuki Rendezvous


The second half of this drama anime featured the two guys switching roles. The ghost who wanted to be with his wife is now inside the body of the guy who is planning to steal her away. The other guy was soon plunged into another world. A lot of people hated this moment. I don’t understand why because the anime was smartly building up to this moment and I couldn’t imagine a much better scenario. Some people like to b*tch and moan without thinking about it sometimes, it’s annoying. This was also the best moment in the anime for me because it opened up a lot of new things in the second half that the first half was slowly building up to. I was mostly intrigued at how the girl would do when she discovers her husband possessed her boyfriend and the moment was certainly interesting. Of course, seeing the husband get his chance after watching over his wife helplessly gave the moment more merit as well.

49. Gilgamesh Fan Service – Fate Zero II

In the final episode of Fate Zero, Kiritsugu and Kirei had the final showdown for the Holy Grail. It was a decent fight that ended in disaster when Saber was ordered to destroy the grail. It spews black magma stuff from the sky killing a lot of people. It was a very miserable moment that calls for a lot of grief and anger because the story has built up a lot of emotions going forward to this moment. It was devastating for Kiritsugu because all of his sacrifices ultimately led to a lot of people dying. It was the perfect ending to a really great series. The moment was almost perfect if it wasn’t for this:


…um, yeah. What the hell? This ruined the moment for me. I dunno, but the whole naked thing just kind of sucked the emotion out of the epic scene. Kiritsugu looked pathetic trying to look for survivors after realizing how big of a sin he just committed but this tragic moment will forever be remembered as the only time where Gilgamesh did some fan service. It’s truly a very tragic moment indeed.

48. Mage of Exodus – Zetsuen no Tempest

The anime had a lot of great moments especially in the first half. The whole situation being turned upside down because of some petty love triangle between the characters was pretty awesome to watch. The one moment that I consider to be memorable was the revelation of the Mage of Exodus though. No, I’m not talking about the whiny kid that had his ass beat at every episode. I was actually hoping he would be more menacing considering the world has entered a socio-religious phase that could’ve been taken advantage of. I’m talking about the revelation of the original Mage of Exodus. It’s the girl that almost led the world to Armageddon, Airi.

The whole thing about her being the mage wasn’t really that surprising. The second half of the anime was super predictable but the sequence of events towards her revelation was really amazing. Hakaze went back in time to find out who killed Airi only to meet the girl in the streets some odd hours before her death. This was the first time we ever met Airi so that was an amazing moment in itself. She seemed like the girl describe by the boys after all this time. I seem to have under estimated her cunning and intuition though because she immediately discovered that Hakaze isn’t normal. It was because she wasn’t normal too and then, bam, she revealed her true identity.


Those brief moments of Airi talking to Hakaze were really special. Hakaze was consumed by her emotions towards Yoshino and she was determined to make sure he comes out happy. Airi was different. She weighed the possibilities and she concluded that her death is important. She needed to die. Wasn’t it just that damn special when this girl was willing to sacrifice her life just for sake of her duty? The rest of the anime was predictable lower table crap so there was really nothing worth noting afterwards. This is the best scene in the anime for me: Airi’s revelation and her actual debut.

47. Medaka vs. Unzen – Medaka Box

In the later parts of the anime, Medaka finally took on the leader of the Enforcer Squad, the ten year old bastard named Unzen. This was a sweet moment for me because I really wanted Unzen’s head bashed in because he just talk smack all the time and bully other people around. Medaka was really holding herself back all this time because she didn’t want anyone hurt. Even when an army of Enforcers attacks her, she never once tried to hurt them. She didn’t want to or rather didn’t need to because she was aiming for a peaceful resolution. She was backed into a corner though and she decided to teach this cocky ten year old exactly how to treat other people.


I was expecting a decent one on one fight. I never expected Medaka to turn full on crazy and completely turn the match one sided. Unzen got some cheap shots and took on hostages but in the end, Medaka dominated him. The fight was so over the top that half of the school was badly damaged. Medaka won in the end though and lived happily ever after. Well, she did until the show had another season. I’m freaking excited for the third season too. Unzen was completely humbled but this one on one final battle actually opened the door for a lot more shounen battles Medaka is forced to engage in.

46. Autumn Romance – Hiiro no Kakaera II

In the eleventh episode of the anime, the two main characters kiss. After running from the insane grandmother who is clearly jealous of her granddaughter, the two decided to give in to the woman’s wishes. Tamaki agreed to sacrifice herself to save Takuma. In their final moments together, in a beautiful setting where the autumn leaves where vibrant, the couple where in a world of their own and they shared a very passionate kiss. I loved it because it broke the standstill most Otome anime usually ends up in and the scene was just perfect. They were embracing, a very romantic BG music is playing and they were exchanging romantic vows. It was a really great scene because the mood was perfect combined by all the different attributes like the visuals and the music, to deliver a really romantic scene. It was the most intricate and highly detailed moment of Hiiro no Kakera.


The second season really wiped away all the sourness I had over the first season. I still hate the first season like my father’s mistress but the second season gave it redemption. The scenes after this romantic one were also good. The sacrifice scene was awesome because the grandmother died, the hot potato with the sword was also pretty great because all the villains had a turn with the sword to dish out their brand of nasty, and more importantly, the good guys actually won. No moment was more precise and perfectly executed though like that one kissing scene.

45. Bond Thru Pee- Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

In the second episode of this anime, the hero was locked in the room with three girls. He noticed that the class rep, Kuzuha Doumoto, needed to pee. There was nothing in the room but sports equipment so she had no choice but to hold it in. The hero was concerned and so he came up with a solution. Using the power of pressure points, he made the other two girls pee their pants. Now the class rep has no reason to feel ashamed about wetting her pants.


It was a crazy scene and the hero also did that because the class rep has no friends. What better way to form an unbreakable bond than sharing a shameful secret? This was a very inspired scene because not a lot of Ecchi anime do this. Three girls dampening the mattress with their pee is certainly a memorable moment.

44. Futayo VS Gin – Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II

One the nicest side story that carried into the second season of Horizon was the rivalry between Futayo and the Tres Espana couple. In the first season, Futayo went one in one with Muneshige, one of the commanding officers for Tres Espana. It came off the duel between Futayo’s dad and Muneshige where Futayo’s dad was soundly defeated. Futayo was seeking redemption for her dad and she successfully defeated Muneshige in one of the most heated moments of the first season. Muneshige’s wife, Gin, was enraged over the fact and wanted to defeat Futayo for her husband. You should’ve seen the battle in the first season because Futayo is an amazing fighter. Her spear abilities and the enhancements she uses to amplify her speed makes her a really skilled fighter. You should’ve seen Gin as well though. Her boobs aren’t the only thing big she carries. Her weapon that obliterates huge areas is massive and it makes her one very scary lady.


In the second season, Gin really wanted to get her hands on Futayo. During the later parts of the anime, the two warriors finally got the long awaited duo. It was a fast fight but it was so nicely paced. The nice rivalry leading up to it made the battle more memorable though but it was possibly the one sided victory for Futayo that surprised me the most. Granted, Gin’s head wasn’t in the game because she doubted everything she stood for. She still hand a massive chance to win against Futayo though yet spear girl took care of her skillfully dodging her weapons and soundly beating her. I was really caught up in that fight and I remember replaying the scene countless time because it was just f*cking awesome.


In the end of the second season, Gin and Muneshige joined Tori’s country as students. This opened whole new possibilities for the story. Tres Espana lost one of their greatest warriors and the independent ship Musashi is going to another country. The third season is going to be epic.

43. Trials of a Hero – Zetman


In the tenth episode of Zetman, Kouga was tested by the villains. He wanted to be a hero in the series so badly that he dressed up as his favorite TV hero and even spent a lot of money making cool gadgets so he can fight bad guys. The villains think he isn’t that great of a hero though so they decided to “train” him by having him face certain challenges a hero could easily handle. First, they called him up saying that he must choose between his sister and the lives of three girls. He chose to save his sister and then he was sent to like an evil lair. He was tested again to see if he can save a bunch of his school mates from the traps laid out by the villain. First was a test to save a bunch of girls or trust a random girl who knows an escape route. He chose to stay but only to witness the girls flatten like a pancake when a ceiling came crushing down on them. It was gory and very disturbing. The second test was trying to save the remaining girls or fighting this huge ass armored guy that wants to kill the girls. He chose to fight and all the girls died. Kouga has failed the test multiple times.


The wonderful thing about this moment was that the test was not just visually jarring but it was also psychological. I chose the same choices Kouga did and he failed countless times. It means that I failed as well. A hero must save the lives of many than the life of one person. A hero should trust his instincts and a hero should always save people first before dueling with an awesome villain. I suck as a hero and Kouga did as well. The disturbing faces and last words of the girls before they die really took a toll on Kouga’s sanity. He went insane and we saw the slow spiral of this poor bastard. This was a theme in the anime though. Heroes live a life of sacrifice and Jin, the main character, has done that all his life. Kouga hasn’t and he was not aware of this fact. The villains broke the news to him over a bunch of dead corpses and some f*cked mind games.

42. Akarin the Protagonist. – Yuru Yuri II

The second season of Yuru Yuri smartened up and decided to give Akarin decent roles. In the first season, the running joke was that she was slowly losing her role as protagonist since she just faded in the background as it progresses. I find it a bit unfair because I love Akarin. She is the only girl who can be shipped with any other girl in the anime. Plus she looks like she can handle an orgy pretty well. What the hell am I saying? Anyways, I love Akarin. Those invisible jokes lost its shimmer when it was overdone to death. I also thought Akarain is never to be featured again.


So I was really surprised when she actually got some segments all to herself. The time machine episode in the later parts of the anime was nice but it was the scene in episode 5 that I really admire. It’s the one that deserves to be in this list. Akarin got left behind when the girls decided to go to the pool. Her ticket got caught in an updraft and she was unluckily left behind. The episode should’ve gone to the girls going to the pool, right? Instead, it was about Akarin waiting for the next train. The episode is so boring with Akarin doing jokes by herself and you see the other girls texting her of the fun they were having. The skit ended with Akarin being so caught up in a text chat with Kyouko that she eventually missed the train she was waiting for.

It was an awesome yet boring moment. It reinforced the idea that she really does belong in the sidelines but I didn’t care. I love her and I want more of her. I was actually hoping Akarin and Chinatsu would kiss again but sadly, the easy going yuri got even more easy going.

41. Spit Through Dream – Nazo no Kanojo X

More drool eating disgusting scenes!!!

This one is during episode three where the main character wanted to kiss the GF. Instead, she gave her a test tube full of her spit and then asked him to drink it before he sleeps. This scene made me throw up. Seriously, I threw all over the floor and I remember I didn’t eat anything that day so all my throw up was water which made me gag even more.


I just don’t like hour old spit being drunk by a person. It’s freaking disgusting and the moment just did it for me. No more test tube drinking nastiness please. The funny thing is, I’m pretty unfazed by almost anything I watch in hentai yet Mysterious GF X made me wish I was watching hentai. :/

40. One man army (eyepatch) –  Jormungand

In the eleventh episode of the anime, the focus was on Valmet as she plans to kill Chen Guoming. I’m fuzzy on the details but I remember Chen killing a lot of Valmet’s comrades in a war. Valmet lost her eye in the encounter or something. Anyways, she secretly snuck out of Koko’s group and decided to visit Chen’s base and kill the guy. This moment stood out to me because it had some of the most graphic scenes in the anime. Valmet attacks with her knife and she just jams it on poor no named soldiers. It was pretty awesome. This is where Jormungand truly shine. The battle sequences are pretty amazing. The characters are a bit May Sue-ish because really, she took on a lot of people and didn’t even had a scratch. I remember she succeeded in killing Chen but Karen, Chen’s loyal bodyguard, soon wanted to revenge for his fallen leader. Thus, the cycle of hate continues.

Honorable Mention: Fastest Anime Ever – Teekyu


Teekyu will surprise you. It’s a caffeine injected anime going on overdrive. The first time I watched it, my jaw dropped as the characters talk like they are in fast forward and you basically can’t process anything the anime does. It’s deemed as the fastest anime ever and it really is. It’s also pretty awesome after you get used to it.

Honorable Mention: Kick The Can- Acchi Kocchi

The fourth episode of Acchi Kocchi had the characters play a game of Kick the Can. It isn’t really that big of a moment but for me, it was the funniest scene in the anime next to the teacher being harassed by a bear moment. This moment utilized all the characters though including the side characters who disappears later in the show. The game is a four on four kick the can where the winner gets cafeteria coupons or something like that.


This scene had some very stupid gags like one of the characters walking into a wall because it was painted like a hallway. It also had a strategic ending where one of the characters used a blanket to fool the other team while his teammate secures the can. Of course, this also had some romantic teasing between Io and Tsumiki where the latter avoided a moe hug from the former. Io was disappointed and it was cute.

This anime is pretty much Lucky Star with Konata having a boyfriend. It’s repetitive as hell but as I recently learned, some anime are meant to be watched for relaxing purposes with the brain switched off. This lands in that category and you really do need to switch your brain off. It’s simple dumb fun with a lot of moe and blatant Lucky Star rip off characters.

Honorable Mention: MIA Main Character – Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou


This was even poked at by the show itself. For some reason, the supposed main character of the show was missing for majority of the anime. There was no explanation about it too. He just slowly lost purpose in the anime and eventually faded away. He comes back once in a while but he no longer had a definite role in the later parts anime. I was a bit frustrated with it but it soon became a game to me when I watch the anime. ‘Oh darn, he didn’t appear in this episode as well. Oh well, on to the next one!!”

39. Beach Episode – Another

For a horror anime, I find it pretty disgraceful that it had time to do a beach episode. The weird part is that their teacher killed himself in front of the class just the previous episode. It’s either they were unfazed by it or they are a couple of ungrateful bastards. Seriously, why is there a beach episode in the anime? The thought of a curse picking them off one by one was apparently the perfect excuse to go to the beach.


I hated PA Works for doing this. It wasn’t necessary and it’s out of place. If I saw my teach jam a knife at his throat, saw one of my classmates die of a heart attack, saw one of my classmates impaled by an umbrella then I would never think of going to the beach. Why would you even think of going to the beach? It’s freaking idiotic.

38. Confession Under the Bridge – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai


The development of the relationship of the two main characters in Chuunibyou was sweet. After developing a crush on Yuuta, Rikka is unable to confront the guy. She feels awkward around him and she blushes a lot. The fact that she sports an eight grade syndrome made the moments a lot sweeter. It eventually culminated in a roof top scene that made Yuuta realize that he likes Rikka too. The two asked for advice on a friend on how to confess and eventually gathered enough courage to confess.


They did it under a bridge. The exact moment was blurry to me but this scene was memorable for two reasons. Firstly, the fact that the two characters is now an item was something I hoped the anime would do since the very first time I saw the two interact. Rikka confessing first was also a nice cherry to the top. Secondly, I remember this moment because it was the last time the light heart feel of the anime was prominent. After this, the anime turned dramatic and depressing and it was hard to see Rikka not act like a maniac. You have to hand it to the guy who directed “Air” to ruin a good anime.

I remember this director very much because he decided to eliminate the guy from Air and turn him into a crow just so the mother and daughter can cry a lot. I hated how Air ended and I hate the director. I knew he would somehow do something iffy with Chuunibyou. I defended the dramatic direction of the anime though. I don’t know why but it still fits despite being a massive mood killer.

37. Chizuru x Mary – Kimi to Boku II


In the second season, Mary realized she has no chance for that flowery bastard, Shu. She and Chizuru saw Shu reject a girl with more potential that Mary so it was just clear to everyone that Shu (is f*cking gay) is not in the mood for a relationship. Mary cried and Chizuru tried to comfort her. When he got her in a happy mood, he casually said “I like you” that shocked the hell out of Mary. The next day, the two couldn’t look at each other and they feel awkward. It was sweet and basically any Shoujo moment in the anime is a huge plus for me.

Chizuru got as far as kissing Mary in the forehead but he realize that Mary still very much love Shu. It was a bit painful to admit but Chizuru knew Mary doesn’t like him as much as he liked her. He was relieved though that for a brief moment, Mary thought of him romantically.


I hate Shu. The gayest character to never come out of the closet had girls falling for him and he was just swatting them away. He is an ungrateful bastard. It was a shame Mary and Chizuru never progressed but seeing them work out their relationship was cute. The anime was about growing up and rejection is part of that so in the end, it does make sense why the two never got together. It would’ve been awesome though because my favorite male character and the only female of the group look good together.

36. Graduating Cherry Blossoms –  Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Easily the best moment of the anime is the graduation speech moment by Misaki. The speech was supposed to be given by the class president but Jin made it possible for Misaki to do it. She gave a really awesome speech about her time in Sakurasou and how she is thankful for how the place made her feel loved. It was a definite tear jerking moment as the scene displays every character and their soul baring moments. Even the cold hearted Ryuunosuke was crying in a corner by himself. The reason for this is because their treasured house is about to be demolished and their bond was being broken apart with none of them being able to do about it. They scratch and clawed but this was the end. It’s all over.


Except it wasn’t. Jin then declared that Sakurasou was being demolished by the school and the students in the ceremony are now rallied to a frenzy to help support the petition to not destroy the building. Everyone was chanting about not destroying the building and it was an awesome moment. The faculty staffs were like little children completely lost and overwhelmed that they can’t do anything about it. The school then voted that Sakurasou remains as it is. Then they all lived happily ever after.

This was an awesome moment because everything just falls into place. Every character had participation and they looked great. This moment was sweeter because the ones before it were depressing as a dead kitty. Now I hope JC Staff does the right thing and gives us another season.

35. Don’t leave me alone – Btooom

Btooom had a lot of moments that I’m sure will stay with you. There was that poor woman who obtained the care package only to be blown up and then there is the kid embracing his psychopathic nature while being stuck on the island. Of course, there is also the hot blonde girl being almost raped by a fat otaku (*high five*). Nothing left a bigger impact though than poor Mr. Taira uttering the words “Don’t leave me alone” to the main character, Ryouta.


He was the only character in the anime that truly didn’t have any intention to kill anyone. He was painted as a dubious man though but he was the only one that fully treated other people as his comrades. He got bit by a kimodo dragon, jumped a jungle man only to get his fingers slashed off and he was constantly being left behind. Ryouta kept on saving the blonde girl and every time he leaves, Taira asks him to comeback or begging that he don’t leave him behind. It happened a lot that he basically went insane and attacked people in his unstable state. He never killed anyone though and even died blowing himself up as atonement for attacking Ryouta. It was heart wrenching for me because I wanted him to fight but he was slowly tortured into insanity. He deserved something better.

34. Red King Requiem – K

In the final episode of K, the mystery was finally revealed. The Colorless King is revealed as an asshole that jumps from body to body. The Silver King was able to trap the dude in his body and then asked the Red King to finish the job. The Colorless King killed a dear friend of his so he was so very happy to exact revenge. The Colorless King died a very awesome death but the Red King was pushed to his limits. His Sword of Damocles shattered and came crashing down on Earth. The last time a Sword of Damocles shattered and fell, it left a big hole in Japan. Red King is about to repeat history.


The Blue King, a dear friend of the Red King, swooped in on the final moments and killed the dude. It prevented the Sword from crashing down but the Red King lost his life in the process. He was very thankful though as the two kings exchanged their final goodbyes. This moment wasn’t really that heart wrenching for me but it had an air of dangerous shounen ai to it that I wanted to see till the very end. Admit it, all you shameless Fujoshi out there, you were also pairing up the Blue king and the Red King in your twisted heads making them do sexy time to each other. Ugh, I’m pretty f*cked up myself, aren’t I?

33. Ninja Bloody Mary- Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon II


I was a bit sad that the romance between Tori and Horizon died out on the second season. It was one of the greatest moments in the anime where Tori would do anything to be with Horizon the he would even turn the rest of the world against them. In the second season, they didn’t really do much. Tori were naked during most of the series waving his junk everywhere. I just really like their love story, I guess. It was one of the romantic aspects of the anime that made it worth watching and believe me, there is very little to watch if you’ve seen the first season.

The second season had no Tori X Horizon moments but it did feature another love story. I also would like to add that one of the main strengths of the anime is the side characters. There were a lot of them and they all stand out one way or another. Naturally, I was also a big Tenzou fan. He is the ninja with eyes on his hat that hides his actual eyes. He looks awesome and his great personality isn’t really focused much in the first season. Between him, the lesbian witches, the guy that fights with his fist, the snarky businessman, the big breasted heroines and the complicated villains, the anime really had a hard time evenly distributing screen time. So it was a big delightful surprise when Tenzou got a story of his own and a romantic one at that.


The Tenzou X Bloody Mary love story isn’t really remarkable or as romantic as you’d think but something about the chemistry between the characters really made it worthwhile. Tenzou is a standup guy who fights for what he believes in and has a sense of duty he proudly upholds. Bloody Mary is a woman cursed by fate and accepts her cruel position long ago. After meeting Tenzou though, she slowly began to believe that there is still more to her than just being a pawn for repeating history. She was in love and if she wasn’t such a prominent figure in the English government then everything would’ve been peachy. I wasn’t and the two now had a complicated love story that defies the thing they uphold. The two are in love though and like Tori and Horizon, they would rather die than be apart from one another.

32. Showdown – Tsuritama

The most exciting moment of Tsuritama is easily, the scene where they took on the menacing monster. I love the setup of the angle. There is a legend that told of the exact event happening long ago and the similarities where pretty amazing. There were aliens involved and a dragon and some fishermen that were nicely portrayed in a painting. The anime nicely build up the method on how to defeat the monster in the sea which involves the annoying Haru being bait. Every character had a nice moment on the spotlight in the final battle. Haru being bait, Yuki and Natsuki maneuvering the fishing line to hit the monster and even the duck had a nice scene in the final battle. The characters were slowly being consumed by the dancing fever and the moment just kept on building until it burst forth a pretty awesome finale.


The biggest surprise though was the reveal of the menacing dragon. It turns out to be a little fish and looks freaking harmless. It was pretty funny the world almost ended because of such a tiny terror. This anime is awesome and people don’t give it enough credit for its clean and simple storyline.

31. School Festival Arc – Hyouka 


This arc in the anime had more episodes than any other arc in the show. It also had some of the best moments in the anime. There are a lot of moments but they eventually share one thing in common: they all took place in the school festival. The main story about the thief and the stuff he steals was pretty awesome. It coincides with the large number of Hyouka anthologies the club accidentally ordered. Oreki was his usual detective self and he managed to sell all the books while satisfying the mystery portion of the arc. The mystery was pretty good but it was the cunning deduction of Oreki that really made the moment pretty awesome.


The side stories were also pretty memorable. Mayaka and her squabble with the manga club were pretty great. The vocaloid cosplay was the cherry on top. This bit has a great story about people who do their best but can never reach the top while feeling defeated when they see other people reach it easily because they were just born with the abilities to do so.


My suspicions about Satoshi and his rather flamboyant personality also had some moments in the anime. People defend him a lot and they just tell me countless times that “he isn’t gay”. Yeah, I’m sorry but when I see a guy happily run around the school in a sunflower or Saturn outfit possibly feeling liberated when he wears spandex, various thoughts rushes to my head just as to why that sort of sh*t happens. He is a free spirit, I agree, but I think he is the type of guy that needs to sleep with a girl, realize vaginas don’t do much for him and then come out of the closet. I see it all the time. I’m just kidding. I just want to put it out there. I think this guy is destined to be gay bones. (No offense to anyone who were offended.)

The little story about Chitanda enjoying the school festival is pretty sweet too. She keeps being distracted by all the stands and she even went as far as doing a photo shoot simply because it fascinated her. This had a “K-on” moment to it that I did cringe at but Chitanda is just so cute.

The straw millionaire moment of Oreki was pretty sweet too. I love the fact that his random items connects with the various stories told in the festival and it eventually leads to all the books to be sold.


The cooking competition was awesome as well. Every character had a nice moment in that segment. I even try to imitate Chitanda’s way of cleaning rice after seeing it done in the anime. Oreki helping out as oppose to his “I don’t care” personality was nice to see because you see him grow character wise. See, there are a lot of moments in the school festival that nicely stands out. The fact that everything connected together into one big story was the best part of it all.

30. A Smack of Nostalgia – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

In episode ten of the anime, Yuuta told Rikka to remove her eye patch. He believed that she is better off living a normal life and it’ll be easier for the rest of her family. She was crushed but Yuuta was her guiding light. As a way of saying goodbye to her old self, she decided to sing a song on the stage at the school’s festival. It was a familiar song to me. I immediately had goose bumps. At the second line, my lips starting mouthing off the words because the song is very dear to me.


It was the ED song of Twin Spica, the first anime to ever make me cry. I was in love with this anime because it was just raw drama at its highest form. I judge every other drama anime I watch using this anime. It’s one of my favorites so to hear the familiar song sang by Rikka, it was seriously a very nice helping of nostalgia for me. She had a cute voice too and it’s too bad she doesn’t have a full version of the song. I immediately went to youtube and search the song. Some anime are just too good that simply hearing the songs associated to them can stir up something inside you. Twin Spica does that for me.

29. Spriggan VS Salamander – Sword Art Online


In episode twenty of SAO, Kirito and his cousin rushed to save the Slyphs and Cait Siths from the trap the Salamanders has set for them. During their peace meeting, the Salamanders would charge in with all their forces and annihilate the two races so they can control their resources and suck the money out of their lands. Kirito, being the busy bee that he is, tried to stop the Salamanders and rushed to the meeting place as fast as he can. He got there just in time for the Salamanders to come out of hiding. He confronted the leader and they exchanged words. The general of the Salamaders called bullsh*t when Kirito claimed he was representing the Spriggans in the meeting. The general and Kirito eventually decided to fight it out.


This was the most exciting fight scene in the entire show for me. It wasn’t rushed and Kirito actually looked cool in everything that he did. The general is a formidable foe too and they just unleashed fury as they dance in the air. The outcome of the fight didn’t matter to me because I was in love with the fact that I actually saw a decently paced match from this anime. Not even the final battle or that horde of spawning nightmares on the later parts of the anime can top this. It was just awesome and I really wanted more of it. If there is another season, I want more action and less Asuna please.

28. Zomibification – Sankarea

The first three episodes of Sankarea were the best moments of the anime. It featured how Chihiro and Rea meet up until her untimely death and zombification. The death scene itself is pretty brutal. Rea was escaping her father after the pervert forbids her to meet up with Chihiro ever again. Rea wanted freedom though and it was denied countless time. This time, she was going to fight for it. She fought hard and she ended up falling from the side of a cliff then hitting a branch on the way down. The branch tore open her stomach, exposing her intestines and other goodies, which instantly killed her. Except she didn’t die because she drank the reviving serum they were concocting beforehand. She was revived as a zombie. She now earned the freedom she longed for and Chihiro is able to act on his zombie fetish. All is right with the world.


The show kind of became boring afterwards though because it was solely building on Rea’s transformation. After it happened, the show became predictable and the focus shifted to other characters. The anime should’ve incorporated the first three episodes as flashbacks where Rea’s death would be unveiled at the later parts of the show. It could’ve saved the show but who the hell cares at this point. A pale Rea with super strength and rotting flesh sounds pretty appealing though. I think I have zombie fetish too but only as long as the zombies are as pretty as Rea.

27. Overcoming a Maus – Girls und Panzer

In the last episode of the anime, the Oari girls were up against the biggest tank in history. The Maus was humungous and it easily disabled two of their vehicles after the girls have survived a 7-20 disadvantage beforehand. They cannot penetrate its armor and one hit from its cannon is enough to decimate their own tanks. This came at a bad time because the Oari girls were seriously just inches away from victory. Miho decided to disable the Maus before the rest of its members enter the urban terrain.


Miho is a freaking genius and I’m a little bummed the whole thing is a friendly sport. I wanted to see the Maus operators die. That’s just me though.  Anyways, Miho decided to find the massive tanks weakness and cripple its movements. She sent one of their tanks below the Maus to lift it up to an angle where it cannot move. The weight of the tank is crushing the smaller tank but the huge behemoth is now stationary. Miho then sent a lightweight tank to jump on top of the Maus and prevent its turrets to move so it can do more shots. Miho then took aim at its weak spot, the joint of the turret. A huge explosion commenced and the Maus was defeated. It was freaking amazing and I was really on the edge of my seat as the girls now prepare for the final showdown. For the most memorable scene in the anime though, it’s easily their fight with the Maus. It’s proof that the underdog team is seriously aiming for victory and they’ll even topple a giant to do so.

This show needs another season. It’s a no brainer. I seriously want one and I know I am not alone on that.

26. If You Can’t Beat Them…- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In the final episode of Joji’s Bizarre Adventures, Joseph Joestar took on the invincible villain named Cars. Yes, his name is Cars. He has achieved sheer perfection after obtaining the ability to bathe in the sun rather than perish from it and he has gained the power to shape shift his body into anything he wants. He can grow wings in his back, turn his skin into armadillo shells and even turn those shells into man eating Piranhas. He even turned his hand into a squirrel and lured a defenseless squirrel with it then ate the damn creature. He was the ultimate villain.

Jojo was butterf*cked fighting against this guy. He already used all his tricks and he can’t touch the guy because he is invincible. His last plan was to trap Cars in a volcano and let the magma kill him. It almost succeeded but Cars proved to be too awesome. What is there left to do?


Throw him into space!!! It’s idiotic and it was an insult to the spirit of the anime. Dues Ex Machina saved the day when the volcano happened to shoot the ground Jojo and Cars were standing on and it miraculously sent Cars into space. The way he was defeated was pathetic but it was the idea of his defeat that was memorable. The harshness of Space overpowered him and he turned into a half animal half rock being. He is fully conscious but unable to move and will now spend the rest of eternity drifting into outer space. Death by Jojo’s fists feels like a much better fate than forever living wandering the depth of space.

Honorable Mention: Nibbling Hamster – Busou Shinki

This show was really bad. It set me up for something action packed then it dropped me like an egg off a building. Slice of life anime about fighting robots, it doesn’t really appeal to me. Majority of the episodes are fluff so really I don’t remember much if it. The one thing I remember about the anime is a random hamster the same size as the girls nibbling in the background most of the time. It’s a cute round hamster that really had more personality than the girls.

Honorable Mention:  Ohmygod!!!! – Tsuritama


It’s a simple scene. Right before they had the epic showdown against the alien creature that is making people dance, Haru splashed the guys with some water so the alien can’t control their mind. Everyone had a decent reaction except for Yamada who screamed out “ohmahgad!” in a very exaggerated way. It happened fast but it still left me in stitches.

Honorable Mention: OP Song – Shiba Inuko-san


If you sang the lyrics of the song instead of just reading it then you was unjustly LSS’ed by the song as well. Every episode of the first half of Shiba had this annoyingly cute song and I can’t shake it off. It’s just forever stuck with me. The song is absolutely adorable but it was actually the only thing I remember form the show. It’s only one minute and forty seconds long. The song eats up forty seconds of that. So this song will stay with you whether you like it or not. Just remember, Shiba Inuko-san hates the cold.

One thought on “TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part III

  1. When I saw that you listed Chizuru x Mary moments in this post, I skipped the rest of the list. God, that was the sweetest and heartbreaking confession I’ve seen. I mean, I really sympathize with Chizuru because the one he likes loves his friend. It pains me to see him being hurt although he’s not my favorite character (I love the Asaba Twins). It brought me to tears though the scene is not intended for such purpose. Going back to episode 2 where Mary wanted to give her Christmas present to Shun and he supported her and cried under the rain. Sheesh. It really felt like I was him. Awww. Heartbreak.

    Kimi to Boku is really a heartwarming anime. One of my favorites 🙂

    PS: Don’t talk too badly about Satoshi!!!!! LOL. HE’S AWESOME PERIOD!!

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