TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part II

This is the second part of my compilation of the best (and worst) anime moments of 2012. I’ve always wanted to do a top thingy to conclude my anime watching of 2012. I’ve seen a lot of anime and made a lot of reviews about it. Seriously, I’ve seen too much but not enough to reach my goal. Anyways, before I move on to the anime of 2013, I want to do a wrap up of my anime experience first.  Any idiot can make a top ten list though and it feels too normal for me. I want to do something excessive so I did a top hundred list. I hope you enjoy reading this unnecessarily long list as much as I had fun making it. Any complains and disagreement on the ranking of the list is gladly welcome. Just voice your thoughts in the comments section. Please be mindful though that this is MY list and I am as bias as a dude that gives Oretachi Tsubasa wa Nai a score of 8 of ten.


Also, some anime had a lot of moments in it but I decided to just take three moments max for every anime. The ranking is done by how much a moment made an impact. These moments would come up in a conversation when you mention the anime and the higher it is, the more memorable it is. There will also be spoilers in the moments so be warned. Spoilers ahead.

Ok then, let’s continue the countdown.

74.  Karuta x Watanuki- Inu X Boku SS


Inu X Boku SS is a forgettable anime. There’s not much to sink your teeth into. Maybe you’ll enjoy the endless pledge of loyalty by the butler. I think that one got old fast too though. The only thing that really made the anime especial for me is the pairing of Karuta, the pigtail cutie, and Watanuki, the shy boy that has a soft spot for his childhood friend. They weren’t really focused much like the main couple but their interaction is cute. Every scene that involves the two is a lot more intriguing that the overdone love story of the main couple. Watanuki gets easily flustered when around Karuta and I love his shy personality. Karuta is this aloof girl that likes Watanuki but isn’t really direct. She would just do something cute and Watanuki would blush then boom, that’s enough to last me another horrifically dragged episode of the anime.

73. Hot Tub Time Machine- Thermae Romae

This show was mildly amusing to me. It has its moments but it’s a bit idiotic for its own good. The anime must’ve been romanticized because the live action movie is actually pretty great and the anime did air in the notorious noitaminA block. I do like the idea of a Roman guy travelling to the future so he can act all surprise and interested in modern day plumbing. It’s a short show but there a lot of standout moments like the guy bowing defeat to the Japanese for their baths or proclaiming the coming of God after eating a soft boiled egg. The thing that I really love about the show though is when the guy first travelled back in time.


After this architect was stuck in a rut, he went to the public bath to relax and discovers a hole in the bath. He went to investigate and he got sucked into it. He came out in another bath but it’s in modern Japan. His foreign face gasping for air and his eyes weirded out by the chain of events is a pretty priceless moment. It was through this time travel shtick that he got ideas to improve the baths of Rome and soon became a big shot in his world. I never liked the idea of a Roman hailing the Japanese though. The author must be lashing out when she made this. I don’t care. I’m just reading too much into it. The anime is good and it’s short plus it was in noitaminA. I’m not sure how a flash anime got in but damn it, it got in.

72. Mystery Revealed – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

The mystery in this anime was nicely conceived. The why and how behind Yuko’s death was pretty interesting to see until the end. It was apparently dating back to when the school was fairly new and the villagers where deciding on a sacrifice to appease the gods and stop the outbreak of diseases plaguing the village. Yuko was concerned for this little girl who she believes would be the sacrifice. The little girl, Asa, has grown fond of Yuko and is thankful for being nice to her. She was kidnapped by the villagers and Yuko went in to rescue her. Asa screamed Yuko’s name and the villagers immediately grabbed Yuko.


It turns out that Asa was actually appointed as the divine messenger that chooses the sacrifice and she accidentally blurted out Yuko’s name. Yuko was accidentally chosen as the sacrifice. Yuko was captured then thrown into the underground shrine that was sealed later on. She bled profusely from a broken leg and she was crying for help as she slowly leaves this world. Yuko died peacefully though and she never once thought ill of Asa or anyone for her cruel fate.

The way the mystery was setup was really awesome. Throughout the series, the village, the history and the traditions connected to Yuko’s death was sprinkled in places you’d never expect. The cursed rock in school was actually connected to Yuko among other things. It was just amazing how things nicely fell into place. If only I can forget the various flirting scenes in the anime. Those damn scenes ruined the anime for me a bit.

71. Rejected! – Kamisama Hajimemashita

I watch a lot of anime so remembering some moments often end with a blur for me. In Kamisama Kiss, there weren’t a lot of memorable moments that I really enjoyed. The romance was a bit off beat and the supernatural elements weren’t effectively mixed in. Yeah, there were some adorable moments but, as a guy, if there aren’t boobs then I’ll mostly likely forget it (true story).

As you can see, she can't handle rejection well.

As you can see, she can’t handle rejection well.

The one moment that stood out to me though is when the handsome fox demon rejected the girl. He doesn’t support humans and demons having a romantic relationship so he can never fall in love with her. The girl was super devastated and her teenage angsty rejected ass just couldn’t cope with it. She was dumped after a date at the aquarium and a moment to gaze the nighttime view on top of a really tall building. Tomoe felt Nanami was falling in love with him and before anything could happen, he told her he can never love her. Feeling reject, this girl did the only sensible thing at that moment: she got up on the ledge and threatened to jump. No one died though but this moment stuck out to me because I rarely see handsome bishies turn down a girl. I never thought it was even possible.

The love story didn’t end here though because after that rejection, Tomoe gradually falls in love with Nanami too but in small bite size doses. These two are on the right path after the anime ended so it’s all good.

70. Chickening Out Shoujo Style -Tonari Kaibutsu-kun

This show was about a cute love story about a girl who don’t give two f*cks about anything and a guy who is misunderstood. The love story aspect of the anime is pretty nice. Not a lot of development happens but you still get cute moments like the characters hugging and stuff like that. The one thing I really enjoyed about the anime was the story of the characters realizing they love each other but not exactly at the same time.


At first, Haru declared his love to Shizuku that rattled the girl. She goes in a long emotional mood trip on whether she likes Haru too or not. She then got an epiphany that she does indeed love the guy and confessed her feelings to him. Haru smiled and said that his love isn’t the same as her love. The girl got promptly rejected and she decided to get over her love and just focus on her studies completely accepting the fact they are just friends and nothing more. Except Haru started developing real feelings towards Shizuku afterwards and now wants to be romantic with her. She doesn’t want to anymore though because she just had an internal war with herself extinguishing her love for the guy. Now Haru is trying to get Shizuku to get him to love her again while annoying the hell out of her. The two bastards have gone up and down the tiers that you just really want them to have sex and be done with it. The characters circle around too much and chickening out on moments that really counts.

I’ve seen too many hentai to know where this relationship would end up in…..then again, this is Shoujo and according to the things my friend told me about Shoujo manga, this back and forth flirting would go on for a few more chapters with the story branching out over the other characters and their own love stories while the story intensifies when they got out of high school and someone gets pregnant and someone interrupts a wedding. Hmm… Let’s just hope we get another season.

69.  Zenigata Fujiko Sex Scene- Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna


In Episode four of the anime, Fujiko had sex with the detective. It was so she can get out of prison. Nothing major was shown. It was simply an image of the male symbol poking the female symbol and Fujiko moaning a lot to make the scene more proper. The scene was very much important to the anime because it gave a reason for that guy in high heels to become an antagonist.

I grew up watching Lupin though. I don’t remember much of it, other than it’s a funny and smart show. Zenigata is always comic relief and Fujiko is the girl Lupin wants to bang. This scene made the ten year old boy in me cry. My childhood was seriously shattered. I should’ve known the anime was going this liberal with the countless boob shots of Fujiko but damn it, the fact that Fujiko was boned by Zenigata was hard to swallow.

My reaction was basically this:


The funny part is that it’s just a casual scene from the anime and it really meant nothing. But it meant a lot to me. Nothing rapes your childhood innocence more than two of your childhood characters banging each other in a film noir style anime.

68. It’s too Japanese *sarcasm* – Joshiraku

There is actually some nice story behind Joshiraku being hard to translate. Some fansubbers even told the world that it’s too Japanese and you shouldn’t watch it. The amount of word puns, Japanese gags and cultural comedy was a bit hard to translate. They were saying that the cultural barrier is just too big to overcome. Some fansubbers took the challenge on though because the show is actually really good. I understand the fansubbers finding it difficult to work with the word puns and all that. The funny thing is though, they really didn’t need to. The anime thrived on the random and not the cultural comedy that intimidated most viewers. Of course, some people didn’t want to give the show a chance. This amazing show is deemed as too Japanese. Other people soon started putting the show down claiming that it sucks. Between the moe induced characters and the references, they are calling Joshiraku bad.


I disagree though. This show had smart comedy and a lot of weird out moments to counter the references. It’s a really good show and I find it a bit shocking people are showering a show like Uta Koi, that is so deep rooted in Japanese culture and history that any anime viewer with little knowledge of Japanese history wouldn’t understand the show, yet they are quick to call Joshiraku, a quirky up to date comedy with a colorful look at Japanese culture, apparently the worse between the two. Ugh, f*cking weaboos.

No moment in the anime could top the stigma attached to it. Not the sumo under the tatami mats or the cute girl in the group listening to death metal music or one of the girls showing her ass regularly or the girls touring places in Japan with a comparison of the past and the present, or the various stabs at recent anime like Polar Bear Café. Nope. It’s apparently too Japanese to find any great moments out of it. Two words to all the misinformed anime viewers: Translator’s Notes. That is all.

67. Bait and Switch II – Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

Try to google any episode one review of Papakiki and the reaction is mostly about the lolicon aspect of the anime. People would either be excited at the lolicon potential of the anime or they would be repulsed by it. Either way, people can determine that the anime would be about young girls crushing on an older guy. Or is it?


Papakiki is a good example of why you shouldn’t judge an anime by its first episode. The anime’s true charm usually unfolds after the third episode and surprise to everybody, the anime is not about young girls being perverted. It’s a drama anime. I was surprised as well and I couldn’t believe how smartly executed the anime was. It was a bait and switch! You watch for the loli and then you’re hooked with the drama. Touché, you lolicon anime.

I also love the honesty in the anime. The loli aspects still linger but the anime never once fully focused on it. I admire that and I honestly think Papakiki is one of the most underrated anime of 2012. People should watch it and love it but first they should cringe at the loli-ness.

66. Monk Fight – Brave Ten

Brave Ten is a forgettable anime because it just couldn’t do something interesting with its premise. There were some good points though but in the end, the anime is just another feudal anime you throw with the other pile of feudal anime. There is one moment that impressed me though and that was the fight against the muscle bound Monk. The Monk has the ability to use every muscle in his body to beat the characters senseless.


The thing that I really enjoyed about this was the dog pile sequence in the fight scene. It took every character to defeat this monk and the animation that commences was pretty damn awesome. All the characters fought with their own style and there were some double team moves that look pretty impressive. I also love the ending where the only way to defeat this monk was by targeting his brain because it’s the only part of the body without muscles he can use for defense.

65. AK-47 vs. M16 – Upotte

Episode 6 of Upotte features the final match of the team battle between the girl guns. The team of Ichiroku and Elle goes up against the b*tchy team of Sako and Galil. The best thing about Upotte is the action sequences. They are serious and the have flashy special effects that is really fun to watch. This is topped off by a smartly paced gun fight. In the previous episode, Sako or the AK-74, shot one of the girls in the head and then mercilessly beat the other one in the planned team battle. Ichiroku, or the M16, wants revenge for her friends. The bad blood between the AK and M16 was addressed as well. The anime nicely explored the history between the two guns. The Russians had AK47 dominating the Americans. The Americans stuck with their M16 and charged through despite being overwhelmed.


The battle was setup even further when the M16, proving she is better and wanting revenge, is paired with the L851A which was deemed unreliable. Sako was a massive b*tch and she is paired with a pretty commendable partner, the Galil AR or another version of the AK. This was a battle between a really dominant team and a dysfunctional one with respect and bragging rights hanging in the balance. I still remember the setup because I was really impressed by it.

The fight was pretty decent. Sako’s team was dominant and Ichiroku was charging head on after her partner got bogged down in mud. She was pincered and almost about to be destroyed but her partnered, introduced as an unreliable girl, saved the day with a come from behind retaliation. They won and they rejoiced. The episode ends with Sako acknowledging her defeat and then kissed one of the girls. I forgot who.

Honorable Mention: Cat in Her Pants – Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmonbu 

I don’t remember much from this anime. The parodies were good though and that stupid side story of the boy turning out to be an evil harem master was pretty good. The one that really stuck to me though and, really, it’s only because it came out of nowhere, was that random scene of the cat playing with the kuudere girl of the anime. This cat with a pretty impressive meow just suddenly got aggressive with the girl. The cat went between her legs and she was letting out a really satisfactory moan while the furry creature was getting up close with her furry creature (*high five*!!). I also remember the girl screaming out a teacher’s name and so there suddenly became a rumor about a teacher being naughty with a student.


I really love this show even if I don’t remember a lot from it. Between the parodies and the random characters, there is a lot to enjoy here. The show also had a lot of blatant fan service but they mostly do it to one girl so it was a surprise to see the kuudere get violated by a cat. You don’t see that a lot in anime and damn it, we need more cat on girl rape scenes.

Honorable Mention: Bare Naked Bones – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I don’t remember the episode but there was a scene in the anime where the ghost girl, Yuko, was hiding in shame when her lover, Teiichi, discovered her remains. Remains as in her bones left in a cave to die and slowly rot for a long time. She was apparently embarrassed that he is seeing her shameful side. It was just a simple moment but it was a bit dark. This girl was more concerned about her boyfriend seeing her naked remains than actually caring that she died miserably inside a cave trapped to die alone. Maybe afterlife has a flip side after all.

Honorable Mention: Magical Transformation- Dog Days II

The second season of Dog Days featured a triple threat match among the kingdoms. The newly introduced kingdom excelled in magic and they had a warrior of their own. This girl now possesses magic and she can transform into a magical girl. The transformation sequence is pretty crazy. It’s done in CG with a lot of fancy movements with a really cheesy transformation scene. It only happened once and the animation quality of it was pretty amazing. It nicely stood out and I still freaking remember it. It was a bit stupid but awesome nonetheless.

64. Fat Bastard Scoring Hot Girl- Accel World


Accel World is that anime everyone considered to be a much better Sword Art Online, haha. It was really amazing and it had a lot of cool moments. The one thing I remember from this anime though is the main character. He is stout and short. It was hard to get used to Eric Cartman being the main character and I really rage when he would have Ecchi moments with the girls of the anime. I call bullsh*t on a lot of girls throwing themselves at a guy whose penis is smaller than his pinky finger. It can’t happen. My brain won’t register it. I often couldn’t get behind the bad-ass action scenes because the main character throws me off a lot. I bet Kirito would benefit a lot in this anime if he ever wanted to appear in it.

The moment that I personally can never forget is when the Black Snow Princess expresses her love for the fat bastard and even has a relationship with him. My brain cannot register it and of all the f*cking guys in the world, it had to be Eric Cart man. It honestly reminds me of these guys:


Yeah, There is a mix of jealousy, rage, anger, depression, disgust, tales of aliens or blackmagic, denial and pain when I see these kinds of polar opposites getting the goods. I’m sorry. I sound like a douche, please understand, it’s just my opinion. I’m a fan of the normal guys getting a harem but seeing a short fat guy score someone like BSP, I die a little inside.

Read more here:

63. Affectionate Banobos- Shin Sekai Yori

This moment was just a short scene in the anime. It doesn’t really mean much at all. It was explained though that the humans in the world of Shin Sekai yori was evolutionary designed to use sex as a way of coping with stressful situations. It doesn’t matter the gender or the age for some reason and that is why my jaw f*cking dropped when Satoru and Shun locked lips in the anime. They didn’t just kissed though, Satoru went on top of Shun and shoved his tongue in Shun’s mouth. I clearly saw the whole thing in all its amazing glory. It was full on guy on guy that’ll make a fujoshi smile from ear to ear.


The worst part is that these characters were just kids in the previous episodes. They were just innocent little creatures before this and now, they’re going full on homo on each other. Maria and Saki also kissed in this episode though and, I guess, it was pretty shocking as well but no girl shoved her tongue in another girl’s mouth though so I felt a bit robbed of that moment. The worst worst part in the entire moment was that Mamoru, the character I sympathized with since the first episode, didn’t get any action. This world f*cking sucks.

62. Mato vs BRS – Black Rock Shooter

The final episode of Black Rock Shooter featured a one on one fight against Mato, the main character, and her alternate persona, BRS. The anime established that when you’re hurt emotionally by someone, in another dimension, an alternate version of you is taking all the pain. Not emotionally though, they take in a very physical way. This often include being flattened by a bulldozer, stabbed in the gut or repeatedly slammed to the floor by the alternate persona of the b*tch that hurt you in real life.


In the final episode, Mato was transported into the alternate world where BRS resides. I don’t remember how she got there but it involves a rouge BRS going ape sh*t on the world so Mato is set to stop her. The confrontation is pretty epic for two glorious reasons: Firstly, seeing Mato in the BRS costume is pretty awesome. BRS has no emotions so seeing a much more human character taking pain and giving the appropriate response gives me a massive boner. (yeah, you read that right. Full on confession here people.) She was hot and the slight S&M of the scene is a turn on for me. Stop judging me.

Secondly, the fight scene itself is the very climax of the anime. BRS was really dishing out the chops for dinner as she relentlessly attacks Mato. I remember one scene where she grabbed Mato and just repeatedly punches her like she was a rag doll. BRS was even trash talking going “that’s all you got?! I’ve taken more than that!” It was awesome.  Of course, Mato’s retaliation was also pretty epic. That huge ass weapon she dished out that wasted BRS is epic. I made a GIF of it but it was crappy. I tried reducing the file size but ended up butchering the GIF. Eh. The rainbow colored shot that ended the fight was pretty priceless. It was a combined effort from all the persona in the world and Mato’s sheer determination that defeated BRS.


A lot of people hated this anime though. I don’t understand why, it was much better than the OVA but maybe the confusing backstory and the way it doesn’t stack up to the game was one of the many reasons people didn’t like it. It’s always the anime’s fault. The sheer fact that a drawing that inspired a music video that was turned into an anime that spun its own series that got a video game version is a remarkable legacy Black Rock Shooter will leave behind though.

61. She appears!!! – Robotics Notes

Remember her?


It’s the little girl from Steins Gate.

Here she is now some years later in Robotics Notes.


I didn’t really see the connection at first (even though the name is already flashed in my f*cking face). The anime was so mishandled that it was hard to even think of the possibility. There were some Steins Gate references here and there though. The mention of SERN and their cooperation with Kou Kimijima’s plan had me smiling. It was when the guy named Toshiyuki Sawada said the lines “Say hello to S Braun for me” that had the hair in my back raising. In the VN, he was actually a part of the Committee of 300 (the bad guys) but separated then founded a resistance that consists of Steins Gate and Chaos Head characters. I don’t remember (or rather, I don’t want to remember) anything from Chaos Head but I am freaking in love with Steins Gate though. It’s a part of me now and I was really happy when I realized the little girl from my favorite show is all grown up and helping high school students build giant robots. It made me teary eyed.

As for a great moment in the anime, there really isn’t any. Who would’ve known though that Production IG would release crap anime twice in the same seasonal lineup and in the same noitaminA slot? The first one is Guilty Crown, by the way. If the pattern persists, we might get another awful work in the next Fall lineup.

60. Shopping rangers- Tari Tari


The tenth episode of Tari Tari focused the story on Wein, the most interesting character in the anime for me. Something about his innocent yet cute personality made me wish the anime gave him more screen time instead of the melodrama of the girls. Wein’s story involves the characters dressing up as Sentai characters known as the shopping rangers and they will do shows on the shopping district. I was embarrassed for the characters and I was laughing my ass off as I watch the anime. It’s pretty funny seeing the characters in spandex with ridiculous names doing silly things in public. The anime ended with an actual thief stealing a purse and the shopping rangers chased after him. Wein was super determined because he’s just silly that way and we all loved him for that. He was kicked and slammed but he never gave up like a real superhero. God damn, I love you Wein. This is pretty much the only thing I remember from Tari Tari.

The show had some great moments but Wein is a show stealer and he should’ve been given more time. I guess the school closing down and the play the characters did was pretty good. The little tease of romance towards the end was nice too but really, nothing beats the shopping rangers. How can you top something so adorably embarrassing?!

59. Lesbians in the Classroom – Rinne no Lagrange II


The second season of Rinne no Lagrange had the girls wrapping up the story. Everything was predictable though and my interest in the show kind of faded away after I saw the first season. There was nothing more to do than just end the anime in peaceful resolution. The mecha battles were OK but nothing worth bragging about.

The only moment I really loved and still remember was the scene where the girls reunited. All of them went their separate way after the first season and their reunion was the only thing I cared about. There is tension between the planets and Madoka felt sad that the Jersey Club can never meet each other ever again. She went to the club room to reminisce about the good times and cry it all out. Lan and Muginami visited the club room as well though since they were longing to be with each other. It was a lovely reunion that was capped off with the characters kissing each other. Lan kissed both the other girls and it was hot. They then spend the rest of the night laughing their worries away.


This is basically the only thing that stood out in the anime. I’m sure there are other noteworthy scenes but girls kissing each other pretty much do wonders for me.

58. Because Stripper Poles are Always Awesome – Highschool DxD


There’s nothing really much to explain here. It’s just the ending sequence of the anime. Something about the characters dancing in a stripper pole sticks to my mind for some delightful reason. Seeing that kuudere shake her ass also inspired to say “damn, I wish I can make GIFs” and I basically scoured the net to learn how to.

57. Spit Swapping – Nazo no Kanojo X

This anime is disgusting. I seriously gagged at some of the moments in this anime. I just don’t find spit swapping a good concept. I’ve seen it done in hentai but they usually kiss sloppily first then just open wide while the other person let their drool go down their tongue. In Mysterious GF X, they put some drool on their pointing fingers and let the other person eat it up. It’s freaking disgusting.


The most outrageous spit swapping moment for me was in the final episode. The couple stood in front of the guy’s mother’s grave and proceeded to eat each other’s drool. It was supposed to be romantic but I’m not sure about that. I guess some people enjoyed it. I can’t. I just can’t.

56. Whole Court Three Point – Kuroko no Basket

In the eleventh episode of Kuroko no Basket, Midorima, the greened haired arrogant bishie, proved how awesome he is in three points. He first did a perfect arching three pointer on the three point line. He outdid that, and shocked the hell out of me, when he did a half court three points. He didn’t stop there because he wanted to prove that his three point shots never miss. He did a whole court three point. It’s a shot from the other side of the court. It was awesome and a basketball enthusiast like me just kind of drooled at the awesome shot.


Other people hated Kuroko no basket because it was too “unrealistic” and normal games don’t go down like that. There are too many slam dunks and impossible things in the anime. I’m a bit baffled because most people hate anime for being ”cartoonish” yet something that fully used the cartoonish aspect to effective tell a story is suddenly “unrealistic”. Really? There a bunch of pricks in the anime fandom who aren’t satisfied until they find some fault in every anime they watch. It’s irritating sometimes. Ironically, they are also the same guys that buy the BDs and DVDs of the anime. So it’s also funny.


Anyways, this was the best moment for me and seeing Taiga counter Mirodima’s shot was also an awesome moment in the anime. He was slowly reaching the levels of the generation of miracles and it makes me really impatient for the second season.

55. Mystery Revealed II – Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

In the final episode of this anime, it was revealed that it wasn’t actually Fujiko’s memory that was in the flashbacks. It was another person’s memory and she was actually experimented after a failed robbery. A lot of people felt it was a cop out by the anime. It was the thing the show was building as the anime progresses so it felt cheap to know that it wasn’t actually Fujiko’ backstory we are seeing but someone else’s. I loved it though because the story is still pretty incredible. The reason why Fujiko never settle down with any rich guy and continue to steal stuff and her huge sexual appetite is explained by the anime. The details are all fuzzy in my head now but it was revealed that the girl who had the original memory is kept in a facility being taken care of by her mother. She is living a pretty horrible life though and Fujiko decided to free the poor bastard.


This girl can no longer move and was slowly dying. Fujiko placed her along the beach so the girl can see Fujiko fully moving her body and happily enjoying the moment. Lupin thought it was cruel of Fujiko but it was the revenge she wanted to exact on the girl that was toying with her life all this time.

This was a really well written show. The mature content and the film noir style of storytelling is an original approach to anime. If the story doesn’t do much for you then I’m sure the fact that Fujiko exposes her boobs on every episode will. Seriously, I grew up watching Lupin and seeing her tits kind of made me want to tell myself young self I’m watching a different show.

54. Masato titles- Little Busters

If you marathon the anime, the lack of direction and the odd pacing of the show will take a toll on you. Things get easily repetitive and characters that once had an awesome personality became wallflowers once their arcs ended. Trying to finish the anime was really hard for me because I love stories in my anime. Any kind, actually, as long as there is a beginning, middle and end. Little Busters had none. It was all just a prologue and the actual story commences in another season. I finish the anime for two reasons. One is because I don’t like leaving any anime halfway done and I can’t do a proper review without seeing it all. Some people do reviews after seeing three episodes and I don’t want to be like that. Any idiot can write two paragraphs about why the liked or hated the series so you got to do a proper job of it.  Secondly, I stayed because of Masato.


A friend of mine named Ovindel (finally got to plug his damn blog, click it you inconsiderate bastards) agreed that Masato is the best character in the anime. He truly is because any segment involving this guy is pure gold. Some are super repetitive but he is the guy that opens the door when a fart stays too long in a room. He is the breath of fresh air the anime solely relied on. This honest idiot who only cares for his muscles was the best thing to look forward to in the anime. My favorite segments involve him and a character fighting one on one. The rule is that you must fight with whatever you catch from the tings the crowd throws at you so the playing field is leveled. Someone always throws a banana at first and I really love that. Anyways, Masato is a big idiot so he always loses and the loser must get a humiliating nickname from the winner. He got the title “trash” and “man with no brains” among other things.


He really isn’t that special but he was a generic character among a bunch of bland ones so I really love watching him do his stuff. He would be the butt of every physical comedy, he would act like a goof over the simplest thing like counting the number of members in the group and he would say stupid things that nobody else would dare try to do. He does have his sweet moments but he is truly defined by his honest yet idiotic nature. I love this guy.

53. No Pants in the Grass – Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne

On the eleventh episode of OniAi, Anastasia didn’t wear any panties because all of her underwear is in the wash. The group rendezvous though because they heard an intruder enter their property. Anastasia was forced to scour the forest, where the intruder might be in, going commando. Sure enough, I was introduced to the most ingenious Ecchi moment of the year. I don’t know what you call it, but it’s that puffy thing in the grass. As Anastasia is walking in the grass, one of those puffy things went between her legs and brushed up her hey-hey. She lets out a moan and I was laughing my head off.

It was a really brilliant Ecchi scene. You don’t see that a lot and the initial reaction is a bit of shock and then tons of laughing. Seriously, I can’t get over it. I love it so much that I made a GIF of it. Look at Anastasia let out a satisfying moan. This is also the reason why I love Anastasia. Between her tough girl front and the combination of dead fish eyes and blonde hair, Anastasia is a ten out of ten for me.

52. Extra Faculty Member – Another


The mystery in Another had its moments. The build up for the revelation of the extra student was pretty exciting and the chaos that transpired in the final moments of the show was pretty awesome. I love all the death scenes in the mansion. The boy who opened a door and burned to death, the girl who fell two stories and landed on her neck, the girl who got impaled by a lot of glass shards and  the girl who got strangled by loose wires combined for a powerful final episode in the anime. The moment of the big reveal was pretty lame though.

It turns out that the main character’s aunt is the extra student. She was the assistant teacher and they were the only class that had an assistant teacher. The way the anime covered up the fact she was related to the main character was pretty brilliant because you were consumed in fingering student after student claiming they were the extra bastard. It was actually the teacher and I love that. The one who put it all together was Mei though and her reasoning was because she saw the assistant teacher get murdered and thrown into the river a few months back.


Wait a f*cking minute, this girl knew who the extra student was?! She just stayed in the sidelines while her classmates died one after the other?! The thing that bugged me the most was that her sister was the first to die and she never once thought that she must do her damnest to prevent other deaths. She watched other people die and I think she enjoyed it. Maybe it was because she was appointed the extra student when school began and she hated her classmates ever since. Still though, I could’ve lived without the fact that Mei knew who the killer was and did nothing about it. I think this was the most disturbing thing about the anime. They had an unintentional plot hole they never thought existed. *gasp* It’s an extra plot hole. The curse still exists!!!

51. Reunion – Sakamichi no Appolon

This anime is really good but it doesn’t really have a lot of standout moments to it. There is the rather shounen ai scene in the first episode and the hot girl eloping with that trumpet player but nothing that really hits home hard. The best moment I remember from this anime is the final scenes where the two boys reunited. The final moments was supposed to be a jam session for the school festival but something terrible happened to Kentaro’s siblings. He blamed himself and disappeared. Kaoru then left the city to go to college. Eight years passed, Kaoru is now a doctor. He hasn’t seen Sentaro since the tragic incident so his eyes lit up when he recognizes him in a picture. Kaoru went to the island where the picture was taken and rushed to see his best friend. He sees a drum set in the church that can only belong to Sentaro. Filled with nostalgia and bliss, he played the church organ. Sentaro sees it and played the drums. Their happy reunion was complete with what originally brought them together: music.

It was a really nice scene. All of the emotion the anime built was nicely presented in that final scene. The show had its up and downs but I think it’s a pretty solid one. It ended with the two friends meeting up with Kaoru as they gaze upon her in the bottom of the slope.

Honorable Mention: Swan Song – Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Meteoroid-Falling, Burning, and Disappear, Then…

In the first episode of Symphogear, one of the ZweiWing duo sacrificed her life to save a girl from being killed by a bunch of monsters. It’s said that if she sings a particular song she will unleash a powerful attack but she would also die from it. This moment stood out for me because the attack was pretty memorable and the sacrifice the girl made was pretty sweet even though a lot of bystanders got killed before she decided to save the main character of the show. I also like the fact that singing idols uses the power of song to battle aliens. It’s an original concept. The idea of a swan song got me excited.


A lot of people hate this show for a lot of reasons though. It’s just like AKB0048, in my opinion, but the originality of the show just never clicked with people, I guess. They also hated the fact that the swan song never killed anyone for the rest of the episodes. I do agree that if one character can die from it then everyone else should. The story was pretty great though and the way it was set up was pretty good. It just had a gimmicky premise that people find stupid. After all, anime should be realistic and they should never challenge the confines of reason. *sarcasm*

Honorable Mention: This is Japanese Lunch Time Rush- Kuroko no Basket


In episode six of the anime, the new recruits were asked to get a special kind of bread the cafeteria sells only on that day. They first thought it was a joke because it doesn’t sound like a hard challenge. They were shocked to see an impenetrable crowd awaiting them though. They all rushed in to get to the front of the store only to be repelled back by the monsters in the crowd. Kagami was so shocked that he uttered the English words “This is Japanese lunchtime rush” as he equates the damning experience to that of being in a crowded train at lunchtime.

It was a cute moment. The anime was of the Sports genre but it had time to make the bishies act cute. Some form of fan service, I suppose. This scene was very unexpected though and I love a good surprise when it hits me.


4 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part II

  1. I haven’t watched some of them yet so I just read the ones I had. And hey, I really laughed so hard because of those photos! Esp. that in the Accel World part. Ewww….. I’ve lost my appetite.

    Anyway, the Market Ranger episode in Tari Tari is also one of my favorites. I mean, it’s Wien’s ONLY precious moment even though it’s kinda cheesy. I really had some goosebumps when they sang the “Ganbaranger” song.

    Nice list by the way! Looking forward to your Top 50 🙂

    • lol. the accel world picture is certainly disturbing and the pairing in accel world disturbs me as well. XD

      yes! i agree! market rangers is both embarrassing and awesome. damn, they sang? i totally forgot about it. it was so long ago.

      and thanks dude. 🙂

  2. Ok dude, first off, i really do love the way you review anime and all that. And i guess, if i get to make my own top100, most of your scenes will be on mine too. The thing is, man, i look up to you for potential animes to watch! You’re that good at detailed reviews! Get your facts straight! I now worry whether what you’re really writing really happened! Why you might ask? That moment in kamisama kiss where the girl got rejected, the way you remembered it is wrong. She didn’t threaten to jump. I just had to emphasize that (because commiting suicide for a guy who rejected you is plain stupid and the girl in me is screaming at it). What really happened was the bishie picked her up and run around the ledge to cool her off. He said he’s not letting her down until she admits that she’s too hasty in declaring her love, but she refused and she got all teared up and the guy looked at her and his hold loosen unconsciously (he’s a bit guilty for making her cry) and she slipped off. There. I just had to correct you, man, i’m sorry. It’s a pretty potent moment for me and i can’t stand someone (who consider it a memorable scene too) remember it differently. Maybe what u remembered got muddled up or something but, i would appreciate it if you countercheck your facts first before posting. People looked up to you that’s why. So there. Hope we’re cool bro.

    • yes, my credibility on the internet as an impartial reviewer is soiled by a subjective top 100 list.

      I agree, I remembered it wrong but I’ll have to clarify by re-watching the show. not in the mood to do that. this list overwhelmed me so I admit that I’d remember some moments wrong. I wrote this while just remembering a scene and not re-watching them as I construct the list. I don’t really care if I wasn’t on point. It’s my list. I’d say whatever I want.

      I am sorry your fangirl rage was fueled by three harmless paragraphs. this list was not intended to arouse any fangirl rage from anybody. I do appreciate the passion. I really do.
      you are free to correct me on other things as well though. I welcome the constructive criticism.

      as for the entry, I’ll edit it when I see the moment again. for now, let’s see how many people rages over three harmless paragraphs. 🙂

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