TPAB’s Top 100: Anime Moments of 2012 Part I

If it’s worth doing, it is worth over doing and I am overdoing it. These are the Top 100 anime moments that happened on 2012. Those anime moments that sticks to your mind and carves a home in there. Those moments that completely caught you off guard. Some event you’ve been waiting for to happen in the anime and the moment it does, it feels like true happiness. Those moments that you reacted positively or negatively to that you’ll always remember whenever the anime is mentioned to you. This list will try and cover them all. I tried to include every anime that was released this year but there are just some anime I missed or can’t really watch. There are some ongoing anime that is not on this list because I can’t watch an ongoing anime. The speed in which I watch my anime, ongoing ones will make me fidgety and impatient. I covered a good amount of anime though so it’s all good. I do plan to update this list if I ever watch the ones I missed because like the rest of my posts, this serves more as an archival post on my journey to one thousand anime reviews.


Please keep in mind though. This is MY list so some moments meant a lot more to me than others and I know for a fact that you will disagree at some of the entries. Some anime had a lot of moments in it but I decided to just take three moments max for every anime. The ranking is done by how much a moment made an impact. These moments would come up in a conversation when you mention the anime and the higher it is, the more memorable it is. There will also be spoilers in the moments so be warned. Spoilers ahead.

Ok then, with the introductions done. Let us commence TPAB’s countdown of the greatest anime moments of the year 2012.

100. A Date at the Forest – Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

We’re at the bottom tiers so we’ll have some pretty unremarkable anime in the list first. Everything was forced and rushed in this anime that you really can’t savor any moment. There is one though that I still remember. It’s the first episode where the characters went to go gather ingredients to the forest and spent the day splashing each other with water and other stupid activities like that. I remember it because it had a beauty shot of the girls and it just screamed Tony Taka. I’m a fan of the facial features he put on her girls and those slow mo shots of the faces was probably the best moment in the anime for me. The fact that his artistic talents aren’t featured in a Hentai is also another great plus for this moment.

Just take a look.




Awesome,  right? The anime is so blah though that something as dumb as beauty scenes was the best I can come up with.

99. Green Hair Kiss – Dog Days II

In the second season of Dog Days, some relationships were explored. Probably the one I liked the most is between the main character and Éclair. They had a cute chemistry and I like how Éclair is a bit of a tsundere. The first season was super childish so nothing really materializes from their cute days together. In the second season, the two characters kissed. They kissed accidentally but it was still a kiss. I love the pairing so I was supporting them all the way. It’s good to know that the show recognizes the pairing as well. Nothing happened though because the anime is about friendship and harmless wars.

I still don’t know what to make of the anime though. All I know is that it’s good and I finished it. I can tell the third season will be a big blur as well because the anime is childish and it never tried to be edgy. I just hope we get to see more romantic scenes in the anime.

98. Tactician Revealed – Oda Nobuna no Yabou


In the fifth episode of the anime, Nobuna wanted to get the brilliant tactician that bested her in so many battles. He was an arrogant bastard with a really cunning mind so she ordered the main character to visit the tactician and ask for his help. The surprise though was that the tactician isn’t actually a man with an annoying ego. It was actually a little girl trembling in shyness. It was a pretty surprising moment because there was really no way to expect that the tactician is another loli. Yeah, the show had a lot but I’d never expect them to slip in one more during a serious story. Hanbe is also pretty damn cute. My hearted melted when she was trembling in fear asking the guys not to be mean to her.

97. Bishies Can’t F*cking Fight – Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera sucks dirt balls. It was the anime that truly made me want to rant endlessly at my reviews. It was just awful. The only moment I remembered in this anime is the fact that the good guys never once won a fight against the bad guys. Even the final episode, the good guys didn’t win. The bad guys simply just backed off and it was stupid. What kind of losers gets beaten up every time they fight? Team Rocket! That’s who. Except Team Rocket was a comedic troop, the Tamayori warriors in this anime were serious and strong fighters that oddly can’t win. Idiots.

The best part is that they never once train to become stronger and they all blamed the girl for being useless in fights. Seriously, they’re morons. In the second season though, they did win because the Tamayori princess grew stronger so it was an odd moment. All it took for them to win was for the non-fighting member of the cast to train. That doesn’t feel quite right.

96. She is Imouto – Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

I don’t remember much of this show. It wasn’t really impressive as well. I liked the mystery behind the sister and I remember finishing the anime just so I can see who the sister was. There wasn’t a proper build up to the mystery. It goes away then comes back from time to time but it was exciting. The girls became a lot more interesting though when you have this feeling that she is the sister. My curiosity told me to finish the anime and I did.


The little sister was Miyabi Kannagi. The twin tails girl. That’s it, really. After it was realized, I no longer cared. I even forgot the show was a harem. With the amount of detail in the anime sloppily presented though, I am pretty sure the light novel is ten times more amazing.

95. The Effects of Narcotics on Cute Little Elves – Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

There are a lot of scenes in Humanity has Declined that will appeal to people. From social commentaries to comedic events, there is always something to talk about in this anime. The thing that stuck out to me was a simple scene involving an elf. The main character was treated as a queen and the fairies were presenting their experiments to her. One of the elf presented a plant. He sucked on it and then fell on the floor peeing himself. It was revealed he was sucking on a narcotic and after a rather unamused reaction from the girl, she ordered the elf to jail.

I don’t know but it’s pretty funny. I love it so much, I made a GIF of it.


94. How A Pervert Trains – Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

This was a weak anime.It could’ve been better but it was just weak. It featured a villain that died on the same episode he debut in, an awful second half full of forced melodrama and a harem that wasn’t fully utilized. The only thing I remember from this anime is when the main character decided to train so he can help Lisara during battles.

In episode five, Ryosuke started training by reading a lot of dictionaries. This was weird because the only way he can help Lisara during her battles is by providing her energy. The energy Lisara takes is his “libido” or, in a way, unused fapping power. It’s an energy born from thinking dirty thoughts and seeing girls naked. I wondered to myself how the hell can reading a dictionary can help.


Be ready for this. In the upcoming battles, Ryosuke would imagine holding a dictionary and then remembering words at various pages. So, let’s say, he flips at page 24. The word he remembers is Honey (just an example, I forgot the actual words). With his dirty mind, honey would remind him of something sticky which would remind him of semen which would fill up his fapping power so Lisara can use them. That is basically the only thing I remember from this anime. It’s stupid but it’s an Ecchi. Granted, if I have a girl that uses my fapping energy so she can fight then I would definitely do the same training regime Ryosuke used. It’s guaranteed to fill up your fapping power. I like that word now: fapping power. FAPPING PWUH ACTIVATE!!!

93. Final Reunion – Zero no Tsukaima Final

The final season of Zero no Tsukaima was pretty forgettable. It was the end of a pretty awesome anime and it should’ve been a lot better than the horribly rushed anime we got. The final arc of the anime was pretty decent though. Saito got transported back to his original world while Louise’s world was facing an awoken dragon set to destroy the world. Saito was desperately looking for a way back to the other world while Louise and her magical companions bunkered up in the academy for a final showdown. Every character got a shot at the monster, which is a good thing, and during the moment of crushed hope after realizing how strong the monster is, Saito rushes back to Louise’s world in a fighter plane.

Saito and Louise reunite for a pretty wonderful moment. It was even sweeter because the OP song of the first season was playing in the background. I was like, yes! This is the moment the anime was building up to. It was sloppily done but damn it, this is how the anime should end. Saito and Louise arm in arm in a fighter plane taking on a dragon. That is a pretty awesome moment, if ya ask me.

92. You Killed Mom – Phi Brain II

I was excited about Phi Brain 2 because the main antagonist, Freecell, looks pretty bad ass. I wish he never spoke though. He hated the main character, Kaito, because Kaito killed his mother. Actually, he broke a promise to a play date and the mother accidentally died that day. By the inverse property though, Kaito killed Freecell’s mother because he broke their promise. Seriously, this was his motivation in ruining Kaito’s life.


It is….stupid and petty and dumb. Really? He killed his mother because of a broken promise? What kind of f*cked up sh*t is going on here? The anime couldn’t come up with something better. Maybe they were expecting their audience to be nothing but kids because this anime aired in an education channel in Japan. So maybe they just didn’t bother. Seriously though, he killed the mother indirectly. It’s so f*cking stupid. God knows what the motivation of the bad guy in the upcoming season 3 is. Maybe a waiter who Kaito forgot to tip? Nothing tops killing the mother because of missing a play date though.

91. Animal Cruelty –Code Breaker


Code Breaker looked pretty promising. It had potential but it ultimately lead to nowhere. The gripping theme of corruption and ugliness in the world wasn’t properly executed so the show felt a bit hollow. The only thing that really caught me off guard was the dog killed in the first episode. It was heavily censored though but the idea of this poor dog being killed for fun was drawing the line too much. I was hoping the anime could’ve drawn the line too much on the rest of the episodes but it just couldn’t. The cast was weak and even a scene where the daughter watches her father burn to a crisp felt hollow. Yeah, he died and she cried but who gives a f*ck? But a dog being beaten to death though, that’s just cruel. Burn those dog killers and exact justice!!!

90. Jormungand – Jormungand II

In the second season of Jormungand, Koko finally explained her master plan. She launched a lot of rockets that was actually used to control the airwaves. I’m iffy on the details but something about disrupting signals in the air making it impossible for airplanes to fly was her ultimate plan. She owns the sky and she claims that the world would revert back to an earlier civilization where man traveled by land and sea only. This would then affect the nature of war. It was a great plan. I give points for creativity but the anime didn’t really focus on it. It was never really about Koko and so when her plan was revealed, the reaction from me was “Ah….meh.” Lack of buildup, no initial focus, muddled theme of war, lack of character development, one sided fights, and lack of a main story was some of the reason Jormungand didn’t do much for me. It got better in the later parts but it was missing a lot of things to really hit deep.


The plan of Koko is amazing but the anime never focused on it. It was more on individual stories about Koko’s dealing days. The anime could’ve been better but the Jormungand project was probably the best way to end the anime.

89. Crazy OP – Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne


Have you seen the OP sequence of OniAi? Well, you should because the amount of sexual innuendos in it is enough to make Highschool DxD blush. It was crazy. There were a lot of orally suggestive scenes like the little sister brushing her teeth. If you pause the video, the creamy toothpaste actually resembles that sticky white substance that isn’t tooth paste. The one that really shocked me though is the blonde girl in between the main character’s leg with her head bopping up and down. It looks like she was giving head but she was actually playing the goddamn clarinet in between his legs. It’s pretty insane. I love that scene so much I made a GIF of it.


So awesome.

88. Background Girl Spoke – Binbou Gami Ga!

There was a segment in Binbougami where this loud girl reveals to the audience where she was hiding in each episode. It’s a fun segment because she was often in hard to see places as the anime progresses and she felt abandoned for having no better role in the anime. She keeps hyping her debut role though and it happened in the final episode of the anime. She just spoke one line but damn it, I was really happy she actually had a line in the anime. I felt sad for her because she seems like an interesting character but the running joke is that, she isn’t part of the cast. This was the only moment I remember from this anime.


Actually, there are a lot of good scenes in this anime but nothing really strikingly good as this moment. There are a lot of comedic gold in the anime but I distinctly remember not being impressed by the anime. It’s funny but it didn’t make me laugh. I did enjoy the ending song though. It’s a hater song but the song sounds cute and bubbly.

87. Naughty Panties – Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

This was a scene on episode four where the audience discovers the discrimination towards those poor students that get to attend school by working there as maintenance staffs. A bunch of girls gang up on poor little Aomi and then threw her panties in the trash can. It was a powerful moment for me because I’ve never seen such a mean thing done before. I’ve seen bullying before but damn, taking the underwear and throwing it in the trash? That’s so mean and so emotionally powerful that I wanted to see the poor girl get her revenge.


We didn’t. The anime disintegrated on the second half and it focused more on the bullsh*t girl that couldn’t eat chocolates. This incident was never mentioned again by the anime. It’s so sad.

86. Sand Submarine Battle – Ozma

Ozma is a short anime so there weren’t a lot of great moments in the show. It was a great revival of the space opera genre though and this was a nostalgia bomb for people who grew up watching Galactic Railways or Captain Harlock. The creator of those shows churned out Ozma. It’s a straight forward show about a girl being chased by some bad people and a boy who dragged his entire ship into a battle with the authorities.

The one scene that really stood out for me was the battle under the sand. As if it was water, the ships dove under the sand and battled like they were submarines. It had the technicality of submarine warfare along with the goodness of Space Opera but it an entirely new setting. I’ve never seen a closely played chess game under sand so this moment really stood out for me. The way it presented both sides was really amazing and seeing the good guys outsmart the baddies under sand was pretty sweet. Nothing really spectacular happened afterwards though. The anime was only six episodes long and it was more concerned of being Space Opera~ish in that short amount of time.

85. Ping Pong Balls – Gokujo

Gokujo is one of the most viewed pages in my blog simply because I had the word “vagina” in it. Seriously people, what the f*ck are you searching in google? Gokujo is a pretty interesting anime though. So many comedic moments that borders a lot of lines. From the girl swallowing a fly to a girl having an electric toothbrush between her legs as she walks to school, the show really embraced cartoon humor and toilet jokes all the way. Perhaps the most outrageous moment for me was when the main character was sick.


One of her friends visited her since she was feeling ill. She did a lot of things I personally want to forget but the one thing I can’t seem to shake off is when the friend tried different methods to cure the sickness. The one that supposedly worked was when she shoved some ping pong balls up the main character’s ass. Nothing was seen. There was just a bag of open ping pong balls and the characters in some colorful positions. The show ended with the main character screaming “what the hell?!” into the night as she went into the bathroom and presumably discovered the balls floating in the toilet after she took a dump. Yeah, it was funny I guess and now it’s stuck in my head forever. Seriously, I can’t forget it. I’m going to watch a ton of tentacle porn and try to balance things out.

84. Weather Placebo – Yurumates 3D


In the eighth episode of this short anime, the characters were betting how tomorrow’s weather will be like. They had a bet after the weather reporter got the weather wrong today. The next morning, one character was half naked complaining how hot the weather is, another came out completely wrapped in thick clothes because the weather was so cold and another came out happily claiming how perfect the weather is. It’s a very simple scene from the anime but it was smartly executed that I still remember it to this day. Apparently, the weather depends on how you perceive it which is pretty funny. Maybe it’s not hilarious but it’s smartly funny and I love smartly funny jokes.

83. Preview – Kore wa Zombie desu Ka? of the Dead

The second season of this anime had me riled up. It was pretty exciting to see those beloved characters again. The anime was pretty bad though. It felt like it was setting up a big story but, with only ten episodes, the anime ended with nothing much done. It revealed some pretty interesting things but teased another season. I still stand behind the fact that if there is another season, it’d be pretty amazing. The second season, not so much though.

It had some decent moments though like the drunk teacher’s identity and the serial killer making a comeback. For me, it was a pretty forgettable anime though because I was hoping something much better than what I saw. The only thing I remember is the previews. It features a lot of chibi Eucliwood with a range of different emotions.


Eucliwood is the kuudere with a pretty face and a stunning smile. The anime doesn’t have much of her and I really love this girl. I only see her on the previews where the different Eu’s chatting away. I also remember her giving one of her heart stopping smiles here. Really, that’s all I remember. Let’s pray another season comes and save the long lasting appeal of the anime.

82. Katyusha Wartime Song – Girls und Panzer

In the eight episode of Girls und Panzer, the Russian girls lead by the short tsundere Pravda sang a Katyusha wartime song as they prepare for battle against Miho’s team. This moment is really memorable. It’s about a bunch of moe girls singing Russian. I’ve never seen it done before and I love it when something unexpected like that happens. The voices of the girls are pretty cute with Pravda leading the pack. Russian has never sounded so cute. The scene itself was rather amazing as well. You have a battalion of T-34 tanks in attack formation as the song fills the air. It was a bit grim yet also really impressive moment to top it all off. I had chills down my back, man. It was just so amazing. There really should be more Russian speaking in anime, damn it.


81. 100 Nights of Courting – Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi

A lot of people love Uta Koi. I don’t really understand why. Maybe the fact that it has Japanese culture and karuta references made the show pretty appealing. It’s pretty hard to watch though. You have to be a massive Japanese fanatic who understands the history to watch this anime. It was just so intimidatingly bad that majority of things flew over my head. I was expecting to enjoy the karuta references since Chihayafuru introduced me to it but the show slowly devolved into something that I really can’t enjoy.  I’m just an anime addict anyways. Weaboos will love the show or elitists who understand that only a few people will “get” the show. Screw that. This show is not as good as people say it is.


It featured a lot of love stories though and they had some pretty decent premises to them. The one that I really liked was the 100 nights of courting. The girl will only marry a man that will court her for one hundred days straight to prove how serious he is. No one can do it though and it was soon determined the girl will have to be one of the emperor’s harem since she won’t marry. Her big brother, I’m not sure if they’re related, decided to take the challenge and win her heart. I don’t remember much of the story after that but I know it ended pretty decently. The girl loved her bro but she was bound by her duties to her family and the bro just accepted the bitter truth that he can’t have her.

I love the premise though. A girl daring a guy to court her for one hundred days sounds like a brilliant way to start a love story. If only I am a decent writer, I would’ve made a nasty story out of this one with the characters dying in the end because happy endings are for pandas and shampoo commercials.

80. Manliness Minus Two Balls – Ixion Saga Dimensional Transfer

The anime isn’t really remarkable but the comedy had its moments. The one that I can never forget is the moment when ED lost his balls. In a fight against the main character where he was low blowed twice, the guy had to have his balls remove. Like seriously, you can just feel the pain he is enduring as he lives the rest of his life absolutely incomplete. The anime often focused on his desperate ways to get his balls back and it also focused on the humiliation the guy has faced. He would die a little inside whenever some says “balls” and I just can’t stop laughing whenever the fact is brought up.

The one that had me laughing the loudest though is when the transgender character of the anime (voiced by Jun Fukuyama, bitches) decided to no longer live a double life. He gave his balls to ED and you then saw a very funny moment of the golden pairs moving one body to the next. I completely lost it by then.

Honorable Mention: Nipple Laser – Highschool DxD

This is a top one hundred list but I actually listed down any notable moments in an anime first before I ranked them. I originally made one hundred and fifteen. A top 115 list sounds stupid compared to a top 100 list. I had to unfortunately cut some of the moments off. Rather than not presenting the moments left out though, I figured that I’d spread them around the list because why the f*ck not? Right.

Anyways,  Highschool DxD is a super perverted anime that appeared in the Winter lineup. It was also the most viewed post on my blog with freaking 2000 views in it. It’s really just dirty but I stand by the fact that I enjoyed the story. It was decent but I expected something much worse.


There is only one thing I remember from this anime and it wasn’t really that important to the plot as well. I’m talking about the monster they fought at episode three. This monster had huge boobs and she uses her nipples to fire a laser that melts stuff as if it was acid. It was a unique moment because there’s not a lot of nipple lasers in anime. Highschool DxD had it all. Naked women, panty shots and other conventional Ecchi scenes but a naked monster shooting deadly laser from her chest is pretty damn memorable.

I also want to say that I am excited for the second season. My blogging format has improved and I wanted to do a more proper (and lengthy) review of the second season. Also, yeah, I want to see more of Rias’ boobs.

Honorable Mention: Bait and Switch – Arcana Famiglia

The first episode of Arcana Famiglia featured the characters being all bad ass. It had swords, guns, explosions and other cool looking stuff that was supposed to be a teaser of the episodes to come. The episode ended with the girl’s father declaring a tournament to crown the next “Papa” (or leader) of the Famiglia and the hand of her daughter as well. It was exciting and pretty intriguing.


The rest of the episode was sh*t though as this disease called “Otome adaptation” shattered the awesome first episode and revealed fluff episodes after it. Nope, no fighting. No chasing after villains and no explosions. There is just a lot of character talking and cats being returned to its owner. It was pretty mean of the anime to setup such high expectations only to troll us in the end. It was a massive middle finger to anyone that endured the rest of the episodes hoping the action packed feel of the pilot would return. It didn’t.

The Otome game is pretty awesome though and the girl kissed a lot of guys in the game. The characters you thought was just side characters in the anime were actually a potential partner for the girl. It’s mind blowing.

79. Mid Boss Eats Second Half – Accel World

The first half of Accel World featured the Color Kings waging war and the Black Snow Princess expanding her territory. I was excited to see the second half just so I can see BSP fight other kings and the characters engaging in awesome battles. For some reason though, the rest of the anime revolved solely on one guy blackmailing the characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love an effective villain but seeing ALL the characters play right into his hand was a bit annoying. I was also expecting this bastard to last three episodes and then the rest of the anime will focus on the battles. Sadly, he was the only focus of the second half. No more king VS king fights and we didn’t even see BSP for the rest of the anime. Instead, it had the characters getting all melodramatic because one guy is getting the best of them.


The anime ended with the asshole getting his just dessert. It was a really sweet moment. I was screaming my head off as we see the main character and BSP beat his ass. The moment of the villain begging for his life was also pretty awesome. It was still annoying though. A guy who is more of a midboss blackmailing the characters and wasting twelve episodes on nonsense is really a sour way to end the anime.

78. Bunny Girl Spoiler – Sankarea

The final episode of Sankarea had the incest father confront Chihiro. The two dueled for the right to be with Rea. It was an awesome moment because Chihiro got stabbed pretty hard by the incest father to the point where he bled a lot but he also mounted a comeback by brushing off the potentially deadly wound. The incest father was dumb founded that the guy was able to move afterwards and even deliver a humiliating headbutt. It was a very cool moment…


But then Rea had to do some fan service. She barged into the room wearing a bunny girl outfit. Any other day, I would’ve let it slide (like when she placed those loofa in her cleavage) but this was a very emotionally charged moment of the anime and the second greatest moment next to her zombification so why the hell did the anime thought it needed Rea to wear a sexy outfit? She didn’t need to. There was no point and it was uncalled for. Can you imagine if in Death Note, Light was captured, about to die and then Misa barged in wearing a bunny outfit? It’ll ruin the moment right because someone would have to ask “why?” and shift the focus to her instead of Light’s defeat. It spoiled the moment!!! You don’t wear bunny girl outfits during climactic scenes. You had eleven episodes to let her do that, why now? Why?!

Even the awesome scene where the incest father accepted defeat and told Chihiro that even though he let Rea stay with him doesn’t mean he can take her virginity, didn’t reclaim the already lost awesomeness of the final episode. It’s so irritating that I want to kill Rea and the two maids that forced her to wear it.

77. Stoned Girls – Natsuiro Kiseki

The first episode of Natsuiro Kiseki is the most memorable episode for me. There were a lot of supernatural stuff in the anime like the girls swapping bodies, doing their own version of Endless Eight and travelling back in time but nothing stood out more than when the girls flew in the sky. Two of the characters had a squabble and the other two tried to get them to hug it out. They didn’t but during a heated fight from a failed reconciliation plan, they suddenly started flying because the stone in the shrine is actually magic. They were in awe as they hold each other’s hands while floating in the sky and the friendship was eventually restored after the characters decide to keep the magical stone a secret.

The rest of the episodes were blurry for me. It had some idol scenes and the voice actors are actually the four girl idol group called Sphere. I don’t know them. I listened to some their songs and its generic idol songs for me. I’m more of a Chatmonchy than anything idol~ish.

76. Electronic warfare – Moretsu Pirates

Moretsu Pirate didn’t do much for me. I know a lot of people that love the anime though. I’m not one of them. There is nothing Bodacious or Pirate~y about the anime. It’s more like a Star Trek anime minus the bald guy. It was just too one sided for me and too “girly” instead of a really gripping space themed action anime that the title promised…with boobs.


There is one moment that I really like in the anime though. It was the very first time Marika and Chiaki engaged in electronic warfare. It’s like a chess game where you hack the system of the enemy. Instead of firing lasers and cannons, you can invade the other ship’s system and lower their oxygen level to make them submit. It’s easy and much faster. It’s an intelligent approach to piracy that I really admire. It’s a new idea and I love new ideas. Seeing Chiaki whoop the no named character’s ass in electronic warfare is pretty awesome. It would’ve been much better though if the enemy had a face so we can get a more interactive fight. Majority of the fights in this anime only feature the good guys fighting no named enemies which really suck for me. Electronic Warfare is a great idea though and I hope the movie can redeem this very anti-climactic anime.

75. Lesbians at the Beach – Rinne no Lagrange

There aren’t a lot of good moments in this anime. It had an unspoken lesbian air to it that the anime seems to poke at but never really pursue. The mecha battles were decent, nothing really stood out, and the lack of romance despite the show having three boys and three girls was disappointing. Apparently, the director didn’t want romance in the anime cause he’s a crazy son of a b*tch or something. Instead, he wanted “gurl power” to emanate from the show. Considering that he also did Moretsu Pirate, it’s safe to say he doesn’t know sh*t. Nobody wants goddamn gurl power. We want boobs and guys grabbing said boobs. We don’t’ want three chicks suspiciously close to each other. Eh, one can only wonder where the show might’ve ended if it had romance in the story.


Anyways, the only moment I liked in the anime was this scene where the three girls played in the beach at night. I think it was before the final battle or something. I don’t remember much except that they were naked and Lan is sexy. They were laughing and having fun. The only thing missing from the scene was some scissoring and it would’ve meant a lot more. Don’t mind me, I’m just a pervert.

Honorable Mention: Mic saber – AKB0048

I don’t remember a lot of good scenes from this anime. There were a lot of ridiculous scenes though like idols waging war against robots using their floating platforms, props and mic sabers. Their song writer is a malignant being that resides in a cave that writes song as if it was part of the holy bible. Their fans uses glow sticks as projectiles to join in on the fray. New recruits are forced to not only learn how to sing but to also experience being in a battlefield where their trainers watch them cowers in a corner helplessly and slowly die inside. Oh, they also need to learn how to shift from 2D to 3D because apparently, the anime want certain scenes to look absolutely horrific. Yeah, there are a lot of ridiculous things in this anime.


The one that really did it for me though in the spectrum of things my open minded outlook on anime cannot comprehend is the f*cking mic sabers. Seriously, mic sabers? They’re microphones that doubles as light sabers? Seriously. *shakes head* No! Just no! I can handle the sheer amount of stupidity in the anime and even give a positive review of it but damn it, I draw the line at the most idiotic invention ever. It’s microphones that double as light sabers used by teenage idols to battle cops piloting robots. Absolutely, f*cking horrible.

These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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