Copihan Review

Hello there. This is review number seventy nine and its part of the Summer 2011 lineup. This is the anime I’ve given the lowest score ever and I doubt anything can beat it. It’s just bad. The anime is Copihan. It’s a seven episode anime that is five minutes long about um…well…a bunch of characters. Bleh, read the review.


Taking the Pants Off

I stuck a picture on the Story section because this anime has none. I actually feel depressed after watching this because this anime is just awful. I thought the lowest anime I’d ever rank is Hiiro no Kakera but no, this takes the cake. This is what I like about watching anime, you’ll never be sure what you’ll get and that’s one reason why I’m such a fan. That’s why I don’t read up on the anime before I watch it. I see it on MAL or, as my blogging pattern, in the lineup of the season I’m watching. I want to be surprised by the anime and I always do. For Copihan, I got surprised in a bad way. A very very very bad way.

So Copihan is an anime about seven different people living in 2034. One episode usually involves a character doing certain things like playing baseball, listening to the lunch time broadcast or chatting with some S&M fans on the net. Yes, simple and ordinary everyday stuff. I believe the point of the anime is to get you to laugh at the eccentric lives of the characters or just the characters being eccentric. It’s tagged as Comedy, School and Sci Fi but in all honesty, the anime is just awful. First of all, there is no plot. It’s just a bunch of random characters doing things they like. Is it funny? Oh god no, it’s not. The anime tried to be funny. I honestly feel the effort but after watching one episode, you often have a huge question mark hovering above your head. I seriously asked myself at times, “What in the blue hell did I watch?” Since there are different characters on focus for one episode then there is really no plot to establish. I’ve given a lot of praise for three minute anime that delivers what they promise. Recorder to Randoseru is short but the comedy is still there. In Copihan, there is really nothing worth watching.

The biggest buzz about this anime is that the anime is based on a manga by KEI who designed Miku Hatsune. It’s a joint project by KEI and Gonzo. That’s the reason why I watched this anime and I regret it now. What exactly are they trying to deliver with this anime? A character centered anime with some Comedy? I wish they would’ve made more effort on it. There are a lot of problems in this anime that it really bugs me a lot. The obvious flaw is the story. It seems like it was setting up a premise but then the anime ends before the audience can get an idea of what they’re watching. So you’re always in the feeling out process watching each and every episode of this anime. Now an anime with no story can fly if the characters can be the wings but not Copihan. The characters in this anime are all generic with absolutely no stand out personality. They are all flat and some of them actually have no personality. So I ask you, would you want to watch a five minute anime with no story and no strong characters? I don’t believe the five minute limitation is the cause because I have seen a twelve minute anime that made me cry. In the end of the anime, it actually teased a continuation with some interesting scenes and you can actually see some development. Now why didn’t the anime just focus the seven episodes on one character if there is actually a plot to present? Maybe they just didn’t want to. I mean Gonzo isn’t really shy of releasing crappy anime.

There is actually potential in this damn anime too. The anime was set in 2034 and they could’ve explored it some more. In the last episode, some of the characters were fascinated by seeing money because money transaction in 2034 is now done by your cellphone like a credit card. The assignments are uploaded in your cellphone and stuff like that. I wished the anime could’ve used at least this one theme to tie the anime together. Since we have different characters in each episode then why not have them showcase the advancement of technology in 2034. There’s a damn story if the studio actually cared but instead, it delivered pointless episodes with dull elements. This anime f*cking sucks.

The anime also had some fan service in it. The anime actually opened with a panty shot and I really didn’t understand why. It didn’t really make the anime better and it just adds to the pointlessness of the anime. Why should I waste my time on a five minute anime with no story, crappy characters and some panty shots when I can just go watch an anime with a story, nice characters and meaningful fan service? Alright, I’ve said too many bad things about this anime now. Let’s go blast the animation now.

Sight and Sound

I do love the character design because it does remind you of Miku Hatsune. The twins in this anime fondly remind me of Len and Ren. The familiarity of the character design is very much appreciated because it does make me smile at times. It sadly ends there though. When the characters go sideways, their facial features changes and the proportion is messed up. One example is the girl in episode three. You can clearly see her posture and her nose become distorted when the view goes to side view. The animation is sub-par and nothing really stands out.

The characters have some nice costumes but it’s inconsistent with the rest of the background characters. The girl playing baseball in the first episode was wearing a blue uniform while the rest of the team are wearing white. Why exactly is she the only one wearing a different uniform? It doesn’t stop there. The sixth episode featured a girl with a puppet. Her uniform is a long dress with frilly designs while the rest of the class wears the standard sailor fuku. What the hell is this sh*t? The simple idea of common sense isn’t applied in the anime? Maybe the anime is being funny that way. Eh, who the hell cares?

There is an opening song that was sung by the twins and the baseball girl from episode one. It’s a nice song with some pretty impressive instrumentals. The singers had a nice voice making the song very catchy. I also like OP sequence where the characters are presented so you’d know what to expect on the rest of the episodes. This is probably the only good thing about the anime.

Overall Score

1/10 “This is not worth your time.”

I’m open to changing the score but with no actual story, dull characters and flat comedy, I can only give the score a whopping one. The lowest I’ve ever given and I’ve seen a lot of anime. You’re better off watching Harmageddon and laughing your ass off at the “so bad it’s good” appeal of the anime. Copihan, however, is just bad. I do not recommend this.

These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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