10,000 Views. (^_^)v

So I finally got ten thousand views. For a three month old blog, it feels pretty nice. I still remember my first month when I was giddy just getting twenty views and I was very happy getting comments. I eventually got tired of obsessing over the stats and just posted as many blogs as I can. I’ve watched a lot of anime as well and it’s ridiculous how I never get tired of it. Seventy anime in three months has got to be a record or something.

Anyways, I check my stats this morning. It’s the first thing I do after I log into wordpress along with replying to comments. I notice that I just reached ten thousand and I decided to blog about it. It’s a milestone, right? I’m pretty occupied with my 1,000 anime goal that it feels nice to write about something else besides anime reviews. I’m really consumed with that because I also wonder exactly how far I can go. 500 reviews are looking impossible, let alone a thousand.

I want to thanks those that keep visiting my site though and I especially want to thank those that give me feedback on my reviews. It’s a nice way to know that people actually read them even if they just skip the reviews and just read the “Overall Score” section of the blogs. A lot my reviews are getting shared in FB and Twitter though I’m not sure if they actually recommend it or mock my reviews but it feels satisfying that people are actually reading them. This site was made to help people get a better idea of anime they plan to watch and it looks like a lot of people are coming over my blog to do just that. They also stumble on it after typing “pantless girls “on Google though.

Thank you very much for visiting my site.

TPAB is happy~

8 thoughts on “10,000 Views. (^_^)v

  1. congrats on your 10K views 😀

    is that 70 anime = 70 anime reviews? if so, 70 reviews in 3months is seriously amazing. I can’t believe how much time you have and how you seem to not get tired of writing reviews. and good luck on your goal! 😀

  2. Congratz! Watching AND reviewing 70 animes in 3 months must be quite the hard work. Out of curiosity i checked my numbers. I’ve watched around 80 animes in about 4 months plus change, but I definitely didn’t take the time to write reviews. Plus I’ve watched every single one out of pleasure.
    About your concerns, I can’t speak for the rest, but I almost always visit your blog after I’ve finished an anime, to check what’s new and if you’ve reviewed it already. I somehow find it pleasant to read a review about it after I watch it, like rereading the last pages of a book you’ve finished reading and liked.
    I only use 2 anime reviews sources and this blog is one of them (for what it’s worth). And while I don’t always agree with the overall score, I love reading them for the fact that you try (sometimes hard 🙂 ) to mention and weigh the good and the bad parts.
    As far as the 1000 milestone goes, I dunno, but if you like doing it, that’s more than enough reason to keep going.
    See you in the comments section.

    • watching out of pleasure…i haven’t done that in a while.
      oh, so you read the reviews after you’ve seen the anime. i’ve never thought of that.
      and thanks, glad you like what i’m doing.
      feel free to share your criticisms though if you think my reviews suck. i know some of them are. XD

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