Recorder to Randoseru Re♪ Review

Hello there. This is review number forty four and it’s another anime from the Spring 2012 line up. This one got by me and I only realized it was part of the lineup after I double checked my list. There’s also a 15 episode anime airing in the lineup. WTF.

Anyways, it’s Recorder to Randoseru Re which is the second season of the RecoRan that first aired in Winter 2012. It’s a three minute anime and I suggest trying the first one before this to better appreciate the characters. There are no more introductions here but honestly, the plot is simple so even if you don’t take my advice, you’ll still enjoy this anime. So let’s read on.


It has the same old plot as the first season. Recorder to Randoseru Do is about two siblings and their everyday life. There is Miyagawa Atsushi who is a fifth grader but is 180 centimeters long and his big sister, high school student, Atsumi who is 137 centimeters tall. The anime is about the fun filled normal life of the siblings.

Taking the Pants Off

This is the second season of Recorder to Randoseru and it is titled “RE”. I guess they’ll do a MI, FA, SO and LA versions too. That’s a lot of short anime and they could’ve just made one twelve episode twenty two minute long anime but I’m sure the creators know what they are doing.

So the anime  is basically the same as the first season. It’s still about this 5th grader who looks like a grown adult and his big sister who looks like a kindergartener. We still have the same old cast from the unemployed neighbor to the teacher with big boobs. The format is generally the same too. Its three minutes long about the everyday lives of the two siblings with one or two punch lines on every episode. It’s quick but still very entertaining.

The one thing that is different from this one to the first season is that there are no more double entendre jokes. I miss those double meaning jokes where Atsushi would be taken away by cops. There is still the innocence in Atsushi that makes the anime fun though. Just no more lines like “Sensei, you can be on the bottom!”

Most of the jokes in this season are a little flat compared to the first one. Most of them usually stems from misunderstandings. Simple things like Atsumi being mistaken for a kid as she accidentally enters the men’s bath and people thought she was looking for her dad. It’s hilarious but a part of me wished that the double entendre was utilized. I guess I just like dirty jokes, especially from an innocent anime like this one.

The old cast is still here but there are some new ones. The anime introduced their parents but they didn’t dedicate an episode to it. They just appeared on one episode and quietly joined the cast. I guess there is nothing wrong with that because they look surprisingly normal compared to their kids. Maybe in later seasons, the parents will have more screen time in the anime.

The anime also tackled one thing that I was hoping they wouldn’t touch. Some aspects of the characters like Take-nii, the unemployed neighbor, finally getting a job and Sayo, Atsumi’s friend, finally realizing Atsushi is her friend’s younger brother. The anime was too short for anything fruitful to come out of breaking these plot points but with the hopes of more seasons, maybe they can dive deeper to it.

The main hitch of the anime is that it’s relaxing to watch. It doesn’t have a confusing plot or a serious setting. The anime is laid back and easy going which is perfect when you’re coming back from a stressful day. I just recently understood how anime can relieve stress which is why I’m noting it now. The first season is the same too. The childlike innocence of Atsushi is cute after you get over the fact that he is a bishie and Atsumi’s big sister attitude grows on you even if you still find her cute. I love those bug eyes of hers. I hate moe but damn it, when it works it works.

Sight and Sound

The animation is the same as the first season. It’s still the simple and clean animation that makes the anime more relaxing and enjoyable to watch. The character design is still the same that impressively range from the sexy, like the big breasted teacher, to the moe, Atsushi’s classmates. The color palette is bright and playful that brings the anime’s childlike appeal up front.

There is no opening song and the anime only have an ending song. It’s “Stare” by Paprika (Mikuru Asamoto, Natsumi Morita, Sayaka Toujou, and Miki Ishizaki), Paprika R (Aya Uchida, Yui
Watanabe, and Mikuru Asamoto), Paprika G (Fuuko Saitou, Sarasa Tsuji, Natsumi Morita, and Yumi Tomaru), Paprika Y (Sayako Toujou, Miki Ishizaki, and Aina Kusuda). I know what you’re thinking and I actually researched on why there is so many Paprikas. I know that they are a four member group after digging some PVs in youtube. The original four is Mikuru Asamoto, Natsumi Morita, Sayaka Toujou, and Miki Ishizaki. The rest of the singers are some of the seiyuu in the anime.

Anyways, the ending song was vibrant and upbeat. The ending sequence was a little bit fan service~y though with notable scenes of Atsushi’s shirt open and Hina-chan transforming from her undies to a school uniform. The main anime barely had some so I guess if you’re looking for some fan service then you can enjoy the ending sequence.

Overall Score

3/10 “The familiar characters and the beloved premise was good but the short run still hampered the overall enjoyment.”

It is a nice anime. It’s perfect for relaxing and just lazying out. Like I said before, if you have three minutes to spare then pick up the anime. I recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Recorder to Randoseru Re♪ Review

  1. I agree that as something you can just sit back and watch, this anime is not all that bad, but it’s supposed to be a comedy and in that regard, this series is a complete failure.The first season wasn’t all that funny to begin with, and this sequel was even worse. It was just the same joke over and over again. I never even chuckled once. This aspect is something I can’t overlook, which is why my score for this anime was way lower than yours.

    • i quite enjoy this anime but then again, i’m easy to impress. the anime had a huge handicap of delivering something in three minutes so you gotta appreciate the effort. for what its worth, the anime did manage to deliver some punchlines or two.
      it guess its a hit for me and miss for you.

      but this was the second season, why did ya pick it up after season 1 failed to impress you? *curious*

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