Sankarea GIFs: I’m in love with a zombie?!

I decided to do GIFs as a hobby and to add content to this blogsite. However, I am really not satisfied with my work. I wanted to do GIFs of some of the best scenes of an anime to intrigue people. It worked on my Danshi Nichijou GIFs but lately, some of them are truly sh*t. This time I decided to just grab random scenes and do GIFs of them.

For some reason, this toothbrush GIF from awhile back is getting the most reads in my site. More than my reviews!!! It’s really depressing. I’m haunted by my past mistakes. I’m pretty sure this’ll get a lot more reads than my reviews too.

There are five GIFs here.

I’m looking for feedback guys. What do you nameless lurkers think? Merely rating this post is enough feedback. XD

4 thoughts on “Sankarea GIFs: I’m in love with a zombie?!

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