TPAB’s Top Ten: Villains

Hello there. My laptop gave out on me for the third time this month. First it was a hard drive error, then it’s a cable error and now it’s a power supply error. My reviews will be put on hold. No more daily anime reviews until I get the thing running again or if I’ll be lucky enough to get another laptop/computer. I’ll be missing the spring anime conclusion which sucks dirt balls. The episodes are in my laptop and I just feel defeated. So f*cking defeated.

In the meantime, I’m in a computer shop. The guy next to me is screaming for first aid while he plays some game, I dunno, Counter Strike maybe. I’ll be doing a generic top ten list. Everybody has done them and they’re easy as soap bubbles. This is my top ten villains list and I do apologize in advance if you hate the list. The list is done post haste and maybe I’ll do a proper one in the near future. I do feel the characters in this list have left an impression on me so that’s why they appear on my mind as I write this list in a god awful unventilated computer shop.


10. Diva from Blood +

You know, I once hated blood plus. It was not as good as the original Blood but I do like the way they humanize this sword swinging girl. My hatred subsided when I saw the next Blood adaptation. The huge flop, Blood C. I just didn’t like it. So my appreciation for Blood plus became much significant.

Diva is Saya’s twin. Saya was given a luxurious life of a rich girl while Diva was locked in a tower treated like a dog. They look the same so it does feel unfair that Saya was given a happy life while Diva was treated unfairly. Naturally, Diva got out of her prison cell and killed as many people as she wanted. She then proceeded to make Saya’s life a living hell.

Diva was evil but her story was something you would justify as “fair”. I’d turn into a murderous being too when someone who looks like me is living the happy life. Diva was just cruel and awesome. I remember her most when she had sex with Saya’s adopted younger bro then killed him. There was no sex scene but damn, that was awesome. I love Diva!!!!

9. Sai from Majin Tantei Nougami Nuero

This anime is a mystery show about a demon that solved all the mysteries in the Underworld so now he seeks greater mysteries to solve by going to Earth. There, he unravels mysteries and catches demons before they do anything crazy.

Sai is this supernatural being that is completely shrouded in mystery. He doesn’t know who he is, what he is and why he was evil. I remember Sai for one thing: killing a person, gutting them then stuffing them in a box without spilling their blood. He is supernatural so I guess it’s not that surprising but I had never seen it done before so it stuck to my head ever since.

Sai came off as a lost soul seeking for answers but they never downplayed his love for people’s internal organs. Sai loves to kill and is just ruthlessly evil.

8. Anderson of Hellsing

He is the priest from the Vatican who was ordered to dispose of Hellsing. Anderson is human. I think he is human. He fights with these awesome swords and for some reason; he is the only enemy Alucard ever retreated from. Yes, the normal guy, who I now remember have regeneration powers, is the only guy that made our gun toting Dracula run to take a breather.

Hellsing was a great gory anime and Alucard was such a bad ass that you think nothing can stop him. He faced demons, a bunch of guys with firearms and all other kind of sh*t that only made him smiles so freakishly. Anderson was the only guy he faced that had all the advantages. The fight scene in the sub way is also epicly epic by the way.

7. Light Yagami from Death Note

This is a gimme. While you may argue that Light isn’t a villain, he had all the qualities of one. He is cunning, deceitful, and merciless.  He sports around a pretty impressive God complex people would only stand in awe of. Light is a villain and he represents the dark side of justice while L represents the good side. Light is a vigilante who enjoyed killing people and using them as pawn, no matter the situation. He even used his own father for his schemes which is up there in the classic villainous acts ever.

Light is a likeable fellow though as the viewers would enjoy seeing L just be clueless at the genius play Light makes. His villain status was cemented when he killed his rival L and then sends the anime in a boring path to its conclusion.

Hey, Light only used the available resources he had to get what he wants. There’s nothing evil about that. Yeah, Hitler did the same. He wasn’t evil too, right?

6. Yui of Fushigi Yuugi

What makes a great villain? How about a woman scorned? A jealous friend who wants the hot guy but the hot guy chooses the other girl. That’ll really send the blood boiling.

Yui was a naive girl who just wanted to be loved and she searched it in all the wrong the places. Her stupidity droved a steak through her friendship and it was the catalyst to a war involving Celestial warriors. Little did she know that she is actually being manipulated by a far evil being.

I like Yui. She was human and her actions are not that far off what any human out for vengeance would do. I do question her taste for men. Tamahome? The guy sucks.

5. Kyuubey from Madoka

He isn’t evil!!! Yeah, he wasn’t really evil. He just happened to grant people’s wishes in exchange for a life forever battling monsters from a weird dimension. It’s not his fault the girls die in battle. Kyuubey is just doing his job of fulfilling contracts.

He is like Jigsaw from Saw. It’s that gory psychological movie. Jigsaw never kills his victims. He just places them in a situation where they would choose to either live or die. Kyuubey is essentially the same. The temptation of fulfilling your wish is your fault and you are the only one to blame when you start regretting it. However, it doesn’t hide the fact that Kyuubey, lacking morally human ideals, is an evil piece of indestructible sh*t. I like to think of him as the devil that lures people in then makes them suffer for all eternity.

He’s evil. I don’t trust that stupid mascot. Even if he was voiced by Kagami ( Lucky Star).

4. That psycho killer from Himitsu Top Secret

This is a super under rated anime that barely made waves. Himitsu Top Secret is about a group of people in a new division of solving crimes. They examine the brain of the deceased and see their final moments. They often see the way the victims are killed or the final moments they thought of.

I forgot the name of the guy but he was super evil. Here’s the great part. The guy is dead. He is a psychopath who skins his victims alive, drains the blood and chops them up. The main character once took pity in this psychopath when he was in the streets begging for food. He helped him and he developed an obsessive crush on him.

Knowing that he is going to be executed, he hypnotized himself in the mirror. When people take a look at his brain, they see the hypno and it takes effect on them. His suggestion: “kill the main character.”

He is such a great villain and I just love how evil he is. Villains should be feared and this guy did it for me. It’s a shame I can’t remember his name but he is one of the best villains I ever saw.

3. Gantz from uh….Gantz

He is that weird alien ball. He had very little screen time but the plot was so good that everything bad happening to the good guys can all be traced back to him. Who is Gantz? I think he is an alien but the anime didn’t expand on it. In fact, the anime only had small chapters missing the part where regular casts actually appear.

Gantz collects people who recently died, bring them to life and gathers them in a small room. They then had to survive Gantz deadly game. These are ordinary people so most of them die in such a horrid fashion. I love the monk being mushed by a giant Buddha. It all leads back to Gantz so the villain who rarely shows up in the anime has so much influence. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t want to be part of Gantz sick game. Nu uh.

2. Makoto from School Days

Okay. Now there is no going around this. Makoto isn’t a villain and he shows no sign of evil in him. He is just a gigantic prick. I appreciate gigantic pricks because they are just so fun to hate. Even if I revise this list, Makoto would still be my number two.

I mean, if two girls fall for you, I think it’s only natural to choose one over the other then leave that girl then sex it up with other girls. Of course that’s normal. Makoto and his awesome death will forever be an iconic moment for me. I don’t remember much about School Days but I still know this guy is just a big bag of douche flavoured prick.

1. Johan Liebert from Monster

He is the devil incarnate. He is known as the next Hitler. This dude just gives me the f*ckin creeps. I love “Monster” because he is evil and he is perhaps the very best at being evil. No need for sappy human emotions. Johan loves to cause pain and suffering. He is the very personification of a villain.

I don’t remember much from the anime but I still get chills when I see this guy in action. I would rather be tortured by the other villains in the list than to be next to this guy. I love the anime because of how effective it told its plot. It is a bit long but the deep back story of our little mastermind Johan was such a great thing to see unfold. The best part is, this dude could still be roaming the Earth doing what he does best. So freakin awesome.


So that’s my list. It’s not that great and i know you were expecting some shounen baddies like the ones in Naruto or some other sh*t. It’s my list. You have complaints? The comment section is below. XD

I’m 3% percent into my one thousand goal and I am already facing rocky roads. Oh well.

Let’s all enjoy them pantless. Peace.

8 thoughts on “TPAB’s Top Ten: Villains

  1. this list made me realise how many anime i still aven’t seen…the only ones i knew were andersen (which altho I think is awesome, not sure if hes top ten bad material), and light yagami (who im sure is). Good luck with ur pc problems.

    • hey dude. thanks for the comment!!!
      and yeah, i know there a lot better villains out there but this list is just my personal fave baddies, i guess.
      whoah. you haven’t seen madoka? i recommended that one dude. mahou shoujo madoka magica is great. a nice twist off the traditional mahou shoujo genre. XD

      • thx for the suggestion…dont know genres by name much…just know the tag words like action horror romance ecchi sci fi/mecha so far and so on…ill be sure to put it on my anime queue 🙂 … sorry if im being rude but id like to share a thought (politely make a suggestion): wouldnt it be awesome if every review in general would be made so that both those who saw the show and those who didnt (anti-spoiler) could read the same review (plus/minus clicking a button) to get the same kick out of it….like for someone who hasnt seen it to get the feel of the show and know if they wanna watch, and those who have to share thoughts and reach conclusions (sorry for sounding so softcore, but anime in the end are a mental pleasure more or less)

      • lol. those are genres. XD

        yeah, i know what you mean but its kinda hard to do so. if its to encourage people to watch then it’ll mostly be good things and no spoilers but if its like a share your thoughts kind of review its really hard to stay nuetral while the anime already have an impression on you.

        will you be doing your own review soon? XD

  2. Eep, I don’t know half of those guys. But when I see the villains as protagonists of the story, e.g. Light and Makoto, I don’t see as them as a villain… just as an prick, I guess.

    My no.1 villain is still Kyuubei, so far. Until I find out who’s the Mawaru Penguindrum antagonist I’ve been hearing about…

    • most of the guys here are just pricks but lovable pricks. haha.

      the villain in penguindrum? damn, i already saw that anime and even I don’t know who it is…wait…nope, forgot it already. XD

  3. Oh man you’re one of the only people I know that has watched Himitsu. I love that show to death and the murders and the concept are so great; I wish it were more popular.
    Kainuma is the name of the villain btw. ~:U

    • thanks for telling me his name. I cannot find it anywhere on wiki and there are no sites that help since the show is majorly obscure. I’ve always been tempted to write a review of it and mark my words it’ll be reviewed before I hit 1000. 🙂

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