Black Rock Shooter GIFs: Mato and BRS Showdown

I had the annoying task of reuploading the pictures in my blog because my bandwidth gave up on me. It’s the first time it ever happened though I guess its expected since I’ve had the account since ’08. Some of the blogs are still picture-less but whatever. Que sera sera, I guess.

Anyways, I suppose I should thank people for trafficing my site till the bandwidth gave out. I’ve been pantless for two months now and I got a thousand views already. Thank you. Thanks to all those who lurks in my site. I wanna thank those who give me some feedback especially. : )

Enjoy some Black Rock Shooter GIFs. There are three of them. The quality isn’t that nice. I suggest opening the gifs on a new tab for it to load faster.

Update: Photobucket is stingy when it comes to bandwidth and it’s really annoying. I decided to just let the ones stay up there and then I’ll just upload new ones. I’m hoping to fix all of my photobucket GIFs in the future. 







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