Nisemonogatari Ero Tooth Brush GIFs

You won’t believe the stuff people search on the internet that points them to my blog. WordPress keeps a track of them. I usually get a good laugh out of the searches. Not so long ago someone typed “Squid girl gif ticklish”. It made me LOL pretty nicely. Now some people are asking for hentai gifs. Exactly what do you need a hentai gif for? I won’t be doing no hentai gifs. Nu uh.

The recent search that made me laugh was a “Nisemonogatari brush gif”. Someone wanted a gif of that incest toothbrush moment between Araragi and his sister. I’m fine with that. Anything to pass the time I guess. Check all three out.

This moment was weird. I have a little sister and I just think this just crosses the line. For some reason, the imouto complex is very popular and seems to be dethroning tentacle porn for the most f*cked up thing you can watch. I love gif making. A couple more and I might start doing requests.

Nisemonogatari was also my first review so please check it out. There are more imouto goodness in the anime. Since the world is supposedly ending this year, someone get a tooth brush, an imouto and do a youtube video. The pantless anim blogger is curious. XD

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