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Hello there. This is the Pantless Anime Blogger with another review. This is review number fourteen of my goal to reach a thousand. It’s June here in my country (wordpress is in American time so its still May 31 officially). It’s June here and that means that I’ve lasted a month blogging and making GIFs. I’ve had some pretty good views thanks to my MAL account. It seems like people in MAL are the only people viewing this crap. Haha.

I’m going to review an OVA today. I won’t follow my usual format of Story/Review/Art Review because an OVA is a diiferent creature than a regular anime series. The OVA I’m going to review is Another OVA. I love the series so much that I immediately downloaded the OVA. After watching it, I can tell you that this humble blogger urges everybody else to try it. I recommend this even if you’ve never watched the original series. Let’s read on.

Pantless Review

The OVA is Episode 0 and it involves the first victim of the curse of class 3. The episode all revolves around Misaki’s twin. Now there really isn’t much to nitpick in this anime. It’s still set in Yomiyama. The place is still as depressing as ever with old buildings and the feel of decay. The sky is also very cloudy as well.

The episode basically introduces Mei Misaki’s twin. According to MAL, her name is Fujioka Misaki. The episode is about the twins spending time together after they realized they were twin sisters. There’s nothing big happening here but I’ll tell you three reasons to watch this OVA:

1. Twin fan service. There are a lot here. It also feels refreshing to meet some of the faceless casts crucial in the anime. Fujioka Misaki is a wonderful addition to the cast. The episode took place before the curse took effect so there was a lighter atmosphere in this episode. Seeing the twins spends time to together and bond is also a rare thing to enjoy what with the anime being horror and all.

2. A non kuudere Mei Misaki. I always had strange dreams of Mei laughing and blushing like a normal girl. Of course, you never saw that side of Mei in the series because Mei is a kuudere. We did see her smile but that was in Kouichi’s imagination.

To all those unaware (honestly, I only recently learned of this term too), a kuudere is a cold, cynical and an anime character who doesn’t care about people. They look apathetic and emotionless but deep inside; they are actually caring and warm. Popular Kuudere characters include Rei Ayanami of Evangelion, Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari, and Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi S.

In episode 0, Mei isn’t a kuudere. That’s right. Not technically a kuudere yet. It’s a rare sight for someone like me who adores Mei: seeing her smile and giggle. Apparently, her sister’s death was the catalyst to her kuudere personality.

3. The all-important event that triggered the curse happened here. Fujioka Misaki’s death. So if you’re ever curious of exactly how Mei’s sister died then you can finally see it. All of it in all its horrifying details.

Overall Score

6/10 “Twins in anime. What’s not to love?”

It’s only one episode so there is no loss watching this OVA. It’s a nice addition to the original series so it could only benefit you more. Again, I highly recommend it even if you’ve never seen the original series.

3 thoughts on “Another OVA Review

  1. I just finished Another today. I started watching it last night. I actually watched the ova before any episodes. God that was sad asf. Part of me was hoping Mei would just die so she could be with her sister god knows she would be happier.

    • It sets up the awesome Mei in the main series though. Her creepiness is actually one of the reasons why the first three episodes is so eerie and memorable, along with those silent shots of those f*cking dolls.

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