Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! Review

Hello there. This is review number twelve and I’m going to talk about an anime who you shouldn’t trust upon first impression. A lot of people drop anime because the first episode didn’t appeal to them and I really pity them. Some anime are deceptively plain but relatively complex upon further watching.

I learned my lesson after watching “Tactics”. It’s a supernatural anime that comes plain and boring at first. The anime is very nice and packed with action but only does after half way through. You have to give an anime a chance and you’ll be the one to benefit in the end.

The anime I’m about to review is called Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! It’s a twelve episode anime about being a family. Yeah, look at that picture and doubt me. Let’s read on.


The story follows Segawa Yuta, a college student who was asked by his sister to take care of her daughters while she and her husband go on a trip. Yuuta lost his parents when he was young and he was brought up by his sister. He agreed to watch them for a week.

An unexpected event happened when the plane his sister was taking suddenly crashed and the three girls are suddenly orphaned. Their relatives decided to take one of them to their home thus separating the daughters. In order to prevent that, Yuuta decided to take care of them himself. Their relatives disagreed but he took them in either way.

Now, Yuuta is taking care of his nieces in a small apartment overcoming struggles and hardships just to keep them together and make them happy.

Taking the Pants Off

I had no idea what the anime was about when I picked it up. This anime is proof that you can’t rely on first impressions when watching an anime. I have a rule in anime. I always watch it up until episode four. That’s when the story usually unfolds. Thank God I stuck with that rule. You see, episode one is like a lolicon’s dream come true. We see three little girls who are completely young but attractive. They have this incest like father who obsesses about them. We even get to see some panty shots and some shower scenes. Hell, there’s even the classic walking in a bathroom without knocking and seeing a girl dressing up. It was surreal. I have seen the same kind of set up before. Yeah, seriously I have but in a freaking hentai anime.

Episode two was the same. Yuuta apologizes for seeing the eldest daughter, Sora Takanashi, naked. Sora apparently has a crush on Yuuta and she was taking a shower to prepare for his visit. Then we meet the other girls. Miu Takanashi is this blonde girl who loves to flirt around. Hina Takanashi is three years old and speaks cute like. They all have the same father but have different mothers. They call Yuuta uncle but they are not related by blood excluding Hina. The setting is so much like a hentai. I seriously see potential in it. I’m going to stop mentioning the similarities now and just ask you readers to google “Oni Chichi” and “Imouto Jiro” to know what I’m talking about.

We see the girls play around and act all cute. I was seriously questioning the plot. This is it? It’ll just be some random playing and panty shots and crap. Is the story going to focus on Yuuta’s college life and his blooming love life with this huge breasted girl? The story is hugely lacking something. I was really not impressed until the whole story unfolds.

The parents die. Yuuta’s sister and the girl’s father died in a tragic plane crash. Yuuta decided to take care of the girls after remembering how he was brought up by his sister. The anime is a slice of life with some ecchi, comedy and drama. The story really plucks a chord on my heart. The fact the characters are so young yet having to cope with such a tragic thing was hard on me. The story focuses on the hardships Yuuta and the girl’s encounter as they try to live in a small apartment built for one.  It was hard at first with the girls eventually trying to learn to live with a guy and Yuuta forcing himself to take more jobs to support them.

The main characters are nicely developed. Yuuta is this guy who is caring and passionate. He thinks of the girl’s wellbeing before his and he does everything to make the girls happy. He is motivated by his sister’s strength raising him despite still being in high school. Other people keep telling him that he can’t raise three girls by himself but he is determined to keep them together to make them happy.

The three girls are polite, loving and caring while living with Yuuta. They feel his hardship and don’t want to get in the way. They all have built up insecurities trying to cope with the situation. The tragedy resounds throughout the anime up until the end. One nice detail is Hina’s innocence. They can’t tell her that her parents are dead so she keeps asking when they will come home. Her innocence brightens up the story and successfully brings the drama aspect in. The sisters try their best to make each other happy despite their circumstance and it’s really a nice story.

Most of the episodes focus on the girls trying to cope with their new home. Some episodes involve the girls trying to cook or do laundry. It’s very slice of life and I was surprised it didn’t get boring. The Lolita atmosphere really elevates the anime despite its slice of life premise. It’s a really smart approach to such a simple genre. The anime has a real life theme of coping with changes and death that was also nicely weaved in the anime. The themes aren’t muddled up and the main theme of family togetherness was covered quite nicely.

The characters are very memorable and it really helps develop the anime. There aren’t that many characters and new characters are introduced smartly. They come with the story and the plot progresses with their introduction.

There is so much in this anime to love that its execution was really amazing. It didn’t get confusing or boring. The anime was lively up until the end. It’s very warm-hearted and truly a wonderful anime.

Sight and Sound

The anime has a bright color palette that comes off as child-like. It’s one more reason that the lolicon element persists. The animation isn’t really that impressive. I’d say it’s above average but nothing worth noting. It doesn’t help enhance the story and such. The animation is something we’d come to expect of a 2012 anime. It’s smooth and clear.

The character design is also not very new. The anime tries its best to deliver some moe lolicon fan service and they succeed in doing so. The characters are very cute and their young personality was visually captured quite nicely.

The opening song perfectly fits the anime. It’s called “Happy Girl” by Eri Kitamura. It was annoying listening to it at first and again, the opening sequence has some lolicon elements in it. After a few more listening, it’ll grow on you.

The ending song was much nicer. It’s called “Coloring” by Yui Horie. It’s very techno pop and reminds me of a vocaloid song. I even mistook it for one.

Overall Score

7/10 “A warm hearted family themed anime with some nice servings of loli.”

The anime does a bait and switch after watching the first two episodes but the story was captivating and charming enough to watch the anime to the end. If you enjoy some good old fashion family themed anime then this anime is for you. I highly recommend it.

These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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