Freezing Review

Hello there. This is review number seven out of a thousand. Yes, I’m reaching that goal one review at a time. The weekend is over so I picked up another anime to review. Just like the previous reviews, this anime is something I recently finished. I am slowly stocking anime until the Spring 2012 anime ends. I can’t review an anime without watching all of it so the road to my goal is a tough one.

My list already has 500 anime in it and I would like to review an anime I’ve seen when I was young but I feel that review it would be crappy. My reviews are crappy now but it would be ultra crappy if I review an old anime I’ve seen. I’ll need to skim through then to do a proper review. In the meantime, I’m watching new ones.

The anime I am about to review is titled “Freezing”. It’s a twelve episode anime full of boobs and panty shots. Two things a guy like me can enjoy. Let’s read on.


The story follows the adventures of Kazuya Aoi who enrolls for training at a special school for genetically modified girls called Pandoras who battle the aliens. They have male partners, called Limiters, who use a special power called “freezing” to limit their opponent’s mobility. Kazuya Aoi makes the acquaintance of an unusual older girl named Bridgette le Satellizer who appears to be the most powerful Pandora in her class, but has not yet chosen a male partner to be her Limiter, and in spite of the warnings of all his friends, he decides to be her Limiter.

Taking the Pants Off

I picked up Freezing without any knowledge of what it’s about. It was a very happy surprise when I discovered that the anime is loaded with ecchi and a handful of action. If you are not a fan of panty shots or exposed boobs then you might want to turn away quickly. This anime is full of girls ripping their clothes off and nipples being exposed. I’ve seen nipples in anime before so it wasn’t that big of a shock to me but if you are easily turned off by that type of anime then be prepared. Luckily, I’m a guy so those elements can only work to my advantage.

Freezing is about super powered girls who battle giant monsters from another dimension. These monsters are called Nova. The only way to combat these huge ass monsters is by implanting Nova tissues to girls to give them powers. These girls are called Pandora are the only warriors that can stop the Novas. The Novas can set a field around them that immobilizes enemies so Pandoras relies on Limiters to nullify the field. These limiters are guys that are a year younger than the Pandoras. They set their own field so the Pandoras can move without being immobilized by the Novas field. That’s the basic gist of the anime but intense action like that was only tackled on the second half of the anime.

The first half of the anime focused on Satellizer el Bridget the untouchable queen dubbed as such for being quick in battle and a little bit ill-tempered shows her feminine side when a transfer student suddenly hugged her in an exam to determine the top ranked student of second year. The transfer student named Aoi Kazuya was interested in Satellizer despite the warnings of his classmates about the reputation of Satellizer. Satellizer would attract trouble beating up third year students. In a school where hierarchy is valued like a military rank, the third year students would rally to teach Satellizer a lesson about respect. During all this, a bond between her and Aoi slowly forms. Aoi wishes to be Satellizer’s limiter but due to her distrusting nature Satellizer keeps insisting he stay away.

The first half of the anime sets the tone for the second half of the anime. Every episode we see new characters that try and beat up Satellizer. These girls would be foes now but comrades later. The fight scenes are amazing and stimulating. You won’t be disappointed when there are so much boobs and fan service in every episode. You’ll either see our hero expose her body or the other character. Its double win all the way. The relationship between Satellizer and Aoi is a nice touch. In almost all the fights she is involved with, Aoi is always there beside her. Satellizer has a soft side when it comes to Aoi. She clams up and blushes which is completely opposite of how she is in battle. I personally do not like that side of her but I guess it’s a way to show the viewers that she is a well-rounded character.

The rest of the cast is very memorable. You’ll easily remember them even after the anime stops focusing on them. The anime introduces characters intelligently and it doesn’t ruin the pacing of the story. These characters serve a specific role of having the audience connects to them for the second half of the anime. Not all characters are important though, some characters just for eye candy.

There are also some characters that are just intriguing by themselves. They don’t show their skin or their visually appealing boobs. They are intriguing because of their personality. I’m personally attracted to the student council president. She is a character that shines using only her charm and amazing personality. Some characters are also added in to be throwbacks. They serve only one purpose and nothing more. They’re like background characters to complete the cast.

The second half of the anime is the best part. All the previous characters are utilized once again and the fight scenes are incredible. The anime builds up to this point and it doesn’t disappoint. The blood and gore greatly increase in the second half though. In the first half, blood is used to add effect. At most times, a character is hurt when their clothes are torn off. In the second half, there is blood everywhere. There are limbs being cut off the body. The anime descends into chaos and despair. It’s very exciting and thrilling to see Satellizer with people she previously fought fight alongside her. The old formula of good beating evil is nicely implemented here. The anime wraps up pretty nicely with Satellizer and Aoi being closer than before. However, it does teases a season two. I am up for it seeing the amazing things here in this anime. I’m not just talking about the boobs.

Sight and Sound

The anime is animated pretty nicely. The characters are nicely drawn. The ecchi parts are smartly animated. It’s not the kind of ecchi that looks disgusting. The lack of bodily fluids makes the viewers appreciate the ecchi. Some fight scenes are hard to follow though because of the shaky camera and the fast shifting scenes. It doesn’t take away from the anime but it’s a little iffy. Some scenes though are a little blinding. The light is turned way up and you barely see the background. I thought it was my computer screen but it’s the way the anime was lighted.

The OP and Ed song fits the anime pretty nicely. The opening sequence is a nice touch and ending song was pretty good. They are a little forgettable compared to the action sequences of the anime. I find this so much fun that I was a little disappointed when the ending sequence would run.

Overall Score

6/10 “It’s an action packed anime that serves fan service as a side dish.”

People who hate ecchi would tell you that the anime is awful. The nudity and panty shot is a little hard to digest but the anime does pick up the slack after a couple of episodes and the enjoyment factor is always high. There are no dull moments in this anime.

7 thoughts on “Freezing Review

  1. The series was good, but if you have the time try the manga as it fleshes out even more of the characters and story.

    • “It’s a twelve episode anime full of boobs and panty shots. Two things a guy like me can enjoy. Let’s read on.” lol 😛

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