Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service) Review

Hello there. Here I am to bring another pant less review. This is review number three out of a thousand. I am very serious about that impossible goal and I’m actually enjoying dishing out reviews. I’m reviewing anime that I recently finished. I want to review anime close to my heart but those anime are blurry now. The anime I’m about to review is something I recently finished. It’s so recent; it’s only an hour old.

The anime is titled Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service). It’s a twelve episode anime that I personally enjoy. It’s not perfect but I’m really glad I picked it up.


Ririchiyo Shirakiin decides to live by herself in an exclusive mansion named Ayakashi Kan. All the residents have passed strict examination for them to live there. They live there along with their servants who are dubbed secret service agents. These agents do everyday tasks of personal butlers to please their masters. Ririchiyo refuses to have one but her family has already assigned one for her. This agent pledges his complete being to Ririchiyo.

The residents of Ayakashi Kan have a secret though. All of them are descendants of humans who have supernatural blood. The residents are all half human beings who live there so they can be themselves. Ririchiyo is a very cold girl but can her butler, who is warm and caring, be able to help Ririchiyo overcome her insecurities?

Taking the Pants Off

I was a little bit disappointed that the anime isn’t an action one. The idea of half human half monsters living in one place is good fuel for an action paced anime. They only used the supernatural aspect as mere side dish to the main story. The anime is more about romance focusing on the relationship of Ririchiyo and Miketsukami. In the first part of the anime, they are merely assuming the role of the submissive butler and the stiff master but they evolved into something much more pleasant.

I love the tandem of Ririchiyo/Miketsukami because I tag them as “broken eggs”. They are two troubled souls that rely on each other to feel better. I call them broken eggs because they are somewhat broken and they’re negative complexes ooze out like the slimy white stuff of an egg. Ririchiyo grew up being heavily guarded by her family not being able to experience things she longs for. The people around her only has desire to protect her or be protected by her supposed charm. This turned her into a mistrusting person. She would give people the cold shoulder and respond to them arrogantly but later on she would feel great regret that she was perceived as cold rather than a friendly being she aims to become. Her little complex is cute and something I really cheered on.

There is also an intriguing matter about Ririchiyo. Is she a tsundere? She was dubbed a Tsun-shun which is something uniquely new. I rarely see a tsundere assume the main role so that is a huge plus.

Miketsukami is a different being. He is a person who desires to please his master. He would desperately cling to Ririchiyo to the point she becomes uncomfortable. He pledges dying allegiance and would always greet you with a smile. I’m a guy but this guy easily captured my fan girl heart. At first, he felt like a carbon copy of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji but he is more than that. He’s a broken egg. A character that has a deeper issue and something you would watch out for when they finally tell his backstory.

The interaction between the two main characters can be tiresome and it got frustrating when there are no development happening on some episodes. Ririchiyo shows little development. She does nothing but self-reflect almost every time. She would curl up and wallow in regret as to why she has a cold personality. Miketsukami also got annoying when he does nothing but smile and say cheesy pledge of loyalty to Ririchiyo. His charm also fades instantly when he does the same thing every episode.

The anime fixes that snail paced development by having the other characters pick up the slack. These characters fall on the same tired cliché stereotype but their interaction livens up the anime. There is Renchou, the almost stoic tanned guy who has unbelievable charm when he transform into a scroll monster. There is also Yukinokouji who is a yuri obsessed woman that fantasizes naughty things about her acquaintances.

The tandem of Karuta and Watanuki almost stole the show for me because they have better chemistry than the two main characters. Watanuki is this delinquent who has a soft side that he constantly tries to hide. He wishes to someday be strong enough to protect Karuta. This idea is almost funny as this guy would transform into a harmless little tanuki spirit. His honestly is something that grows on you. Karuta is this girl who loves to eat and clearly likes Watanuki as well but her attitude doesn’t reflect it. She seems complacent with anything people do to her but she is also sweet and caring.

The supporting characters are very crucial in the overall enjoyment of the anime. As for the main characters, they do move their relationship forward. In the earlier episodes they almost do nothing but there is a pay out in the final two episodes. I could tell you that the final two makes up for the snail paced development of the anime and it wraps up pretty nicely. This anime ended wonderfully and it’ll make you forget the previous lackluster episodes.

Sight and Sound

This may seem odd but the characters in this anime almost rip off other successful characters from other anime. I know it’s just my own overloaded head thinking it but they really resemble other character. Look at the picture above. Who does that resemble?

These resemblances do make the anime feel familiar and easier to watch. The animation is pretty nice. I can’t imagine an anime released in 2012 to have a bad animation. It’s something you should expect. I do have some qualms with some shots in the anime. Often time, they anime loves to focus the slender legs of Ririchiyo as if trying to turn the viewers into fans of leg fetish. Anime fan already evolves from leg fetishes so I don’t understand those moments where Ririchiyo appears pant less. Noodles, I just found a decent avatar for me.

The songs are something special. The OP is sung by MUCC who is a visual kei rock band. The song “Nirvana” fits perfectly well with the anime. The ED songs are even better. There are six different ending songs excluding Nirvana that plays on the ED of episode 1. These songs are sung by the character themselves. The Voice Actors gave their voice one more time and it’s really amazing. The effort is greatly appreciated and it makes you feel more close to the characters.

The anime usually relies on dead silence for background sound since most scenes are inside thoughts of the characters. I thought it would make the anime bland but dead silence works very well in the anime.

Overall Score

5/10 “The blossoming romance is something worth watching”

If you’re a romance fan then the anime is for you. It’s sweet and innocent at its very core. If you’re more into fast paced anime who desires a direct plot then it’d be hard to tolerate this one.

4 thoughts on “Inu X Boku SS (Secret Service) Review

  1. i am a fan of the series also. I enjoyed that there wasnt the usual big boobs busting out, every five second panty shot, and multiple people falling for one person romance. it kept me interested and I grew to really love the main couple. I even cosplayed Soushi at the otakon, though no one new who I was. if someone asked who I was they hadn’t even heard of the anime, much less the manga. I hope more people find and enjoy the series.

    • oh wow. you cosplayed Soushi? it must’ve been awesome.
      I love the Karuta and Watanuki combo but I wish the anime would’ve been more action since they are good at fighting too.
      The anime is nice and yeah, I wish more people try it too.

      • yep!it was my first convention and first time cosplaying. just putting the costume on was awsome. I’m thinking of doing the ice deamon next year (forgot her name and cousin has the anime). She really is beautiful and I love the snowflack lace on her head covering.true some action would have been nice. or at least one bigger level demon.

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