Nisemonogatari Review

Hello there. This is the pant-less anime blogger doing my first review in my brand new wordpress blog. You can smell the new blog aroma, it smells like pine trees. It’s very nice. This is number one of my ridiculous goal of a thousand reviews and I am now taking a more serious approach to them. I used to do them half assed since I knew no one would read them but here I am now, completely pant-less, hoping to give you a satisfying review.

I’d start this blog with an anime I recently finished. It’s an anime titled “Nisemonogatari”. I was tremendously intrigued by its predecessor, Bakemonogatari. Its approach to anime was a bit skewered and twisted but its plot remains highly thought out and paced well. Few anime can peak your curiosity and then completely blow you away like Bakemonogatari. So going back to watching the life of Koyomi Araragi and his attempt to help troubled girls was something I was excited about.

Alright, let’s get down to it. Nisemonogatari is an eleven episode anime that is the direct sequel to Bakemonogatari.


The series is about Koyomi’s two sisters that were mentioned slightly on Bakemonogatari. They are the main girls here in Nisemonogatari. The sisters are also facing supernatural problems like the girls in Bakemonogatari. It’s now up to Araragi to help his sisters solve their dilemma and sneak in a few ecchi moments from time to time.



Taking the Pants Off

I was a little bit disappointed by the overall plot of the anime. It mostly revolves around only two girls. These girls are also related to the main character which makes some of the interactions a little weird. While characters from Bakemonogatari makes appearances in Nisemonogatari, some of them don’t really do much but waste time. Actually characters are brought back so Araragi can flirt with them and so the viewers can enjoy some fan service. Its fan service that was not abundant in Bakemonogatari so they try to make up for lost opportunity by cramming them here in Nisemonogatari.

nadeko with bangs

Fan service and random flirting is good and all. I mean, yeah, they finally delivered but too little too late. I was hoping for newer girls for Araragi to flirt with and help out. These flirt sessions with previous characters dragged down the plot of Nisemonogatari. An episode dedicated to Araragi visiting Nadeko so they can play game of life and twister isn’t really the thing I was looking forward to when I picked the series up. It’s because of these moments that the series was only able to show two stories: Karen Bee and Tsukihi Phoenix.

I’m not complaining about the sisters though. They were well-rounded characters and they are nice addition to the existing cast. Karen is this tough tomboy who sports a Bruce Lee tracksuit. She loves to fight and is incredibly strong. Tsukihi is the girl in the kimono who acts cute but Araragi claims to be stronger than Karen. They are great characters but the series was really fond of flirting moments so the sisters also join in that activity. It’s personally uncomfortable for me mainly because it’s overly incest. Something the show does point out but deludes when Araragi goes to the point of stripping her sister or, more worse, brushing their teeth. Though it is commendable how the show turned something normal like brushing your teeth and turning it into an erotic activity.

I also find the absence of Oshino truly huge in the overall feel of the series. Oshino is the supernatural expert that Araragi consults with when he wants to find some info about certain things. He tells us the existence of a crab that steals your weight and how the crab was able to steal it. He gives us insight into the supernatural. Without him, Araragi turns to other characters, mainly Shinobu. It was a shock to see her speak but I knew it was necessary to grease the wheels, sort of. Since someone should fill the empty space Oshino created when he left. The only problem is that Shinobu is a girl and we are treated to some more fan service and such. It’s truly distracting and it ruins the experience a bit. I should’ve built my obsession to the girls if they are being showcased heavily in the series.

Sight and Sound

It’s been such a long time when I last saw Bakemonogatari so I forgot how greatly the anime attack your senses mainly your sight and your hearing. There are one second flashes, some random shots during conversations, and parodies added that mimics another art style. It was quite a fun experience adjusting my eyes to it again.

The animation is smooth but the background has a completely different feel. It does bother you a bit when the setting isn’t clearly defined and there are spaces of white in the corner. You will easily adjust to the art style after a few episodes and it will no longer affect you. The style isn’t that different from Bakemonogatari so you’re probably used to the artistic uniqueness of the series. I can’t imagine people picking up Nisemonogatari without seeing Bakemonogatari first.

The fight scenes are smooth and well animated. Some are extremely exaggerated like the fight between Karen and Araragi but the over the top action sequences are enjoyable. The overall animation is pretty nice even though the anime took a different approach to it. Some people may be put off but again, it’s the same from Bakemonogatari.

The opening and closing songs are a great treat. If you’ve ever enjoyed the songs from Bakemonogatari then the ones in Nisemonogatari will feel familiar. They are upbeat and fun. The opening sequence of the second arc was something I fell in love with. It’s moe! I love moe.

Overall Score

7/10  “They listened to the fans but they sacrificed quality.”

A fair score would be: Karen Bee arc, 5 out of 10 while Tsukihi Phoenix gets an 8 of 10. The second arc is much more enjoyable but it only contains four episodes while the first arc ate seven episodes. If you’re a fan of Bakemonogatari like me then you won’t regret picking up Nisemonogatari especially if you have dreams of seeing a lot of the girls naked.

These are my thoughts. Feel free to add yours.

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